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How to Keep Your Smartphone Good as New

Smartphones are right now the most personal devices a person owns. They’re used continuously and you’ll obviously get frustrated if it doesn’t work as you expect or as it did when you first laid your hands on it. They’re also sometimes a sizable investment for you, making you postulate that it will work perfectly as long as you’re using it but the fact is, it doesn’t.Smartphones just like any other electronic, age over time, they lose their charm eventually, but you are still using it all the time every day. So it needs to stay fit as majority of your communication depends on it. So how do you keep it good as new?1. Keeping your Performance at PeakPerformance is the most important aspect if you want to keep your phone good as new, if this is not good enough, everything else is worthless. First things first, get rid of the useless applications as they run in the background and suck all your memory. For instance, you may have more than one browser on your phone, keep only the one that y…

2.3 million people tuned into Twitter’s NFL livestream, less than watched Yahoo’s

Twitter scored 2.3 million total viewers for its first-ever livestream of an NFL game on Thursday night, according to figures provided by the NFL on Friday that counted a view once the broadcast had played 100% in-view for at least three seconds.Like the livestream’s viewing experience, the viewership figure is fine but not outstanding. Of course plenty more people tuned into the TV broadcast — specifically 48.1 million people — but that’s to be expected. Digitally distributed live sports is still in the proverbial first quarter.But Twitter’s free, global livestream of an NFL game last night was outscored by Yahoo’s free, global livestream of an NFL game last year. While 2.3 million people tuned in at some point during Twitter’s broadcast — 2.1 million when not including the pre-game show — 15.2 million tuned in at some point during Yahoo’s.Put another way: roughly as many people tuned into Twitter’s livestream in total as were estimated to have watched Yahoo’s at any given minute. Tw…

How To Launch A Product Review WordPress Site For Making Money

How about you learn to create a new kind of blog on WordPress that helps you to make more money?In the past, I have shared many techniques for you to make money from blogging. Few of the famous one are:Creating a micro-niche site to earn from AdSenseMaking money from content curation siteToday, I will be sharing another method which is popular among marketers to make money from niche website & it’s easy for you or anyone to pickup & make money.Before that, let’s take a moment & think from a buyer’s perspective:What’s the first thing you normally do before purchasing a new product or service?If you’re like 81% of shoppers, you do search & read the review before making a purchase.Think about that – 3 out of every 5 people look for reviews online before buying. That’s a lot of searches where people are primed to buy if they find the information they’re looking for.You can be the one to provide that information by starting your own product review site. Product review sites…

3 More Free Email Capture Tools To Grow Your Subscribers 😀

Getting your audience to subscribe to an email list is a great strategy for driving traffic to your blog.When you convince your readers that your content is helpful to them, you need to sustain their interest by keeping in touch through your emails.This is where having an email subscription option on your blog or website comes in.You can use email capture apps like:Elegant Theme’s Bloom.Optinmonster pluginOr use the built-in email templates of AWeber or GetResponse.However, these services require a paid membership (one time, monthly, or annual).These paid services give you lots of advantages, but not everyone can afford them.This doesn’t mean that you can’t build an email list if you don’t have the budget.Contrary to what you might think, building an email list and promoting your content over email does not need to be expensive.We’ve already reviewed several email tools that you can use for free, including Sendy and MailMunch. But as more services for email marketing are introduced ev…

Marketing Day: Google’s biggest ad updates, Twitter’s NFL livestream & SAP’s CMO

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Forrester: Marketers need to say goodbye to campaigns, hello to AI-driven conversations with customers
Sep 16, 2016 by Barry Levine
New report on emerging tech in next five years also points to personal data lockers, commonplace augmented reality, and much smarter location analytics. Bidding on the competition: Is it really worth it?
Sep 16, 2016 by Jacob Baadsgaard
Bidding on your competitors’ brand terms could yield positive results, but columnist Jacob Baadsgaard warns that it might cause problems in the long run. Learn programmatic advertising from Oracle
Sep 16, 2016 by Digital Marketing Depot
Digital delivery and content is the new currency of advertising. Brands must find a way to connect while measuring returns on more than recall or click-through rate (CTR). Only programmatic platforms can deliver that value. Get the basics of using p…