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What is Bitcoin & How People are Using it Across the Globe?

Note: This is the first article in a four-part series covering some of the ambiguous topics related to Bitcoin (BTC).Source: The Joy of TechEver since the barter system was originally introduced by the Mesopotamia tribes around 6000 BC, we have witnessed different types of goods/currency exchange.Paper cash quickly came into place at the onset of the 18th century.With the commencement of the Internet age, various efforts have been made to take the currency exchange into a digital form. It has to be said that those efforts have been well converted and now over 95% of the entire cash in the world is digital, leaving only physical cash to be a mere 5% of the entire money in the world!95% of the entire cash in the world is digital
Click To TweetAlthough there have been many companies to have tried their hand at developing a new source of the digital currency exchange system, it is fair to say that PayPal holds a major share in this regards.One of the fairly recent additions to these networ…