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Now iPhone Users Get Reliance Jio Preview Offer with 3 Months Unlimited Data and Calls

Reliance Jio 4G service has been residing in the developing phase for quite a few months now with complimentary offers and availability limited to Lyf branded phones. As a result, the general public wasn’t able to experience the network unless they purchase a separate handset. However, in a recent press conference, Reliance has announced that the official rollout isn’t far now. And like we exclusively reported, Reliance had extended the free preview offer with 3 months of unlimited data, calls and entertainment services that includes live TV streaming, video on demand and music on demand to select premium Samsung users. And now, it seems that the same is being extended to select iPhone users as well.As first reported by BGR India, the Jio preview offer will be extended to VoLTE enabled iPhones which includes the latest iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE. The Official unveiling is expected to happen next week. In fact, we have independently verified that t…

The Best Affiliate Programs For Travel Blogs & Startups

An investment in travel is an investment in yourself ~ Matthew Karsten
Click To TweetFor me, traveling is freedom.If you are a travel blogger, I give you a standing ovation. Being a digital nomad, I understand how tough it is to blog while traveling. I also know that it’s even tougher to monetize your travel blog.There are many travel bloggers who often get sponsorship for traveling (like free trips with all expenses covered), but not everyone is so lucky at the beginning of their blogging career.Travel blogging is a popular & profitable niche that can generate great amounts of revenue using various monetization methods.Some of the most popular monetization methods are:Google AdSenseCuelinksViglinkDirect ad salesSelling eBooksMerchandise salesAffiliate marketing****** Today I will be telling you about some of the best affiliate programs that you can use for your travel blog to earn money.This is a one of a kind list of affiliate programs & I hope you make the most out of it.If …

Beco offers first battery free beacon, which can run indefinitely on existing lighting

We’re several years into the beacon and “internet of things” era and only in the past year are we starting to move beyond pilot-stage implementations. Beacons have been most associated with retail in-store marketing (e.g., offers) but they have a much wider array of uses.Despite their utility, beacons face a number of challenges. Rolling them out and managing them at scale across multiple locations is one. Another perhaps more mundane, but important, issue is battery life.Most beacons are battery powered and for that reason can be placed virtually anywhere in physical locations. But in large-scale deployments there might be thousands of beacons in hundreds of locations, or vice-versa. Battery replacement becomes a potentially significant cost over time.Enter a Boston-based company called Beco. The company has developed a patented, “battery-free” beacon that “harvests” energy from existing light fixtures and can run indefinitely. There is LED location-aware “smart lighting” (with inclu…

Marketing Day: Google My Business case study, holiday retail strategies & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook now lets broadcasters restrict their Live audiences by age, location, gender
Jul 15, 2016 by Tim Peterson
Facebook has quietly added an option for some broadcasters to restrict who can tune into a Live broadcast and another for never-ending livestreams. Two new projects target ads at your car
Jul 15, 2016 by Barry Levine
In the UK, and soon in Japan, real-time car recognition tech is guiding ad targeting on digital billboards.10 factors that may be impacting your organic traffic
Jul 15, 2016 by Stephanie LeVonne
Experiencing fluctuations in organic traffic and rankings? Columnist Stephanie LeVonne has a list of factors to check and how to address them.Four steps to maximizing Customer Lifetime Value
Jul 15, 2016 by Digital Marketing Depot
In this white paper from Zaius, you’ll learn all about why customer lifetime value is critical, bu…

Facebook now lets broadcasters restrict their Live audiences by age, location, gender

By default if you’re broadcasting using Facebook Live, you’re doing so publicly for anyone to see. At least until now.On Thursday Facebook quietly added a new option for some broadcasters to restrict who can tune into a Live broadcast, which the company announced in a blog post published on its developer site.The audience restrictions option appears to be available only to people who post their Live streams to Facebook using the social network’s API (application programming interface), i.e. media companies, professional creators and brands using software to send the stream shot using fancy cameras or game- and screen-casting tools. A Facebook spokesperson has not responded to a question sent earlier on Friday asking whether the audience restrictions will be made available to people livestreaming within Facebook’s app, a.k.a. normal people.According to the guidelines posted in Facebook’s developer documentation, broadcasters will be able to limit their Live audiences by location, time …

Two new projects target ads at your car

The Ocean campaign Two new and separate advertising projects are based around the idea that “you are what you drive.”The new efforts — one in locations around the UK, the other near Tokyo — are identifying individual car types and directing ads to the implied interests of the driver or passengers. They are the newest additions to a growing category that recently added a campaign where Dannon Yogurt ads on digital billboards are displayed according to four levels of traffic speeds.This week, London-based media owner Ocean launched its first campaign — created by the ad agency Publicis for the new Renault M├ęgane car — employing its vehicle recognition tech for contextual advertising.In the campaign, which follows 12 months of testing and development, digital billboards at the exit of a traffic circle near a shopping center in Holland Park in west London show messages directed at cars stopped at a traffic light. (See photo on the top of this page.)The images of the front, stopped cars in …

10 factors that may be impacting your organic traffic

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO or someone who runs your own business, you know there are fluctuations in your organic traffic, but you may struggle to pinpoint the root cause.Organic search, unlike its paid counterpart, comes with a unique set of challenges in diagnosing a decline in traffic and conversions. There are some obvious places you can mine for insights (Google Analytics, Google Search Console), but other factors at play can be harder to quantify.From basic issues to advanced issues to factors that are largely out of your control, following is a list of things to check for when diagnosing major fluctuations in organic traffic or search engine rankings. By examining both internal and external factors, you can start to piece together the puzzle.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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