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Showing posts from August 20, 2016

Pop-Out and Play YouTube Videos in Foreground on Android with FlyTube

Despite available resources, Google has been always grumpy about allowing YouTube videos to play in the background on smartphones. After all, who watches a lengthy clip without concurrently working or chatting with someone? There are a series of third-party solutions present on the store, however, the good ones are limited to rooted devices which obviously most users don’t possess. Fortunately, there’s a new application in town and it’s called “Flytube”.Flytube is a free app for Android phones which as the name suggests, allows you to view YouTube clips in movable and independent windows. You can lay it over any other application without any interruptions whatsoever. The pop-up window, additionally, can be moved and resized according to your preferences, and it also holds tiny little playback controls including a seek bar, play/pause and more for quick access. Unfortunately, you still can’t play them while keeping the phone locked due to Google’s restrictive guidelines. Of course, tha…

Now Avail Reliance Jio Sim with Free 3-Month Preview Offer on ANY 4G Smartphone

There has been a deluge of posts about Reliance Jio and the Preview Offer on the Indian blogosphere over the past few weeks, and why not? The launch of Jio (which is just around the corner) is expected to shake up the Indian telecom industry in a big way, and we are getting a taste of it already. Just over a month back, we exclusively reported Jio extending the 90-day preview offer to select few high-end Samsung smartphones. And just yesterday, it was extended to all Samsung and LG 4G phones. And now, we are being told that the free Jio SIM with 3-month preview plan can be availed on ANY 4G handset across the country.That’s right. If you are in possession of a 4G enabled handset, be it from Apple, Xiaomi, Lenovo, OnePlus, Micromax or any manufacturer, you are entitled to purchase a Reliance Jio SIM with partner offer for free. The partner offer entitles you with 90-days of unlimited calls, unlimited SMS, unlimited 4G data and the complete suite of Reliance Jio apps. This is a brutal o…

Facebook’s new LifeStage App is Strictly for Teenagers

Facebook’s social platform is nothing like what it used to be twelve years ago – a comprehensive hub for young college students to interact and connect with their colleagues. Invaded by business approaches and unfenced availability, almost everyone (1.7 Billion to be precise) uses Facebook whether they’re adults, kids, what have you. However, with a new standalone iOS application – Lifestage, the company is returning to its roots for enrolling the lost interest it used to celebrate before it became so open.Lifestage is a straightforward take on Facebook’s biggest shortcoming right now – the lack of enthusiasm from the young generation. It resembles a video diary and allows users to describe their personal details strictly in a small video snippet. As soon as your friends’ update theirs, your feed will be updated. However, the crucial attraction it brings is the fact that only the people who’re 21 or younger can enroll. In case you’re 22 or older, you’ll be only able to view your profi…

Marketing Day: Google expanded text ads, Sprinklr CMO interview & content audits

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Placed entices users to share location with frequent flyer miles
Aug 19, 2016 by Greg Sterling
Company provides a clear value exchange to consumers for their location data.Next stop in Salesforce’s evolution: Becoming the platform for customer experience
Aug 19, 2016 by Barry Levine
A Salesforce exec points out how the Demandware acquisition and all those clouds can fit together.Getting to the bottom of Google expanded text ad CTR and CPC
Aug 19, 2016 by Andy Taylor
Google has rolled out expanded text ads to all advertisers, so how does this new ad format compare to standard text ads? Columnist Andy Taylor shares some data from a recent Merkle study.Sprinklr CMO says always being a student & having passion is good, but focus is key
Aug 19, 2016 by Amy Gesenhues
Get to Know: Tom Butta, CMO for Sprinklr, a cloud-based SMMS platformSEO and vo…