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Best practices for personalizing content at the local level

Searchers now use a wide range of devices to shop for nearby products and services, yet it’s a challenge for brands to find consumers online in the “near me” moments that matter.Join our panel of experts, as they provide best practices and insights into how brands can connect with local consumers through more personalized, meaningful website content.Register now for “Personalized Local Content: Frightful or Insightful?,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Rio SEO.

via Marketing Land

Cyanogen Appoints a new CEO, Lior Tal; Announces Cyanogen Modular OS Program

Cyanogen, the company behind one of the most customizable and flexible Android-based operating systems is restructuring and overhauling its services. To start off, they have a new CEO – Lior Tal replacing Kirt McMaster who is now appointed as the Executive Chairman of the Board. Another big thing they’ve announced is an entirely new Cyanogen Modular OS program and an unfortunate adieu to the CyanogenMod open source project.Cyanogen Modular OS is a step towards an “open and smarter Android” allowing third-party OEMs to embed Cyanogen’s services into their custom Android operating systems. Company’s blog post further mentions that a modular project will eliminate the limitations of requiring the full Cyanogen OS stack and individual device bring-ups allowing Cyanogen to spread out to more handsets without the need for implementing the entire OS. This, essentially means that smartphone manufacturers will be able to specifically pick out Cyanogen’s dynamic modules and MODs for adding in t…

The ins, outs and industry effects of Apple’s Limit Ad Tracking changes

Apple’s iOS 10 update was a huge shot across the bow in the mobile advertising world. Apple rolled out search ads in the iOS App Store to all US users, but another updated feature has put search ads in perspective as part of a bigger plan and has simultaneously sent ripples through the rest of the industry.What are we talking about? “Limit Ad Tracking,” or “LAT” for short. These are three little words that may strike fear into the hearts of every display advertiser and mobile growth marketer, from newbies to the most experienced pros.Apple’s update to LAT makes the app behavior of high-value users much, much harder to track. This move adversely affects both platforms (networks, Google, Facebook) and advertisers (brands and agencies) while setting Apple up to make a major move over the coming months while its rivals scuttle for tracking solutions.What is LAT, and how does it work?LAT is designed to give Apple users privacy — or at least the idea of privacy. For those users who enable i…

A Silent Walkthrough Towards Becoming An Effective Instructor Online

"A burning candle burns itself to give light to others". This quote has been spoken many times. But did you ever think about it deeply?Another thing to ponder:Who is an instructor or teacher? The reality is we never think about these things. We give importance only to those things which we experience.The instructor is the person who shares their knowledge on the basis of their experience.As we are in the blogging industry, we share our experiences through the internet. So the only visible and audible communication methods are our blog articles. Easy to understand articles last a long time and attract more visitors. So, in this article, we will discuss how to become an effective instructor online.Steps To Become An Effective Online Instructor In A Simple Way:In the following graphic, all the qualities of an effective instructor are listed:1. Make Readers Ready To LearnYour readers are your students. They need to be taught, but before that, they need to become ready to take in…

IAB’s first report on VR/AR surveys the terrain for marketers

A mid-air pickup of Dunkin Donuts coffee in a 360-degree video. From the IAB report. As reality becomes virtual, augmented, and spherical, marketers are eager to get involved.To help set the stage, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is out with its first report on the subject, “Is Virtual the New Reality?: A Market Snapshot of VR Publishing and Monetization.”The report samples how publishers and advertisers are creating virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 360-degree spherical video. It looks at opportunities and pitfalls, offers some initial ways for measuring ad success, and provides several case studies.Some aficionados question whether 360-degree spherical video can actually claim to be virtual reality (VR) since it is a recorded experience, as opposed to “true” VR’s live, generated-on-the-fly worlds.Anna Bager, IAB’s SVP and General Manager for Mobile and Video, agreed that 360-degree video is somewhat apart from VR, but pointed out that it is similarly an immer…

Google’s biggest ever product announcement: what are the implications for search?

Google has been prepping a slew of new products for the limelight and after slowly and (probably) intentionally leaking those over time, it made the official announcement on October 4th.New products include a pair of Pixel smartphones, Google Home smart speaker, Daydream VR set, Google Wi-Fi router, and a higher-definition Chromecast streaming dongle.Something to note right off the bat is that the products themselves don’t offer new functionality for the consumer. In fact, they overtly mirror the utility offered by comparable products in the market, most notably Apple’s gold standard iPhone and Amazon’s wildly popular Echo platform.So what’s the motivation?Extend the search experience to new channelsGoogle’s first (literally) cardboard VR experience was available for just $15. Now Google is upping the ante with a still very affordable $79 Daydream View headset custom tailored to Pixel devices.Turnkey advertising solutions won’t exist here out of the gate, so brand opportunities will r…

Activate your audience with a ‘measurement framework’

For most retailers, simply collecting data on your sites, apps and customers isn’t the challenge. On the contrary, it’s more likely that you’re awash in data and struggling to consistently derive value from it.The challenge of actually activating your data for a competitive advantage is often thought of as a technical problem: If only we had these tools or these features, the thinking goes, then we’d be able to use data as a true asset.Not so fast. The struggle to derive value from data isn’t primarily a technical challenge. Instead, it’s a strategic challenge.Of course, it’s important to have the right tools available for your team. But even with all best-in-breed tools money can buy, a strategic, objectives-driven approach to analytics — what I call a “measurement framework” — is a prerequisite to creating value using your organization’s data.Indeed, all the work we do in analytics, whether on the technical side or the number-crunching side, should be driven by a robust, documented …

A guide to testing your paid social ads to enhance ROI

While display and paid search ads have their place in every digital marketing strategy, social media advertising is often an overlooked paid channel.Paid search is great at capturing user intent, but is a poor channel for proactive targeting customers, feeding the top of the funnelbefore the user has the purchasing intent. With click through rates from Facebook ads more than eight times better than paid search, there is definitely an opportunity to move some of your advertising spend onto social but it is important to utilise ad testing in order to maximise your ROI.This post is split into three sections; the theory behind advert testing; the specific elements which can be tested along with which ones deliver the greatest benefit and; a useful list of actionable insights we’ve developed from personal experience.We’ll focus mainly on Facebook as it is the by far the biggest platform, and it provides the most elements which can be tested.What is a paid social test?Split testing is the m…

[PODCAST] Marketing Land Live #30: A conversation with Google’s Gary Illyes (part 1)

After a nearly two-year wait, Google finally rolled out an update to its Penguin algorithm on September 23. In doing so, the company also said that this would be the last Penguin update because it’s now running in real-time as part of Google’s regular core search ranking algorithm — big news for SEOs and webmasters everywhere.If you’re reading that first paragraph and not really sure what Penguin is and why it matters to you, don’t worry. In our latest Marketing Land Live podcast, we visit with Google’s Gary Illyes to talk about what Penguin is and how this latest change will impact marketers, SEOs specifically, and Google’s search results generally. We also talk about voice search and what Google sees as the value of being the source of its answers when searchers speak questions, and the latest on keyword data in Google Analytics and Google Search Console.This is part one of a two-part podcast conversation and this week’s episode runs almost 35 minutes long. You can listen below, and…

MarTech Today: Eye-tracking study on viewability, Optimove’s intelligent agent & Facebook’s new Events app

Here’s our recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Eye-tracking study: Web ads need to be viewable for at least 14 seconds to matter
Oct 6, 2016 by Barry Levine
New data shows that the current standard of ‘viewability’ — half the ad on-screen for a second — is far too low to have much value for advertisers.Optimove adds an intelligent agent for self-optimizing marketing campaigns
Oct 7, 2016 by Barry Levine
Called Optibot, the new feature makes recommendations, offers insights, and conducts self-optimizing tests across micro-segments.Facebook’s new Events app could be a Trojan Horse rival to Google Calendar
Oct 7, 2016 by Tim Peterson
Facebook’s Events app offers an in-app calendar that can sync schedules from other calendars, like Apple’s iCal, Microsoft’s Exchange and Google Calendar.Marketing automation tools compared: GetResponse, Marketo and HubSpot
Oct 7, 2016 by Tamar Weinberg
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Google Chrome Browser is Expected to be Less of a Resource Hog With Upcoming Updates

Google Chrome browser is known to be resource hogging and this is one aspect of the browser that has proven to be Achilles heels over the time. Google has been making tall claims of future updates to make the Chrome browser frugal but sadly not much has been materialized in the recent past. Now, with the web pages loaded with several intuitive features it only becomes natural for the browser to be burdened with the task of taking care of additional resources, thus the memory management is of prime importance here.Google’s Chromium team is currently working on improving the browser and is expected to consume half the RAM as opposed to now. This is possible all thanks to a new JavaScript engine in the Chrome 54. According to Google sites including Reddit, Twitter, The New York Times and YouTube were using 50 percent less RAM which is a feat indeed. Also, you will be able to see how Chrome browser will be able to handle a high number of open tabs with relative ease without giving up. The…

Hasselblad True Zoom Review: Lord of the Mods!

We have been hearing of mods for mobile phones for a while, right from the days of Modu (2007–11). But while the idea of adding functionality and features to a device by adding a small hardware component to it sounds good in concept, it has always been tricky to implement. While companies have been able to work out how to attach objects as diverse as camera lenses, speakers and projectors to phones, the process of attaching them often has resulted in detracting heavily from the spontaneity of use that makes mobile phones so special. Be it Sony’s Lens-Style Cameras that needed to be attached via clips, charged separately and connected over Wi-Fi or LG’s recent G5, which necessitated restarting the device and fiddling with the battery, mobile phone mods have tended to be a pain to use, their eccentricity often outweighing their utility.The Hasselblad True Zoom changes that trend. Thoroughly.One of the Moto Mods available for the Moto Z series of devices, the True Zoom looks like a prope…