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Showing posts from May 7, 2016

Want To Record How Visitors Are Using Your WebSite? Try Inspectlet

Have you ever wanted to see how random visitors are using your site? Well, I always wanted to & this post is all about that. But before I tell you about this amazing tool, let me quickly tell you about one important term that anyone who works online should know. i.e. Conversion OptimizationConversion optimization is the system to increase the percentage of users to take any desired action on your site.For an E-Commerce site, it could be as simple as purchasing a product.For a whitepaper landing page, it is signing up for the form.For a blog it could be sharing an article, commenting or taking any desired action.From past few months, I have been focusing on tracking users behavior on my site & making changes accordingly. I have been using SumoMe for tracking Heatmap & content analysis. I always wanted to see how users are interacting with my content.Are they able to navigate properly?What are the roadblocks on a page?At what stage does a user leave a page or abandon the car…

Marketing Day: Google Preferred Breakout Video ads, YouTube Brandcast & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Three golden rules for forecasting
May 6, 2016 by David Fothergill
Accurate forecasting can serve to inform the direction of your digital marketing campaigns and properly set client expectations. Columnist David Fothergill provides some food for thought to those new to the practice.The #1 way advertising budgets will change this year
May 6, 2016 by Mike Sands
With digital display spending on the rise, marketers need to know how to engage their audience. Contributor Mike Sands urges marketers to look toward people-based advertising to connect with the right person at the right time.YouTube announces Google Preferred Breakout Videos ad package at #Brandcast
May 6, 2016 by Amy Gesenhues
CEO Susan Wojcicki says the new video ads give brands access to the “hottest and fastest-rising videos” on YouTube.Yelp reports Q1 revenues of $159 million, 269 pe…

How To Use Creative Writing Elements For A Better Blog

What’s your favorite part of a good story?Mine is always the plot.I love how my favorite authors take something ordinary, turn it around, and then present me with this new idea. Other people enjoy the characters and their growth throughout their ordeal. Meanwhile, some folks are obsessed with the details of the setting. Whichever element you like, we could all agree that story-telling is – and always will be – timeless.No wonder the most successful bloggers use this tactic.In fact, our brains are so in tuned with stories that through thousands of years, it has inspired cooperation, helped us survive, and have kept our species alive. There are numerous articles dedicated to how creative writing can help you with your blog. But in this post, let me show you how the five common components of a story (the plot, characters, setting, conflict, and resolution) can take your blogging skills to a new level.#1 The Plot: What’s YOUR Story In a Nutshell?In some references, this can also be called…