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4 reasons the world would end at the demise of local SEO

Nuclear meltdowns, an earthbound asteroid, perhaps the rise of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton as president (depending on your political views) — all might lead to the end of the world. Though the demise of local search might not necessarily rank among those aforementioned disaster scenarios, it certainly does take brainpower to remember life before local and imagine how the world would operate today if it vanished.Just the other day, I was gearing up to take a road trip, and my very cautious mother presented me with eight maps covering different areas of Colorado, Utah, Nevada and California — with a very meticulous route planned out.“Now, when you see the sign for Las Vegas, make sure to follow that down until exit number… And when you need food, this map shows the exits past… “In one ear and out the other (not my best daughter move), but it all got lost in translation from her generation to mine. I will just do a “near me” search to find any hospital, rest stop or fast food along t…

The 10 greatest social media advertising tips for content marketers

Let’s start with the bad news first. It’s tougher than ever to get your content noticed.Changes to Google’s search results pages have further obscured content organically, especially on competitive commercial searches. Meanwhile, paid search CPCs are at all-time highs in established markets.Organic reach in social media? It’s pretty much dead. Half of all content gets zero shares, and less than 0.1 percent will be shared more than 1,000 times. And Facebook just announced that you’re even less likely to get your content in front of people who aren’t related to you. (Sorry.)Additionally, the typical internet marketing conversion rate is less than 1 percent.How content marketing doesn’t (usually) workHow does content marketing actually work? Many people believe content marketing is basically a three-step process:Create new content.Share your content on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).People buy your stuff.Nope. This almost never happens.Most content goes nowhere. The

Are retailers missing the mark on m-commerce?

With the increasing dominance of mobile across all industries, business owners and influencers in every sector from retail to finance are making developing theirmobile experiencea top priority.But a new report by PointSource into ‘The State of the Mobile Experience’ has indicated that few are happy with the results.The study, which surveyed nearly 300 key influencers and decision makers across retail, insurance, finance and supply chain industries, found that although nine in 10 companies have a mobile website, and eight in 10 have a mobile app, fewer than one in five respondents rated their mobile presence as “excellent”.In retail in particular, only 37% of respondents to the survey rated their mobile presence as a nine or above, on a scale of one to 10. The report also revealed several areas in which retailers are missing opportunities to enhance the user experience on mobile, track customer behaviour, and implement features that would help to engage and retain mobile customers.So w…

Mobile-location data predicted Sports Authority’s demise and reveals the retailers that may benefit from it

Location history and foot traffic data are increasingly being used for audience identification and offline attribution. However there are numerous other non-advertising uses for the information. Among them, predicting who’s going to capitalize when a retail competitor goes out of business.That’s the scenario NinthDecimal exposes with a new infographic built on extensive analysis of consumer foot traffic data in the sporting goods retail category. Starting in May, when Sports Authority announced it was closing its doors, NinthDecimal analyzed “trillions of data points” representing the shopping and foot traffic patterns of more than 130 million mobile consumers in the US.The company discovered that, among a range of retailers, Big 5 Sporting Goods and Walmart are in the strongest position to pick up new business when Sports Authority closes. They saw the most foot traffic from Sports Authority shoppers among a set of competing retailers.The NinthDecimal analysis also identified the mar…

Lowest rates for SMX East go up Saturday. Lock in the best savings today!

Searching for the best performing SEO and SEM tactics? Look no further than SMX East, the most highly anticipated search marketing conference on the East Coast. SMX East returns to New York City September 27-29 — secure your seat today and lock in the best conference rates available!

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Drive High-Quality Traffic To Your Website with Quora

With SEO getting difficult, internet marketing professionals have turned to SMO.Today, SMO (social media optimization) is the most reliable way to drive traffic to a website.Ask any experienced social media marketer:What works best in the world of social media? And the response will always be:Good content.We are getting back to the good old days, when “content was the king”.When you think of social media promotion, the first names that come to mind are probably Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram.When I started a blog on startups and small business advice, I wanted to find a medium where I could use my writing skills to drive traffic to my website.I am not on Facebook and I only use LinkedIn once in a while. But occasionally using LinkedIn doesn’t leave me with many options to promote my website.How I discovered Quora:This is when I stumbled upon Quora.In fact, writing on Quora happened by accident.I was searching for a few answers to some business related questions …

Xiaomi Soocare X3 is a Smart Electric Toothbrush that Costs Just $45

Xiaomi’s unconditional love for out of the box products have led to the development of yet another unconventional smart device. This time around, it is a smart tooth brush that aims to take on the likes of Philips Sonicare.Just like all other out of the box products from the Lei Jun led company, this one too is not developed in-house by Xiaomi. Instead, the smart electric toothbrush which now is available for crowd funding via Xiaomi’s official platform is made by a company known as Soocare Cassels. Dubbed the Xiaomi Soocare X3, the first electric toothbrush from the Chinese firm makes use of a magnetic levitation acoustic wave motor with swing speeds as high as 37200 per minute to clean every other part of your teeth.Soocare reveals that they have made use of a material called Tynex, outsourced from American multinational brand DuPont for making the head of the brush. In fact, the electric toothbrush makes use of a 0.152mm soft brush that helps cleaning your tooth more comfortable an…

10 content marketing tools to boost your productivity

Content marketing includes so many tasks and processes that it can be very overwhelming. You need a solid toolset to keep it well organized.Productivity is among the most important elements of my working life. Juggling multiple projects on top of family and life tasks means I spend a great deal of effort managing my time as well as possible.With content marketing making up the bulk of my promotional work, I have had to find ways to shave off time spent doing the marketing part. That way I can focus more energy on the content itself, which is tantamount to my brand strategies… which is why I love having a set of solid tools at my disposal.These are the ten that I have tried and loved, many of which I still use to this day. Others I have given up, but still highly recommend.Content brainstorming & creation toolsMindMeisterSome content projects require a longer bout of brainstorming than others. That can get confusing, when dealing with an entire team of people, or even just more tha…