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In The Next 15 Minutes I Will Show You How To Make Your Blog More Professional

Note: This post is a little long, but if you give me 15 minutes of your attention, I guarantee I can make your online appearance more professional.My name is Eric and I’m an editor.I’ve been a freelancer for many years working with various companies, marketplaces, students, professionals, journalists, entrepreneurs, copywriters, travel portals, bloggers, musicians, and all other facets of writers.If you’ve submitted a post here at ShoutMeLoud, you may have had an encounter with me. Some of those encounters may have been favorable, and others, well, maybe not so much.First, let me start off by answering this question:What is an editor?Editors are essentially grammar nerds.We seek to make sure that everything the writer is saying is said in the most attractive way possible.But not everyone has a favorable opinion of editors.Here’s why:They nit-pick.They change words and phrases that you think didn’t need to be changed.They’re often at odds with your artistic vision.But there’s one thing…

Blab shuts down its live video platform

Blab, the live video chat platform that launched in early 2015 and quickly grew to almost four million users, has closed its doors.Co-founder Shaan Puri announced the shutdown late Friday, saying that the website and app would be shut down immediately. He touted some impressive numbers from the service’s first year — 3.9 million users and an average time-on-site of 65 minutes per day.But he also says that user churn was a problem because live video streams require a user’s complete attention. Puri says only about 10 percent of Blab’s userbase visited regularly.Why?Because most live streams aren’t interesting enough to justify stopping what they are doing to watch your broadcast.The struggle with Livestreaming [sic] — is that we need to show you something awesome, that’s being made right now.Turns out, that’s really tough. It killed Meerkat, and Periscope & [Facebook] Live are feeling the pain right now. Really, only Twitch has gotten it right with live streaming video games.Blab w…