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Best Ways To Optimize Mobile App To Rank Higher In Google Play Store

Do you have a mobile app in Google play store but you are not getting enough downloads?orAre you planning to have a mobile app in the future?If yes, this article is for you.Creating an app and the process of uploading it and optimizing it to get the best results are equally important tasks. Here are the best ways to optimize your mobile app to get best results.Table of ContentsGetting Discovered – Understanding App store OptimizationHow are Apps Ranked in Google play?Optimize Mobile App for better store searchImportance of Screenshots, Videos and GraphicsReviews, Rating and User experienceSocial Factors and BenefitsTargeting Potential and correct UsersOther Important FactorsASO – App Store OptimizationSimilar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which means making your content rank higher in search engines, App Store Optimization is the process of improving the visibility of the mobile apps in play store searches. The whole idea behind ASO is to optimize your mobile app to make your a…

Facebook is Making Messenger a Lot More Secure with End-to-End Encryption

Messaging applications are gradually evolving into one of the most sophisticated platforms out there with bots, third-party integrations and more. However, the privacy factor also needs to be acknowledged when a huge pile of user data is at stakes. Companies including Apple, Google have already revealed their plans for securing information, although, Facebook’s widely popular Messenger app was yet to be treated with some sort of encryption layer despite WhatsApp sporting the feature for quite a few months now. Today, the social giant has finally announced that they’re testing End-to-End compression on their native chatting service.Facebook is now gradually enabling end-to-end encryption for users with an optional feature titled “Secret conversations”. It works just as you expect it to, like an incognito mode on browsers. Whenever you launch a chat in a secret conversation, messages will be encrypted and only the receiver will be able to read them, not anyone else including Facebook. A…

Privacy Shield regulations to replace invalidated EU-US data transfer agreement

Last October the European Court of Justice killed the 15-year Safe Harbor agreement that allowed the transfer and processing of data between servers in the US and Europe. Since that time the US and EU have been scrambling to find a framework to replace it that would provide sufficient safeguards for European citizens’ data.The reason the European court invalidated Safe Harbor was because the Edward Snowden domestic-spying revelations suggested that US intelligence authorities would have unfettered access to data coming out of Europe. The end of Safe Harbor created the prospect of non-European companies having to maintain servers in each European country and comply with a patchwork of domestic privacy regulations.A new transcontinental agreement, called Privacy Shield, was announced in February but was met with immediate skepticism. Privacy advocates expressed doubt that the new framework would be legal under the Schrems decision, which overturned the Safe Harbor agreement.However, acc…

DOJ seeks to compel Facebook docs in case involving alleged tax dodge worth “billions”

Earlier this week the US Justice Department asked a judge in San Francisco to compel Facebook to produce internal documents tied to a 2010 asset transfer to the company’s Irish subsidiary. For several years the IRS has been investing whether the social site understated the value of those assets by billions of dollars.The company transferred rights for its global business, outside of Canada and the US, to Ireland. The rationale for the transfer is tax avoidance. Ireland has comparatively low corporate tax rates.Accounting firm Ernst & Young valued the assets during the process. The firm may have used a formula that dramatically undervalued those assets being transferred.Facebook denied that it violated any laws in the matter. However, according to the court filings and published reports, Facebook has declined to produce the requested documents to the IRS. The statute of limitations on the alleged tax avoidance maneuver runs on July 31 — hence the legal action.Facebook, Amazon, Appl…

Marketing Day: SEO, sales leads & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:SEO is as dirty as ever
Jul 8, 2016 by Patrick Stox Search engine optimization has built credibility over the years, but spammers and black-hat practitioners still give it a bad name. Columnist Patrick Stox shares his SEO horror stories.SMX Advanced recap: Advanced Google App Deep Linking
Jul 8, 2016 by Eric Enge How do you get your app content into Google Search results, and what are the benefits of doing so? Contributor Eric Enge summarizes an SMX Advanced panel on deep linking and app indexing.Making your content perform beyond just SEO
Jul 8, 2016 by Janet Driscoll Miller Content that generates traffic is great; content that generates leads and sales is better. Columnist Janet Driscoll Miller offers tips for content performance, from creation to optimization to conversion.The myth of prepackaged “sales-qualified” leads
Jul 8, 2016 by Thomas…