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Showing posts from April 17, 2016

Android N will Natively Support Pressure Sensitive Displays

A couple of OEMs as expected, released phones this year with pressure sensitive displays including Huawei and Meizu with their new flagships. However, without Android’s native support for this hardware, developers will be reluctant to build apps specifically for them. Thankfully, with Android N, Google is bringing official libraries for this feature.In the recent Android N developer preview update, users were greeted with something called “Launcher Shortcuts” that basically lets you access different actions or pages of a particular application. For instance, you can directly get into a specific settings page without actually scrolling through the entire list. It works exactly like what Apple offers with their “3D Touch” which is obviously the primary source of this addition – you get a pop-up menu for some quick actions.However, Google didn’t reveal anything until some folks at Phandroid teamed up with Nova Launcher to explore a new method called “setDynamicShortcuts(List)”. Although,…

Best Tips To Record Outstanding Velfie Videos? [Video Selfies]

Videos content are the most popular form of content in 2016.Videos are the future, it’s a given because of the ease of taking one and it’s ability to be more expressive than text, audio or images. If you are new to the term Velfie, this is what it is. Velfie = Video+Selfie.The selfie took the world by storm and was introduced to the dictionary in the year 2014.Having said that, most young people have taken to the craze of properties like Dubsmash and Velfie.Velfie videos have gained in popularity because of their abilities to make the user look good and share it with their friends. People are appreciated for their quality of their Dubsmash and Velfie videos. A lot of users take special effort in making the Velfie look good. Although the camera quality has considerable Improved and made the life of video creators much easy, there are some tips not known to the general people and we thought we will list those tips down for the other users as well.The main factors of a Video are the Soun…