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How To Be An Excellent Manager Without Being Bossy

Management is that one thing every entrepreneur and startapreneur are expected to be good at. I am not sure how many businesses and startups consider management to be their business’s spine. But, personally I do and so should you.Operating a business is not an easy task at all. Every business has their set of daunting dilemmas to be faced now and then, but with optimal management, every dilemma can be dealt with. Because in business no matter how random situations might appear there always should be a plan. And to execute those plans, you need to be good at management.Understanding that management isn’t a single entity is crucial. One can only be good at management if he/ she knows how to plan and execute the same. Also, gauging essential elements and analysing situations and results play an essential role in managing things effectively.Sometimes you may have a set plan to execute over a course of time, but sometimes you just have to manage it to get it over the top of your head. This…

How to Recover Files from a Dead SD Card

You’re at a wedding and currently in charge of capturing every moment of the bride’s and groom’s brightest day. One of the top cameras at the moment is there to help, able to shoot images at high resolution, which are then automatically transferred to an awesome 64 GB SD card. All works well, but when you sense that the storage at use is getting almost full, disaster happens: the SD crashes.It happens to the best of us. Those frightened by the possibility of all their hard work, currently stored on an SD card that has gone weary, can hope again as there are some methods and specialized ways of recovering files (even deleted data) from an SD card, be it broken or still in a functional state.In the following lines we’ll present a couple of tips and tricks which hopefully will bring back your beloved pictures or videos from a non-functional SD card. Depending on the actual state of the drive, some data can be recovered, and some may not. This principle also applies to deleted files from …

WhatsApp Video Calling Appears on Android Beta App

There have been numerous leaks and rumors surrounding WhatsApp Video Calling feature, but we can finally confirm that the feature is ready to roll out on Android at least. The latest beta APK of WhatsApp (v20.16.80) has the video calling feature mentioned, but not activated yet. We assume, WhatsApp will be rolling this out in phases much like how they did with the voice calling feature.Instead of having a separate icon for Video Call, WhatsApp seems to have chosen to use the existing phone icon, clicking on which you will get an option to choose either the voice call or video call. But then, the video calling feature isn’t activated yet, so you might be greeted with “Couldn’t place call” message as shown below.There have been leaks of WhatsApp Video Calling being tested for some iOS users, but this is the first time we are actually seeing the feature’s presence on the official channel. Last time around, WhatsApp had implemented a silly invite-based system, where users wanting the voic…

Marketing Day: Twitter’s video showcase, Automattic’s .blog domains & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Amid talk of a possible sale, Marketo announces upcoming next-gen platform that is built for the Internet of Things era
May 13, 2016 by Barry Levine
The marketing automation platform is boosting its account-based marketing capability and adding more intelligence to email marketing.Report: Most iOS app store revenue goes to top 1 percent of publishers
May 13, 2016 by Greg Sterling
Top 1 percent also capture 70 percent of App Store downloads.The true value of technical SEOs
May 13, 2016 by Patrick Stox
While many view technical SEO as a simple matter of implementing best practices on a website, columnist Patrick Stox argues that the best practitioners are doing cutting-edge work that will shape the industry’s future.SEM ad copy tips that you may find scary
May 13, 2016 by Brett Middleton
Trying new things can sometimes be frightening for paid se…

Amid talk of a possible sale, Marketo announces upcoming next-gen platform that is built for the Internet of Things era

Las Vegas got the Marketo crowd this week, as more than 5000 attendees ventured to the company’s Marketing Nation Summit in that glittering town.While the conference was underway, the Bloomberg News Service reported that the company is working with Morgan Stanley to explore “strategic alternatives,” which could include a sale. Speculation immediately surfaced SAP, Microsoft, and Adobe as potential suitors.At the conference, CEO Phil Fernandez said that his company is making its largest technology investment so far, boosting its platform with a next-generation architecture called Project Orion.Its exact contours are still fairly amorphous, although the company said it wanted to put “every customer interaction in the context of what came before and what comes next so that companies can listen, learn and respond to each customer in a personalized, relevant and contextual way everywhere they are.”CMO Sanjay Dholakia noted that, as the Internet of Things begins to take hold, “the old parad…