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AdSense Showing 403 Forbidden Error: Here’s How to solve it!

Getting a Google Adsense account is too tough nowadays. And even if you get an approval, struggling with 403 Forbidden error is a next headache. In this post, I will cover up how to solve this issue.Credits : Clker Free Vector Images I am covering this issue after my website Online Rockers Hub  stuck with a 403 Forbidden error.When do you get 403 Forbidden error?403 Forbidden error occurs mostly for new AdSense users. Users whose AdSense application was initially rejected and later got approved on reapplying will get this error mostly. You would have even received an Adsense approval message just like the one below saying that ” Your account has been approved and ads will go live within few hours”.But even after 48 hours, you may not see the ads. You will see a blank ad. If you check your website by right clicking -> Inspect -> Console , you will notice a 403 Forbidden error.Why does this 403 Forbidden error occur?This occurs because your application was rejected initially. So Ad…

Twitter advertisers to get stats on video performance

A partnership with Twitter and video company Innovid is giving advertisers more useful data on video performance as posted on the microblogging site, it was announced today. Innovid will be serving data analytics for ad performance on both mobile and desktop, inclusive of video views, viewability, engagement, time spent and more. This partnership recognizes Twitter’s emphasis on video, something that is being embraced heavily as of late.The initial launch will give Innovid’s customers access to rich video analytics data. In time, it is suggested that Twitter may open this partnership to other partners, according to a quote provided by Innovid CEO Tal Chalozin to AdWeek.Twitter is constantly honing in on video, which many suspect to be a big part of the upcoming media landscape. Facebook made a prediction earlier this week that your news feed will be “all video” in five years on the network. Twitter launched autoplaying videos last year. Twitter has also made a more recent announcement

Marketing Day: Facebook’s ad tech strategy, Twitter’s latest live video features & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Brief change suggests local SEO ranking factors are different for branded queries
Jun 17, 2016 by Joy Hawkins
What are the differences between branded and non-branded local packs in Google, and how might ranking factors be weighted differently for each? Columnist Joy Hawkins shares her observations.Why video needs to be part of your paid advertising strategy
Jun 17, 2016 by Mona Elesseily
As video consumption continues to rise, columnist Mona Elesseily discusses three ways to successfully make video content a part of your online advertising program.3 strategies to survive the “Adblockalypse”
Jun 17, 2016 by Peter Minnium
With the rise of ad blocking, is an “Adblockalypse” on the horizon? As grim as it sounds, columnist Peter Minnium says it’s not all bad news and explains what advertisers can do to turn it around.Bring your “dead” customers bac…

Facebook makes it clearer when an Instant Article is an advertorial

You’re probably going to start noticing more advertorials adopting Facebook’s Instant Articles format.On Friday Facebook added some cosmetic changes to branded Instant Articles that highlight the brand involved and give them a little more flexibility with the look of their content. The changes are pretty minor — automatically adding a brand’s logo to the byline as well as new colors, text styles and spacing for the corresponding content — but they combine to give brands more control over and visibility within their advertorials, which could give publishers a better shot of selling brands on Instant Article campaigns.“People have told us that branded content that is overly promotional is less engaging, so we’ve designed these tools to give publishers elegant customization and branding options for marketers within their Instant Articles,” Facebook said in a company blog post announcing the changes.Translation: If we highlight the brand up top and make the content look better down below,…