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How To Master The Art Of Receiving Feedback To Advance Your Career

Art and business are two very similar industries.Art wouldn’t succeed without business, and business wouldn’t succeed without art.The people who succeed in both endeavors all share some very similar traits:Creativity.Courage to try new things.Understanding of humanity.Understanding of cultural relevance.Enough humility to receive and implement feedback.Feedback is crucial for any artistic and/or business endeavor. Without feedback, we are simply projecting our self-identified genius onto the world.But the goal of any business or artistic endeavor is ultimately to serve the people. But if we don’t receive feedback from the people we’re supposed to be serving, we remain ignorant to the pathway that will lead to our success.After understanding the necessary role of feedback, we also need to adjust our attitude to allow feedback to adequately influence our decisions. If we don’t do this, we will think that everything we do is right and that our own personal feedback is all that matters.Bu…