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5 Free Blogging Platforms You Might Not Know About

You probably know about WordPress and Blogger and likely have a blog on one of them.Now, you are about to start a new blog and are looking for an alternative.So here’s the question:Are there any other viable options apart from WordPress and Blogger?Let’s find out.#1 TumblrYes, the first entrant on the list is a hybrid of sorts. At first look, it seems like a potent mix of WordPress and Twitter.It has the right amount of “coolness”.If you are a social butterfly, Tumblr might just do the trick for you. It’s fun to explore and has a magical quality that keeps you hooked with its beautiful UI.I spent a good 15-20 minutes exploring the site while researching for this post.If you are a fashion blogger, or love to cook and put pictures of your recipes online, or simply prefer pictures over words, Tumblr is the place to go.Love it or hate it, Tumblr will definitely catch your attention.#2 MediumMedium is a no-nonsense blogging platform.If writing is your niche, Medium is for you. Although tec…