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10 AliExpress Safety Tips To Avoid Being Scammed

Alibaba, as most of you know, is a wholesale supplier website where you can interact with and purchase from suppliers all over the world.AliExpress is another offering from Alibaba. It is an online e-commerce store and acts as the retail arm of Alibaba.Although Alibaba is a reputed company, the quality of the sellers is not always consistent. A lot of times people have been cheated or have gotten below-par products.The best way to have a good experience from AliExpress is to prepare yourself.Here are 10 AliExpress safety tips that will save you from being scammed.Look for Years Open, Feedback, and Buyer Protection 10 AliExpress safety tips To avoid getting Scammed1. When was the store opened?This data point tells you when the seller opened shop.If it is more than two years, then they have some credibility and, to a certain extent, longevity. If it has been open less than a year, their quality hasn’t been validated yet.So if you are making a very expensive purchase or a product that is …

Google revenues climb 21 percent to $21.5 billion, powered by mobile

After a Q1 that disappointed investors somewhat, Google parent Alphabet delivered  a big quarter yesterday. The company announced revenues of $21.5 billion, which represented 21 percent growth year-over-year and beat analysts’ consensus estimates by more than $700 million.Paid clicks were up nearly 30 percent, which was also an expectations beat. However, CPCs were off 7 percent. Traffic acquisition costs were roughly $4 billion, up 18 percent, representing 21 percent of total ad revenue.Google segment revenue was approximately 99 percent of total revenue.Revenue associated longer-term projects and “moonshots” (so-called “other bets”) was $185 million, primarily from primarily Google Fiber and Nest, against losses of $859 million. This compares with losses of $660 million a year ago.The company reported headcount of roughly 66,000 — Microsoft has 114,000 employees by comparison. Alphabet also reported that it had $78.5 billion in cash and cash equivalents on hand.During the earnings c…

Automattic’s WooCommerce ecommerce platform now connects with Square

Keeping online and brick-and-mortar stores in sync is one of the biggest challenges for modern retailers, especially smaller ones. To help out, Automattic’s ecommerce platform WooCommerce has announced it is now integrated with offline payments platform Square.In a blog post announcing the extension, Automattic Content Manager Nichole Kohler noted that this has been the most requested integration for WooCommerce and added:“If you have both an online store and retail presence, you might sometimes feel as if they’re operating in different worlds. This goes double for managing your offline inventory, which usually requires a manual update to keep accurate for online sales.Now you can kiss those tedious manual updates goodbye. The Square integration will keep your WooCommerce inventory completely up-to-date automatically, syncing any online or offline stock changes for you.”Kohler noted that a retailer only needs to set up products once to make them available both online and in the brick-…

China’s largest search engine, Baidu, struggles on earnings

Baidu, China’s largest search engine with over 80% of marketshare in that country, has had it’s worse quarter in terms of profit since their IPO over 11 years ago.In their Q2 2016 earnings report their net income dropped by 34% from the previous period. They still are very profitable, showing a net income of $363.2 million but that profit continues to drop quarter over quarter as the company sees more and more scrutiny over their search ad practices.The Wall Street Journal reports Baidu’s “advertising practices came under scrutiny after the death of a young man who undertook a cancer treatment he found through a Baidu online ad.” “Shares in the company have fallen nearly 15% this year, and Baidu lowered its revenue forecast by nearly 10% ahead of its earnings report Friday in Asia,” they added.Growth has been an issue for Baidu but here are the highlights the company wants you to read:Mobile search monthly active users (MAUs) were 667 million for the month of June 2016, an increase of…

Marketing Day: E-commerce content marketing, “webrooming” & Apple earnings

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Much needed filters & custom metrics make their way to Twitter Ads Manager reporting
Jul 29, 2016 by Greg Finn
A new set of tools will allow Twitter Ads Manager users to pick and choose the campaigns & metrics that they’d like to report on.How your old content can help with SEO
Jul 29, 2016 by Tamar Weinberg
Looking to get the most SEO value out of your content marketing efforts? Columnist Tamar Weinberg explains how to breathe new life into your content assets.How to download all of your landing pages from Google Search Console via Analytics Edge — and I mean ALL of them!
Jul 29, 2016 by Glenn Gabe
Google Search Console provides a wealth of data on landing pages, but unfortunately, that data is limited. Columnist Glenn Gabe shares his method for getting around the 1,000-URL limit using an Excel plugin called Analytics Edge.The reasons …

Much needed filters & custom metrics make their way to Twitter Ads Manager reporting

Twitter Ads Manager has been a bit of a bear to navigate since inception. The ability to quickly parse campaigns and see the metrics you’d like simply haven’t existed. This is soon changing thanks to a big global upgrade that will allow advertisers to optimize their campaigns in a much more flexible fashion.The first change is the ability to use custom filters. This tool allows advertisers to selectively choose what campaigns to display, allowing you to slice and dice the information by campaign status/targeting.Introducing custom filters, a better way to analyze campaign performance in Twitter Ads Manager— Twitter Advertising (@TwitterAds) July 29, 2016The options offered are:ObjectiveStatusFunding InstrumentCampaign NameDeliveryPlacementThis will be a big boon for organized marketers who can now hone in the performance of select campaigns directly in Ads Manager.The other addition to the reporting suite is custom metrics. Instead of being relegated to the st…