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How to Show Twitter Share Count Even After It’s officially Gone

Showing social share count is essential as it helps to add social proof to your web page. Of course, there are exceptional when you have relatively no share & you don’t want to show your share count as zero. I assume you are already following few if not all the tricks mentioned here to get more social media share for your content & you are no more into the Zero count zone.If you are using any social media sharing plugin or even the original twitter share button code, you must have been noticing that it doesn’t show share count. It’s sad that Twitter officially removed the social media counter for the Twitter button as it used to serve a great purpose of social proof for many of us.Anyhow, the thing is even though Twitter officially depreciated the social share counter for Twitter buttons, there is still a way to show the share count for the Twitter button on your website. This solution that I’m sharing to show share count works for WordPress, BlogSpot & almost every other …

Save 30% on HostGator Hosting: October 2016 Discount Code

Planning to buy a hosting for your WordPress blog or a website? Here is an exclusive discount coupon to save extra money on your Hosting bill.Shopping for best web-hosting is always a tough job and to make it easier for you, I have suggested some of the best hosting for your blog here.Hostgator is one of those hosting companies, which is there for long, and loved by millions of webmasters. It offers affordable shared hosting, and the unlimited resources help every entry level & mid-level blogger to get perfect hosting for their WordPress blog.One thing which in particular I like about Hostgator is their excellent server quality. They also offer multiple ways to connect with support. Apart from support ticket & chat, you can always get in touch with them via phone. I prefer contacting them via Telephonic support, as it makes it faster to get hold of them. Moreover, when it comes to handling the load of a WordPress blog, Hostgator does the job pretty well.Even in our Webhosting …

DreamHost Hosting Promo Code: $50 Discount October 2016

Dreamhost was started in 1997 and then very first time I used Dreamhost hosting in 2008. Dreamhost is one of those hosting companies that are known for their good work and adding value to the whole industry.Today I will be sharing Dreamhost promo code that will help you to get a discount tot $50 and one free domain.In short you will be paying only $69 for one year of unlimited web hosting and one free domain. Technically a domain itself cost $12, so here you will be paying only $10 for one year of hosting.I have also updated Dreamhost WordPress installation guide, to match with their new dashboard and WordPress installation process.Dreamhost Promo Code and Tips for this discount:Dreamhost is one of Premium Hosting for WordPress, and many other supported platforms like Drupal, Joomla and they offer various plans which includes shared hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting.Though I’m not a huge fan of their dedicated hosting, as I find it costly but for any new WordPress site, their shared …