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Showing posts from October 9, 2016

20 Smart Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube in 2016

Video content is leading the content marketing at the time of writing; and after YouTube, Facebook and Twitter are targeting video marketers by giving them the best platform for hosting videos.YouTube is currently the leading platform for Video-blogging and marketing, and being a free and platform by Google, it is loved by me and by many others including you.If you happened to be one of those who has a YouTube channel, I’m sure you must be wondering how you can get more YouTube subscribers to your channel and increase the reach of your YouTube videos.With over a billion unique visitors per month to YouTube, there is a lot of audience for every kind of uploaded video. Be a mimic artist, the fashionista, the tech advisor or a prankster, YouTube has aided for the discovery and growth of people from all walks of life.If you know something, YouTube is a great place to strut your expertise as there many people who are willing to learn a thing or two on the network. With a whole new lot of Y…

Reliance Jio Claims Over 16 Million Users Under Welcome Offer

Reliance Jio has managed to shake up the Indian telecom industry with its 4G services offering everyone free access for months. However, until now, it was uncertain how massive their reach has gotten in the brief period since Mukesh Ambani unveiled the welcome offer. Today, the company, in a press release, has finally revealed that they’ve crossed a whopping figure of 16 Million subscribers in merely a month crowning it as the first telecom operator in the world to do so.Adding further on the event, Mr. Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Industries Limited, said, “We are delighted and humbled by the overwhelming response across India to the Jio Welcome Offer. Jio is built to empower every Indian with the power of data. We are delighted that people have recognized this and are utilizing our services to the fullest. We are customer-obsessed and committed to improve every day to exceed expectations of our customers.”Reliance Jio has been offering complimentary access to its 4G network …

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Donald Trump: Train Wreck of a Campaign

Apologies up front for bringing politics here, but over the past 24 hours or so, my Twitter timeline is filled with Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and Donald Trump, both for all the bad reasons. Donald Trump is caught (yet again) for his misogynist talks and crude sex talk, while yet another “replaced” Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has caught fire in the US. And I’ve no clue why either of them are still persisting with their campaigns.I’m no expert in Political commentary, and I wouldn’t like to get my hands dirty either, at least not for someone like Donald Trump, so I’d just point towards Hugh Hewitt and million others who are asking Trump to withdraw from the Presidential race.But what I do want to talk about is why Samsung should simply call it quits with the Galaxy Note 7. Some of you would quickly point fingers at our earlier opinion on how the Galaxy Note 7 recallmight not be as bad a move for Samsung. In the hindsight, we got it wrong. When we wrote the story during September first week, there…