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Unruly now offers biometric measurement of video ads

Unruly’s visual depiction of its new EQ offering. Marketers learned long ago that the best ads deliver emotional responses. To measure these responses, the traditional focus group has been complemented in recent years by facial recognition and other technologies. News Corp-owned Unruly has now unveiled a multi-layered solution that includes its first regular biometric measurement of online video or TV ads via an ensemble of star players in the field. Called Unruly EQ , it brings together brainwave analysis by marketing research firm Nielsen , facial recognition by Affectiva , and music data analysis by Moodagent . This is complemented by an expanded version of Unruly’s own detailed online questionnaire . Unruly VP of Marketing and Insight Devra Prywes told me that, previously, biometric testing was used only when a client requested it. In addition, the London-based Unruly is now launching a series of emotion-oriented private marketplaces (PMPs), in collaboration with Kent State U

New MarTech Intelligence Report: Digital Analytics Platforms

With the explosive growth of social media, video, and mobile, the importance of understanding the contributions and relationships of these channels to website traffic and conversions has increased significantly. This 41-page MarTech Intelligence Report examines the current trends and issues in enterprise digital analytics, including omnichannel marketing, tag management, and mobile measurement and optimization. Included are profiles of 16 leading vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing. If you are considering adopting an enterprise digital analytics platform, this report will help you decide whether or not you need to. Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy. via Marketing Land

Digital transformation is like changing a tire while driving. Challenging… but possible.

Back in 2007, I took a job with a large software company that built a massive but traditional software business. My team was challenged with shifting our enterprise CIO customers perspectives away from traditional products to cloud-based enterprise offerings. At times it felt like we were trying to change a tire on a car while driving it. I was reminded of that analogy in a recent interview by MarTech Program Chair Scott Brinker. In talking with Gaurav Bhatia, VP of Digital Strategy for AARP Services,a U.S.-based membership and interest group, Scott learned about AARP’s recently revamped customer experience platform. Gaurav noted that the transformation was: “The biggest challenge we faced was the scale of transformation required. It was like building a new car and running the old car at the same time.” Coping with marketing, technology and management issues in the midst of digital transformation, while concurrently running your legacy business, can be daunting. It is the martec

[PODCAST] Marketing Land Live #27: Rants about Apple, when it’s illegal to link & more

Apple dominated the news space this week with its iPhone 7 and other hardware announcements, but marketers should be paying more attention to what happens next week when Apple releases iOS 10 to the world. In this week’s episode of Marketing Land Live, we cut through the hardware hype and also rant a bit about the difficulty some of us had in ordering a new iPhone. Other topics on the show include a potentially big legal case in Europe where a high court has ruled that linking to copyright-infringing material may itself also constitute a copyright violation. We also discuss the latest Google SEO news and more. This week’s show runs 41 minutes and features Marketing Land’s Barry Schwartz, Greg Sterling, Danny Sullivan and myself. You can listen below, and be sure to scroll down for this week’s Show Notes, with links to the stories we talked about. We invite you to subscribe via iTunes or Google Play Podcasts . Show Notes Apple introduces jackless iPhone 7 with improved camera, a

HP to Acquire Samsung’s Printing Business for $1.05 Billion

H P is all set to acquire Korean electronics giant Samsung’s fledging printing business for deal worth $1.05 billion . The deal that’s expected to close in the later half of 2017, will result in HP inheriting 6,000 Samsung employees and a number of patents related to laser and toner technologies. Samsung has had a bleak run in the consumer printing business, so much so that it shifted its focus entirely to concentrate more on the providing hardware and printing solutions for businesses . Currently, the printing market is dominated by the American multinational HP with 36% market share . They are closely followed by a Canon, Epson, Brother and Samsung. That said, with increased use of digital documents among corporates and businesses, even companies like HP is facing the heat. Rather, the last quarter’s report by IDC show that there has been a decrease in shipments by 18.6% for HP alone as compared to the previous year. The IDC report further indicates that the total shipments of p

Meet Clarke, an AI Assisted Virtual Transcriber that Dials in Meeting Calls and Takes Notes

A rtificial Intelligence has been the cornerstone of most new age technologies and products. But so far the AI has mostly been used behind the scenes and personally this is the first time I have witnessed such a direct and justified use of AI. is an intelligent virtual assistant that aims at helping people keep a tab on the particulars of the meetings (Remember, how every team has a special guy assigned to take care of Minutes of Meetings). Unlike other tools which just record the conversation, the goes beyond that. Here is how it works, just like a real human all you would need to do is cc Claire in the calendar invite and provided the invite comes with a dial-in number alongside PIN, Claire will dial in automatically and take notes during the meetings. Post the meetings notes are delivered to the stakeholder via email along with an option to send the notes directly to the CRM or tools like Slack, Salesforce, and Trello. What’s Interesting is that Claire not onl

Forget who’s leaving. How about who’s staying? How to evolve your agency creative department

There has been a lot of chatter about talent leaving the industry of advertising, particularly creative. In this recent article , we are reminded once again that employees are departing to join large technology companies such as Google or Facebook. For many years, we’ve heard the same story about talent dilution and departure. Instead of focusing on who’s leaving and why, let’s focus on who’s staying and the solutions for keeping them. In this article, we’ll highlight opportunities to evolve your creative department with new ways of working and skill sets that will modernize agency output. Transforming the craft of creative Creative ideas drive advertising. Make no mistake. Getting to those ideas, the core craft of creative, has largely remained the same for decades. Ideas, the best ones, are still very much what agencies sell. Yet how those ideas are distributed and shared with consumers has evolved more in the last five years than in the previous 25. For those agencies that hav

Guide to Google ranking signals – Part 2: keywords

Last week we published the first instalment of our complete guide to Google ranking signals. It featured on-page-factors such as title tags , H1 tags and meta descriptions . This week we continue diving into on-page factors, with the use of keywords in your page content. Keywords In our previous article we mentioned that any keywords you wish to rank for need to be placed in the title tag, with the closer it is to the start the better. Keywords should also appear in the H1 tag and meta description. But where else should you keywords appear, how often and in what form? Page content 1) Make sure your keyword or phrase appears in the first 100 words of your page, if not the first sentence. This is more important than keyword frequency. 2) As Jayson DeMers said in our article on keyword relevancy the placement of your keywords matters far more than their frequency. Posting “cheap wedding dresses” once in the title tag of your site and once in the header matters far more than s

Why sales chat needs to be part of your multi-channel strategy

Giving your site visitors the option to chat with a sales representative is a key driver in increasing revenues. If you don’t yet have live chat set up on your business website, then you’re missing out on major impact potential, both in terms of conversion optimization and loyalty marketing. Research indicates that 85 percent of US online consumers like to give repeat business to e-commerce companies that resolve their issues quickly with live chat. If that’s not enough to convince you, another study from Forrester shows that 44 percent of online consumers say having live chat as an available option while making an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer. Image source: However, sales and service chat ideally shouldn’t be relegated to your hosted web pages. There’s no reason why your multi-channel marketing strategy should exclude live chat. Research from Fluent shows customers who are exposed to brand messaging and interactions thro

Lenovo Launches A6600, A6600 Plus and A7700 VoLTE-Enabled Budget Smartphones

E yeing the surge in 4G trend embarked by Reliance Jio in India, Lenovo has added three new smartphones in its A-series lineup – A6600 , A6600 Plus , and A7700 . Each of these handsets supports dual 4G VoLTE enabled SIMs and are priced in the entry-level price bracket starting from Rs 6,999 for A6600. For its credit, Lenovo was one of the pioneers in 4G smartphone revolution in India, with their A6000 back in 2014. In terms of raw specifications, the Lenovo A6600 features a 5-inch HD panel up front and is powered by MediaTek MT6735P 64-bit Quad-Core processor clocked at 1GHz. Furthermore, there’s 1GB of RAM , Mali-T720 GPU , 16GB of internal storage which is expandable via a MicroSD card, and it runs on a 2300mAh battery . On the software side, Lenovo has included its own Vibe UI layered over Android Marshmallow . Lastly, A6600 sports an 8MP rear camera with a single LED flash and a 2MP front-facing camera. The only “Plus” upgrade you get with the A6600 Plus is 2GB of RAM inste

MarTech Today: Facebook’s news AI, Google’s AMP viewer & Feed Rules for Google Merchant Center

Here’s our recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web. From Marketing Land: Facebook’s humanless sifting of trending news suggests some AI needs supervision Sep 9, 2016 by Barry Levine As AI suits up for self-driving marketing platforms, the Facebook experience may outline some boundaries. Google’s AMP Viewer: the Tinder UX for content? Sep 9, 2016 by Barb Palser Google’s hosted AMP viewer takes the risk — and commitment — out of clicking a mobile search result. Contributor Barb Palser discusses what this will mean for publishers. Tips for when and how to use Feed Rules in Google Merchant Center Sep 9, 2016 by Ginny Marvin With more functionality now available in Feed Rules, here is a look at how some marketers have been using them to improve Google Shopping campaign performance. From Around The Web: How Marketers Can Overcome Data Complexity , Chrome to Add Security Warning to HT

TENAA Listing Reveals that the iPhone 7 Sports a 1960mAh Battery

A pple’s new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have already managed to create ubiquitous controversies due to the absence of a headphone jack. Although, as always, the Cupertino giant didn’t care to reveal core specifications like RAM details, battery capacity and what not. However, the latest TENAA listing confirms that the smaller of the two new iPhones, the iPhone 7 is powered by a 1960 mAh battery. In retrospect, last year’s iPhone 6S featured a 1715 mAh pack. Information for the iPhone 7 Plus is still unknown, though. While the capacity has been upgraded a lot, Apple claims the iPhone 7 can last two hours more on regular usage. Although, we can credit primarily the new A10 Fusion processor for that as its 64-Bit Quad-Core arrangement includes two efficiency components and two for performance. Additionally, the A10 chip is said to be 40 times faster than the dual-core A9 SoC present on the 6S. To know further about the processor, you can take a look at our detailed story . Apple unveiled the

SEO audit: a complete guide to the basics

An SEO audit is standard procedure for any website. In fact, if you are serious about your internet business, you will make sure you do it frequently. Unlike a traditional audit, this one is performed solely for marketing purposes. A properly done SEO audit should give you a better insight into your website, individual pages and overall traffic. It is a great way to improve performance allowing you to rank better in the SERPs . According to , an audit should be performed: At the beginning of a new project At the beginning of a new quarter But, like most other things, you have to take this with a grain of salt. Yes, an SEO audit helps us determine how our website is performing. But, if you are a small website, you do not have to overdo it. Concentrating on stats can be a waste of time especially if there are other things that you have to take care of. But, if you are medium sized website and you noticed drop in traffic, perhaps it’s better to perform a timely audi

Why local search should be part of your ecommerce strategy

As local marketing becomes more important, it’s time to focus on local search strategy in order to beat your competition. David Whatley, Founder & Managing Director of MiShop.local delivered an interesting presentation at BrightonSEO on the difference between global and local marketing and how a physical presence can help local search. Defining local search Local search is simply when people search for  “product” or “service” + “location.” It should include the following elements: Consistent NAP (name, address, phone number) Consistent Categories Rich content (business description, photos, logo, videos, keywords) Customer reviews Links to location specific web-pages Along with a  listing in Google My Business and other local listing sites for an increased effectiveness. Local search is a bridge between the high street and your website and it offers an opportunity for local retailers to to outperform their competitors with a web-only presence and drive more traffic

Comparison: Parallel Space app vs Dual Apps vs Second Space

M IUI 8 comes with two very important features – Dual Apps and Second Space . While the former makes it possible to duplicate apps (and use a different account), the latter lets you have a complete different setup, keep two profiles, but on the same phone. Second space is similar to having multiple profiles available on Android Tablets, but just limited to two. When we covered Second Space in much detail, a lot of you asked us how different it is compared to the Parallel Space App. If you aren’t aware, Parallel Space App allows you to duplicate apps, and that’s about it. They are two different features, and in fact, Dual Apps works on similar lines with Parallel Space App, than Second Space. Parallel Space vs Dual Apps Apart from duplicating the apps, and let user use two different accounts, Parallel Space App includes : Incognito mode: This feature lets you hide any app. So if you need to access that app, you need to first launch the Parallel Space app, and then use it. Pass

Xiaomi Mi 5S Leaked Specifications Point at Snapdragon 821, UFS Storage and 2K Display

X iaomi is already readying the iterative upgrade for its flagship, Mi 5S. There is no word on when Xiaomi will announce the Mi 5S but the rumour mills have done their job and given us a closer look at the specifications. The leak says that Xiaomi Mi 5S will come equipped with a 5.15-inch 2K display with 650 nit brightness which is also expected to support 3D touch . In all likelihood, one might find the Snapdragon 821 clocked at 2.4GHz under the hood accompanied by either 6GB of RAM. On the storage front, the Mi 5S will  offer UFS 2.0 internal storage. As seen lately the Xiaomi Mi 5S will mostly be offered in different variants including, 4GB RAM/64GB Storage and a top of the line variant with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage (The latest leak lists only 6GB variant.). The leaked specifications also outline the camera details including 16-Megapixel primary sensor with 4 axis optical image stabilization, 6P lens, PDAF and also sapphire glass for protection. Furthermore,