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Content and SEO: Building linkable content

In March, Google Search Quality Senior Strategist Andrey Lipattsev stated that Google’s two top ranking factors are content and links.Content and links have a symbiotic relationship: great content attracts links, and links improve the visibility and popularity of content. However, not all types of content will attract links, and even content types that typically attract links require strategic promotion in order to secure those links.What makes content linkable?There are numerous types of content: blog posts, articles, white papers, eBooks, listicles, videos, photographs, case studies and more.But not all types of content are link-worthy.It makes sense — different content should serve different purposes (awareness, education, conversion and so on). Therefore, if links are a goal in your marketing strategy, you should have content planned to secure links.Creating content alone isn’t enough. You can’t build it and expect the links to come. You need a link strategy.The first step to crea…

How do you deal with local SEO KPIs that don’t pass the smell test?

Today, let’s talk about reporting local SEO results — specifically, reporting them with the tools Google provides.While proving the value of your work has always been a thing, it seems that lately, more and more businesses are looking for ways to justify their local SEO spend. One of the challenges is that most of the time, particularly with multi-location brands, making sense of the internal and external data can be nearly impossible.My thinking about this topic started off with one of our clients expressing recently that while we appeared to be hitting our organic traffic goals, their boss wasn’t seeing it. Most of their conversions happened over the phone, but thanks to [insert favorite corporate complexities here], they couldn’t tie organic traffic back to phone leads.And so, our client’s boss was looking at Google Analytics and Google Search Console data and not really getting the whole story, even when we took pains to tell it in a very simple way. Just showing rank tracking rep…

Twitter officially opens up Moments to everyone

Today Twitter is officially opening up Moments so that anyone can curate their own topic-based feed of tweets.A combination of social content curation service Storify, Facebook’s Canvas and Snapchat’s Live Stories, Moments could be poised to become the social network’s unique spin on Snapchat’s and Instagram’s Stories, if enough people use it. But I already wrote about that potential last month when Twitter announced that the product originally introduced last year would be rolled out to everyone.For everyone who wants to make a Moment – starting today you can! Creators everywhere can now tell stories with Tweets.— Twitter (@twitter) September 28, 2016

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WhatsApp Repudiates Indian court’s ruling, Will be Sharing Data with Facebook as Planned

Ever since WhatsApp’s bold terms update, the messaging app has been facing lawsuits and rebuffs from users. A similar case was pleaded in India by two students last week which led Delhi’s High Court directing the Facebook-owned company to alter its policies and delete the data of users who chose to opt out before September 25. However, the messaging giant seems to be ignoring these objections and has stated Mashable India that it will continue sharing information with Facebook as planned.WhatsApp, further added, that orders from the High court have not impacted their updated privacy policies whatsoever which came into effect past Sunday. WhatsApp spokesperson Anne Yeh stated that “The ruling has no impact on the planned policy and terms of service updates”. WhatsApp might argue that given their American roots, they’re not necessarily obliged to act under India’s legislation, as described by Amlan Mohanty, a lawyer, and internet activist. Although, they have an active user base of over…

ShoutMeloud Won Best Blog Award 2016: Drivers of Digital Awards

Howdy Shouter,This is a quick post to share the good news with you.ShoutMeLoud won the best blog award hosted by InkSpell Solution. The Gala night took place at Park hotel in New Delhi on 28th September.Here are few images from the Drivers of Digital Awards 2016 – India Chapter:Left: Harsh Agrawal Right: Sharat Nikhil Thanks for all the ❤️ & making ShoutMeLoud a popular blog. We hope to keep growing like this :)Subscribe on Youtube ShoutMeloud Won Best Blog Award 2016: Drivers of Digital Awards is a post from ShoutMeLoud - Shouters Who Inspires

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Oracle updates its Marketing Cloud

Oracle is beefing up its Marketing Cloud, with announcements of an updated interface for coordinating multi-channel campaigns and a new testing tool for mobile apps.This week, the tech giant said its Program Canvas in the consumer-focused Responsys was being updated with a new name of Orchestration Canvas, a new look, and the addition of web and mobile web.Originally released in 2009, the Canvas offers the ability to sequence a customer journey for a targeted segment of users, using paths that adapt to events and user behaviors. Previous channels handled through the Canvas included email, mobile SMS, MMS, display ads, e-commerce, in-app messaging, and push notifications.While web and mobile web channels could be orchestrated before on the platform as part of a multi-channel journey, Oracle says this is the easiest way yet. In the Orchestration Layer, marketers drag-and-drop channels and triggers to assemble a customer path for a given type of customer, such as setting up a follow-up e…

Google launches free version of Optimize 360, introduces Session Quality Score metric & more

Google made several announcements around analytics at SMX East in New York City on Wednesday.In a keynote discussion and blog postBabak Pahlavan, senior director of product management for analytics solutions and measurement at Google, explained a number of new features and product tests available for both the free and paid versions of Google’s analytics suite.Here’s a look at what’s coming.Free version of Optimize 360Google introduced a set of measurement products with the Analytics 360 Suite in March. Shortly thereafter the company released a beta version of its new reporting solution, Data Studio. Now comes the free version, also in beta, of Optimize 360. Google Optimize is a landing page testing and optimization tool that integrates directly with Google Analytics. Users can request an invite to the beta starting today.Report templates in Data StudioGoogle rolled out a free version of Data Studio 360 in beta shortly after the release of Google Analytics 360 Suite. New report templ…

13 time-saving Excel shortcuts & tips for marketers

Back in 2013 John Gagnon wrote a very popular post detailing some of his favourite Excel tips and tricks.We thought we’d update the list of classic shortcuts with a few that reflect some new functionality in Excel 2016.New Excel tips for 2016:1. Navigate ‘The Ribbon’ with ALTIn Excel 2016 the ribbon refers to the menu of tabs (File, Home, etc.) at the top of your workbook. Simply hitting ALT will quickly highlight the related keys then used to jump to certain ribbon tabs.For instance, ALT followed by M will take you to the ‘Formulas’ tab.You can easily move between tabs by pressing ALT and using the left and right arrow keys, while CTRL + F1 toggles between hiding and showing the ribbon altogether.2. Tell me what you want to doExcel 2016 comes with a new helpful feature located in the ribbon, the ‘Tell me what you want to do’ search box.Click the box, or if you are using Excel without a mouse hit ALT + Q to jump right to it. Whether it’s adding rows or using VLOOKUP, the box is very u…

Developer marketing and the myth of the Rosetta Stone

It’s easy to caricature the relationship between marketers and developers as something like, “marketers are from Mars, developers are from Venus,” where they even don’t speak the same language. Or the (non-)relationship is painted as being downright antagonistic, with oblivious marketers trying to crowd their unwanted messages into the attention space of contemptuous devs.How often have you been told, “Developers hate marketing?” More than once, I’ll bet.So it’s not surprising that marketing to developers can feel like you’re trying to navigate a dangerous mountain path, where the signs that can lead to safety — or danger — are written in inscrutable hieroglyphs. If I only knew their language,” you might think, adjusting your pith helmet. Like there was a Rosetta Stone of some kind that would let you translate your pitch into DevSpeak.But seriously, it’s time to get over this mythology. We’re in the age of the Cloud, when all kinds of businesses, not just traditional technology vendo…

How to scale organic local marketing

Scaling local seems oxymoronic, which is why advertising platforms — digital and analog — rule in the local space. If you Google the term “local marketing agency,” you’ll see results for SEM and ad campaigns, plus nods to local SEO (which often begins with scaled citation tools, like Yext). The agencies that do focus on content development are generally targeted toward local small and medium-sized businesses.Local businesses are the fresh French bread and homegrown raspberry jam of what makes each community unique. But enterprise businesses also have the power to affect communities — whether they’re online “sharing economy” platforms or chain stores.So this article will focus on how enterprise businesses can scale local marketing without ads. My previous posts on local sponsorships, events and journalism covered snapshots. The big picture is an entire campaign created to scale local marketing efforts for one brand, across multiple market segments.Who’s already scaling local?AirbnbThro…

Twitter now lets brands advertise only to potential site visitors likely to become customers

If you’re an advertiser who wants to run ads on Twitter to get people to do something specific on your site — like buy a product or schedule a test drive – but don’t want to pay for people that visit your site but leave without doing anything, now you can.Twitter has opted to let advertisers decide whether they want their ads to simply get people to visit their sites or to specifically visit their sites and perform a certain action. Put another way, Twitter is separating its two-year-old Website Clicks or Conversions ad objective into two separate objectives: Website Clicks and Website Conversions.For brands that are only in the market for site visitors, nothing has changed other than the name of the objective you select when setting up your ad campaign. For brands in the market for people to perform specific actions on your sites, Twitter is improving its ability to find those people and show them your ads.First an advertiser has to place Twitter’s website tag on its site that’s used…

MarTech Today: Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, Google AMP bug & newest Google My Business API

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Salesforce launches its Commerce Cloud
Sep 27, 2016 by Barry Levine
The newest cloud, based on the recent Demandware acquisition, positions the tech giant for handling transactions in physical stores as well as online.
Google iOS search app adds Touch ID for reentering your private searches
Sep 27, 2016 by Barry Schwartz
Google’s iOS search app can unlock your incognito mode private searches using Touch ID.
Google AMP breaks the desktop search results
Sep 27, 2016 by Barry Schwartz
Looks like a bug with Google’s desktop search results were caused by accelerated mobile pages showing up in the desktop results.
Google News ‘Lite’ mode app launches for slower internet connections
Sep 27, 2016 by Barry Schwartz
A new ‘lite’ mode is available in India for the Google News Android app. It uses one-third of the data of the full mode.
Google My Business …

Five surprising benefits of high CTR across all marketing channels

Obviously, CTR is important in PPC marketing. A higher CTR means a higher Quality Score, which reduces your CPC and improves your ad rank.But it goes much further than that.A remarkable CTR is not only the most important thing in AdWords, but it is also extremely important for other marketing channels. These include organic search, CRO, social media, and email marketing.Here are five surprising benefits of having a remarkable, unicorn-worthy CTR across all your marketing channels.1. Much higher ad impression shareYou get big discounts from having a high CTR. Namely, a lower cost per click, which really adds up as clicks accumulate.This is true not just of vanilla search ads, but all Google properties, whether we’re talking about theGoogle Display Network or Gmail Ads.But a remarkable CTR doesn’t just impact CPC. It also impacts your impression share – how often your ads show up in the first place.On the Google Search Network, every increase (or decrease) of 1 point in Quality Score ca…

BlackBerry Ends In-House Hardware Development, Expected to Refocus on its Software Business

In a bid to streamline its operations the troubled smartphone maker Blackberry has decided to outsource the hardware development to its partners and realign its focus on software and services. This move comes at a time when companies like Google are gearing towards a greater control over their hardware which might include manufacturing the same by themselves.Things don’t seem to be improving anytime soon for Blackberry which announced its Q2 Fiscal 2016 today which  revealing that Blackberry made $100 Million less than last year at $352 million. CEO John Chen had been quoted many times saying that they would eventually exit the hardware business considering that it’s no more profitable.John Chen was quoted in a press release as follows, “Our new Mobility Solutions strategy is showing signs of momentum, including our first major device software licensing agreement with a telecom joint venture in Indonesia,” and further added that “Under this strategy, we are focusing on software develo…

Penguin 4.0: what does it mean for SEO practitioners?

As you’re no doubt aware, Google finally rolled out its Google 4.0 algorithm update at the end of last week.Penguin is now part of Google’s core algorithm, penalising websites that use various black-hat link schemes to manipulate search rankings.Other important changes include:Penguin data is refreshed in real time, so any changes will be made as soon as the affected page has been recrawled and reindexed.Penguin now devalues spam by adjusting ranking of the offending page, rather than affecting the whole site.So how do these changes affect actual SEO practitioners? I asked a panel of experts and SEW contributors their views on Penguin 4.0, including:Gerald Murphy, Client Service Manager at EMEA at BrightEdgeKevin Gibbons, Managing Director at Blue GlassNikolay Stoyanov, freelance SEO consultant at niksto.comDo you think the new version of Penguin is fairer? Do you think it’s an adequate deterrent when it comes to spammy link-building?Kevin Gibbons: Yes, being realtime helps to set exp…