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Here is the Most Critical Factor For Success Of Your Startup

If observed minutely, no sport is an individual sport at all.Now, you must be thinking when did 100 m dash/ sprint or high jump, long jump transformed into a team sport.No! They did not, it still requires an individual to perform the actions.But, I still say it’s the team and not an individual.Why?Because the individual performing actions is backed by his/ her team.Their team comprises of  coaches, physios, managers, etc. Not just the athlete takes or puts in all the efforts, but also the other guys who are responsible for the athlete’s performance.   Same applies to startup businesses as well. Consider your business to be the athlete and you and your employees to be the team.Unless all the teammates are doing their work efficiently, your athlete is not going to succeed. For your business to bloom, you need to ensure that your team works efficiently and is high on spirit round the clock.This will not just boost the business but also the moral of your employees. Now, let’s focus on som…