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SEO is as dirty as ever

As much as the SEO industry wants to grow up and shed the shady reputation it had in the past, it seems many don’t want to change and still cast a shadow over the industry. For every company doing things right, it seems there are many more who have not updated their practices or still want to take shortcuts.I know it’s not October and not time for Halloween, but I’m already putting my costume together and was inspired to write this. All of these are true SEO horror stories I have seen over the last couple of years. There are outdated practices, mistakes and some seriously shady stuff that still goes on in our industry.I’m okay with mistakes, but a lot of these stories involve companies just never updating their practices or intentionally doing things that give all SEOs a bad name. There are many great companies out there, but it seems like for every good one, there are still a few bad apples.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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SMX Advanced recap: Advanced Google App Deep Linking

Smartphone usage of apps continues to soar. Recent data from comScore show that 44 percent of all digital media time is spent using smartphone apps. That makes the world of apps a critical one for marketers to understand and embrace.At the most recent SMX Advanced, both Tam Phan, Organic Growth Specialist on the App Store Analytics team at TUNE, and David Iwanow, SEO Product Manager at Marktplaats (ebay classifieds group), spoke about app indexing. (As Iwanow noted, what was once called Google App Indexing is now called Firebase App Indexing. The purpose in renaming it was to let it become more of an industry standard.)During the session, Tam Phan started with a basic overview of deep linking in apps and also shared some data based on the experiences of mobile marketing platform provider Tune. David Iwanow followed with a detailed look at how to implement app indexing, providing a case study of his own.In today’s post, I’m going to review what they had to say, as they had a great deal…

Making your content perform beyond just SEO

Content marketing serves many purposes for an organization, not the least of which is to drive organic traffic to a website. But let’s not sell content short! You have great content that’s generating organic traffic, but is it really doing all it can for you? Is it enough to have a popular, highly trafficked blog if it doesn’t actually convert?Whatever your website’s goals — newsletter signups, sales, lead generation or some other call to action — content needs to support those goals.Step 1: Creating compelling contentContent created with SEO in mind is a great start. Yet how do you create content that isn’t just some SEO spam, but actually is meaningful and can help your SEO efforts at the same time?There are many great resources to determine the questions that need to be answered in your industry. One I use, as an example, is LinkedIn Groups. In a forum such as the LinkedIn Groups forum, I can see what types of questions people have and what solutions they’re looking for.Another gre…

How To Find Which WordPress Plugin A Website is Using

There are many WordPress plugins out there.Everyday, a newer and possibly more exciting WordPress plugin is launched either on the WordPress plugin repo or on some premium WordPress marketplace.I like discovering new WordPress plugins.I especially find it quite tempting to know what plugins a popular website is using.There are a few ways in which you can find the list of plugins used on a WordPress blog, but there is no way to know the complete list until that blog’s plugin folder is publicly accessible or you have the FTP login info. That said, there are still a few work-arounds to get that list of plugins.Related Reading: How to find out which WordPress theme is being used by a blog.4 Tricks to Finding Out Which WordPress Plugins Are Used on a WordPress SiteFind Plugins Using Kali OS: “WPScan” commandThis is the method for techies.You can install Kali OS on your system using Parallels or VMware. On my Mac, I use Parallels to install Kali OS.(Download page)Using the following command…

You Are Working Hard But You Don’t Have Any Tangible Output! Why?

“I know you are really working hard, but I am not seeing any tangible output from your efforts!”Have you ever faced this kind of question from your boss/any senior of your company? You’re working hard, but your boss is still not happy.Where is the output? My boss is asking me this, but believe me, I am working really hard. Have you ever faced this kind of question? After hearing this for the first time, you probably felt disillusioned, frustrated & aimless, right?Anyone would be if he/she was in your place.Why? Because we all are human beings and emotions play a vital role in our decision making process. Everyoneloves receiving appreciation for their work.It’s a natural human tendency to want to be rewarded after putting great amounts of effort into something.Some people say things like, “He/she doesn’t work for recognition, it’s only for the passion, drive & love for the work.”But tell me one thing:How does it feel when after putting in great amounts of effort/working really h…

The myth of prepackaged “sales-qualified” leads

The marketing stack holds great value, but let’s face it: It takes a long time to get off the ground, and it’s only as smart as the data it collects. Between setup, training and the early days of simply gaining traction, it can take close to a year before marketers start seeing the fruits of their labor.On top of all that setup, most marketers are starting out with the leads from their CRM (customer relationship management) or homegrown databases, which may be poor in both quality and quantity. That means that even when they get up to speed on their new stack, they’re not going to have a lot of fuel to drive it.After all, marketing technology is only as smart as the data it collects, and for most B2B marketers, that’s going to start out small and grow pretty slowly.So many marketers are losing patience and just purchasing “sales-qualified” leads. These leads, by definition, should be ready to hand off to sales for a quick and easy close.The problem is that by the time the sales team c…

Six ways Pinterest is becoming serious about visual search

Pinterest is transforming into a powerful visual search engine and its latest features hint of a promising future.Pinterest isn’t new in the social media industry, but there was always a feeling that it’s underperforming, compared to its potential, especially in the ecommerce world.This may change soon, as it is focusing even more on its search functionality and more specifically, on its effective visual search.More than 2 billion searches are conducted every month on Pinterest, with people looking for inspiration, customised to everyone’s unique taste and interests.Personalisation and recommendationPinterest is building on ‘idea search’ and it’s proud of its recommendation tool, based on the users’ searches and interests. Pinterest stresses that recommendations are not powered by robots as “Pinterest is powered by people and the ideas they hand select.”Its search function allows users to find exactly what they are looking for, while the recommendations predict the users’ next clicks,…

ZUK Z2 Gets One Click Overclocking Feature, Courtesy ZUI 2.0 Update

Lenovo’s subsidiary, ZUK, has now announced the beta version of their ZUI 2.0 UI based on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 in China. Incidentally the ZUI 2.0 brings along an all new One Click Overclocking feature for the flagship ZUK Z2 smartphone.ZUK apparently has shifted from using CyanogenOS in its devices in selected markets to using their own ZUI across all devices selling globally. ZUK Z1 (First Impressions) available in India however, still runs on the CyanogenOS. The Chinese sub brand recently launched their ZUK Z2 and Z2 Pro in China, thereby becoming one of the first smartphone makers to make use of a 6GB RAM chip. For those unaware, ZUK Z2 sports a 5.2-inch FHD display upfront along with a Snapdragon 820 under the hood. That aside, the ZUK Z2 brings along a 13MP rear camera, 8MP front camera, Heart Rate Sensor and USB Type-C 3.1 port to the table.While the ZUI 2.0 update will be rolling out to all its devices including the ZUK Z1, ZUK Z2 and ZUK Z2 Pro; only the ZUK Z2 will recei…

SocialPro 2016 recap: What Your Social Data Should Be Teaching You

I had the pleasure of attending Chris Kerns’s session on “What Your Social Data Should Be Teaching You” at Marketing Land’s SocialPro 2016 conference in Seattle. Kerns, vice president of research & insights at Spredfast, provided a wealth of insights in this packed 30-minute session.Spredfast’s Chris Kerns This was probably one of the most exciting sessions at SocialPro, as it was without a doubt the most unfiltered and least politically correct one, covering nearly everything from religion to politics.Kerns’ data-driven findings led us through discussions on the average reading level of presidential candidates’ followers, the frequency of religious mentions in tweets and a comparison of the average reading levels of tweets by Donald Trump, Snoop Dog and Katy Perry.Sentiment-fueled engagementAnother interesting insight Kerns shared was the relation of sentiment to engagement. He discussed some work that Spredfast did on analyzing the tweets of presidential candidates and how certai…

MarTech Today: Yahoo bots for Facebook Messenger, leveraging marketing data & more

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Yahoo delivers stocks, news, weather & adoptable monkey bots to Facebook Messenger
Jul 7, 2016 by Greg Finn
Thanks to a slew of new Yahoo bots for Facebook Messenger, you’ll be able to get the latest information on stocks, trending stories, weather, and also play with a digital monkey.Leadpages buys SMB marketing automation platform Drip
Jul 7, 2016 by Barry Levine
This first acquisition by the Minneapolis-based landing page creator will be followed by others, CEO indicates.Leverage your marketing data: 9 FAQs to get you started
Jul 7, 2016 by Scott Rayden
Are you up to speed on the best ways to collect and use data? Columnist Scott Rayden answers some of the most frequently asked questions marketers have about data.6 custom Google Analytics reports you should use for every CRO project
Jul 7, 2016 by Jeremy Smith
Are you getting the mos…

Is an internal linking strategy paying off for Mail Online?

Combining hub pages for key topics with well-planned internal linking can be a very effective strategy to secure consistent search rankings for target keywords. It’s become an essential tactic for publishers and others, especially when you are regularlycreating content around a particular topic.The risk of producing a lot of content around the same topic is that you can end up with multiple pages which have similar keywords which compete against each other in Google for the same search terms.For example, USA Today has ten different articles ranking for the term ‘Kylie Jenner’ during a six month period last year. As each new one comes along, it battles with the existing article, with the end result being a very inconsistent search performance.The answer to this problem is to decide on a page that you want your site to rank for a given keyword or phrase, and concentrate on that. This hub, category or landing page (however you want to describe it) can then be the page that ranks for the …

Huawei Sign-in Brooklyn Beckham to Replace Lionel Messi as their Global Ambassador

Huawei made a head start to this year by signing star footballer Lionel Messi as their global brand ambassador in a bid to improve their brand image in international markets, especially the west. Unfortunately, all’s not well with Messi, who has currently been sentenced a 21 months’ jail term by a Spanish court for an alleged tax evasion.So in a sudden move, the Chinese brand has signed up Brooklyn Beckham, son of yet another ace footballer David Beckham as their global brand ambassador for a whooping sum of £100,000. Brooklyn at the age of 17, has tuned up to become a youth prodigy with thousands of social media fan following. While being the son of a celebrity couple like David and Victoria does help, but Brooklyn has started making a name for himself thanks to his recent modelling stints.“Huawei went for Brooklyn because he’s young, well-presented and seen as a good role model for kids his age,” a family source close to the Beckhams told The Sun, “He’s got millions of social media …