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Does Changing WordPress Theme Affects SEO & Traffic?

If you are one of those bloggers who is using a free WordPress theme, you are likely changing your theme around a lot.Two of the most commonly asked questions regarding changing a WordPress theme are:Will it affect my blog’s SEO?Will it affect my blog’s traffic?The answer to this question changes with different scenarios, and I will try to answer this question from all angles with regards to WordPress, SEO, and traffic.But before I move ahead, there are a few things that you should know:Many WordPress themes like Genesis and Thesis come with built-in SEO options, and if you are using the theme’s SEO feature, chances are high that your blog’s SEO will be affected.If you are using an SEO WordPress plugin to handle your blog’s SEO, you are more likely to retain your overall SEO, but only if your new WordPress theme is SEO optimized.Who is Handling Your Blog’s SEO? WordPress Theme or SEO Plugin?Before shifting to Genesis WordPress theme last year…… I’ve been using the Thesis theme before …