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Wrong Page Ranking for an Important Keyword? Here’s How to Fix This [Infographic]

Let’s assume that your site has ranked for a keyword you’ve aiming. This is brilliant news, right?  Of course, it is!  But what if the page that is ranking finishes up being unrelated.You certainly met something like this when you googled something – the first few outcomes that came up looked feasible, but for other reason, one of the top labels didn’t look like a good fit. If the page doesn’t reply to your query, that means the wrong page is ranking for that particular keywords, and it is generally not intentional.This is not a good sign, because if the page presented does not effectively represent the query, then1. It can adversely affect your click-through rate and conversion rate and traffic because of an unsuitable title or description.2. Receiving the wrong page and not finding relevant things, your newly-arrived persons are likely to jump out from your site without converting.So, what should you do? Here’s the thorough process to analyse, recognise and fix the issues as soon as…

10 Smart Ways to Promote Your Blog on Social Media

Are you completely confused about finding effective ways to promote your blog on social media? Navigating this minefield of Facebook marketing, twitter promoting and G Plus sharing feels like an overwhelming, paralyzing task at times.You may be ready to quit on social, to just publish a post and hope that the Blogging Fairies magically promote the post to interested, targeted, eager readers, without any effort on your part.Stop sniffing that Fairy Dust.Blogging doesn’t work that way.If you’re willing to give freely on social sites you will receive generously.The pain, suffering and frustration of having little or no blog traffic will dissolve into the happiness, contentment and satisfaction of driving targeted, buying traffic through your social media websites.If this sounds exciting to you and you’re ready to leave social media confusion behind it’s time to learn how to use proven, effective tips for promoting your blog on sites like twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn.Ways t…

Installing a Free SSL and Payment Gateway on your WooCommerce Site

If you’ve landed here, you’ve probably spent the time looking for all sorts of solutions to get Stripe to work on your website without an SSL or for multiple different free SSL solutions.As a small business owner, I know paying for SSL or premium plugins can be stressful for start-ups with small budgets. I am happy to share our solution for a FREE SSL on your woo commerce website, with FREE functioning stripe payment gateway with- No Coding Needed.Follow the five steps below and you will be running in no time! For our example, we have a running installation on so feel free to head over there and check it out before you get started.1. Install and activate all the following FREE pluginsWoocommerceWooCommerce Stripe Gateway by AutomatticCloudFlare by Ian PyeCloudFlare Flexible SSL by iControlWP2. Register and Set up a Stripe AccountSign up for a free Stripe account here.Once you have filled out everything from Stripe and your account is all set up your going to want to he…