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What is Social Proof & Why Is It Crucial For Your Blog’s Success?

Have you heard of the phrase “Monkey-see, Monkey-do”?It’s about how one monkey mimics the act of another monkey.Humans, having evolved from apes, also take cues from other fellow human beings when making decisions.This is called social proof.Social proof is a very effective way to convince prospective buyers by indirectly telling them, “People exactly like you have bought this product, so you should buy it too!”Social proof has been used for a long-time by advertisers to convince a prospective buyer that they should buy this product because everybody else is also buying it.A very simple example of social proof is shown in this video, where a person in the lift conforms to what everybody else is doing, even though they are all facing the wrong direction. See how powerful this is?Now let’s look at why “social proof” is so important.Why do bloggers need social proof?It creates authenticity around their blog in a single glance.It helps to build and strengthen a brand.The more social proof,…

Prisma: The Best App to Convert Photos into Art

Image editing apps have a special place in the hearts of pretty much anyone who has hit the shutter button on a phone’s camera. After all, not all of us (Yours Truly included) are great photographers, but with a bit of appy fizz and a few touches here and there one can make even a relatively ordinary picture look different. Of course this had been possible in the PC-laden past as well, but tweaking an image in those days necessitated messing around with software that was definitely on the complex side. Today, of course, one can change an image with a few taps on one’s phone, thanks to the likes of Instagram, Pixlr and even Adobe’s own Photoshop Express. But most mobile image editing apps restrict themselves to adding filters that change or add color accents to an image. What if one wanted to do something, well, more artistic, without getting caught up in the whole ‘layer editing’ business?Well, that is where Prisma comes in. Yes, we have add apps that attempt to convert images into sk…