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LiveRamp extends its multi-channel identity resolution service to its clients

Data onboarding service LiveRamp is launching its biggest service expansion yet, making its identity resolution service available to client companies.Owned by marketing data provider Acxiom, Liveramp is launching IdentityLink so that the service — which links data across channels to generate individual customer profiles — can now be used by clients for their own cross-channel advertising and marketing.Previously, chief product officer Anneka Gupta told me, LiveRamp’s clients would assemble first-party profiles of its customers from its own data, and sometimes overlay them with second- and third-party data.That collection of data would then be given to LiveRamp to create more robust single-identity profiles that link data between offline and online sources around key identifiers like email address, name/street address, or phone number.This identity-linking capability is now available to client companies for their own profiles, for any channel and using any offline or online data.The re…

Twitter’s Periscope wants to air more TV-style broadcasts

There are two types of live video online: the kind people shoot with their smartphones and the kind that professionals produce with expensive equipment, multiple camera angles and fancy graphics. Twitter’s Periscope has been home to the former, but now it wants to make room for the latter.On Thursday Periscope announced Periscope Producer, a program to let certain broadcasters air more TV-style livestreams. ABC’s “Dancing With the Stars,” a local CBS new station in Florida, Fusion, Louis Vuitton, The Ringer and Walt Disney Studios are among the first companies to use Periscope Producer to pipe in professional broadcasts to Periscope and Twitter.LIVE on #Periscope: Watch our on-air broadcast of #HurricaneMatthew live here on @Periscopetv and @Twitter— WPEC CBS12 News (@CBS12) October 7, 2016It’s more or less the same thing Facebook did in April, which had led to local TV news stations, for example, syndicating their TV broadcasts through Facebook Live. Now they c…

Pinterest’s monthly user base hits 150 million people, up 50% from last year

I AM NIKOM / Pinterest isn’t done growing, but it still has a ways to go.On Thursday the social network slash search engine announced that 150 million people use its platform every month — including 70 million in the U.S. — up last year’s 100 million mark.The 50% monthly user base increase is a good sign for Pinterest as it tries to attract more and varied advertisers beyond the “tens of thousands of advertisers” it claims to already have. But it’s also a sign of how wide the gap has become between Pinterest and other platforms vying for those budgets.More than seven times as many people check Facebook in a single day as visit Pinterest in a month. Instagram’s daily audience is twice the size of Pinterest’s monthly audience. Snapchat’s daily audience is as large as Pinterest’s monthly audience. And even Twitter’s monthly audience is double the size of Pinterest’s.But still, 150 million is a lot of people to advertise to. And the make-up of that audience appears to be c…

Google unveils new look for AdSense interface

Google is going to be rolling a new look for AdSense over the next few weeks.AdSense is one of many business-facing products getting the Material Design treatment that Google has long used in its consumer-facing products like Maps.The home page features a dashboard of cards that can be moved around.Users will initially have the option to opt-in to the new UI.

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Social CMO to social CMI: the insight-driven evolution in the enterprise

Earlier this year, we discussed the importance of leveraging social data to impact your organization’s marketing efforts. We focused on the importance of having a data-driven chief marketing officer (CMO) gathering data from social platforms, extracting actionable insights from them and proving to other C-levels how useful social data can be. And we alluded to what I believe will be the next step in social’s evolution in the enterprise: blending social data with other business and third-party data — cross-pollinating for hybrid vigor, or richer data, if you will.With just under 80 days until the New Year, it seems early to make predictions, but we’re hedging our bets on a new power position within the enterprise that will drive home that last point: the social consumer market insights professional.Forming social consumer insights teamsIt’s still absolutely vital to use social data for marketing efforts: to track campaigns, check in on brand health and uncover new audiences, to name a …

Tracking the confusing reality of the cross-social experience

I found out about comedian Mike Birbiglia’s movie, “Don’t Think Twice,” on Twitter. Someone else had tweeted about how Questlove, the drummer for The Roots, had posted a great review of the movie on his Instagram account, so I clicked the tweet to the Instagram post.I didn’t see a trailer for the movie or visit the website before seeing the film. I went right from social media to the offline product itself.This kind of cross-social experience is becoming increasingly common. About three-quarters (74 percent) of consumers rely on social media to make a buying decision.People tweet questions about products and ask for recommendations on Facebook. They visit Google Reviews, Amazon and Yelp. They look at Metacritic and Rotten Tomatoes. They’ll find an interesting, new product on Imgur or Reddit.The cross-social journey is the natural user experience as people travel between ecosystems. So where do marketers even fit in when so many customers are discovering and researching products beyond…

Facebook will rank Audience Network publishers’ ad slots, price them accordingly

If the Facebook News Feed is beachfront property for advertisers, its ad network of third-party publishers’ sites and apps, Audience Network, is akin to a less desirable neighborhood on the other side of town. Now Facebook is looking to gentrify it.To make its off-Facebook ads closer to being worth the money brands are willing to pay for clicks on their on-Facebook ads, Facebook will start scoring the specific ad slots on publishers’ sites and mobile apps based on how likely they are to get people to not only click on ad but follow through with whatever action the advertiser wanted them to perform after clicking. And then it will use those scores to determine how much money an advertiser should pay for a given placement.As a result of the ad placement scoring system, publishers in Facebook’s Audience Network shouldn’t be surprised if their ad rates begin to fluctuate as Facebook rolls out the scoring system in phases over the next two months (here’s what publishers can do to prepare f…

10 tips for retailers’ Q4 social advertising

Social advertising in Q4 is expensive. Higher intent to purchase among holiday shoppers means that CPMs and CPCs (costs per thousand and costs per click) skyrocket because advertisers are all vying for those valuable consumer impressions. In social, you will feel these effects even if you’re not a holiday-based business, because good consumers will fall into audience targeting pools for all types of products and services.Knowing how to navigate the waters can mean the difference between a highly successful quarter and one that leaves you feeling that you’ve wasted spend. The key is advance planning and knowing where and when it makes sense for your brand to advertise October through December. With 40 percent of consumers reporting they will start holiday shopping before Halloween, the time to plan is right now.With that in mind, here are 10 tips for executing a successful paid social strategy in Q4.Tip #1: Q4 is the best time for optimizing your conversion flowIf you’re in retail or e…

[Podcast] Marketing Land Live #31: A Conversation with Google’s Gary Illyes (Part 2)

The ever-changing SEO field is the topic of our current podcast conversation series with Google’s Gary Illyes. If you tuned in last week for episode 30 of Marketing Land Live, you heard us do a deep dive on the recent Penguin algorithm update and more.This week, in episode 31, we talk about Google’s recent warning against directory links, RankBrain and Google’s use of machine learning, structured data and more. We ask Illyes for his favorite ranking signals and — most importantly — for a preview of things Google will be focusing on in the future.This is part two of a two-part conversation and this episode runs about 40 minutes long. You can listen below, and be sure to scroll down for this week’s Show Notes, with links to the stories we talked about.We invite you to subscribe via iTunes or Google Play Podcasts. Show NotesGary Illyes (@methode on Twitter)FAQ: All about the Google RankBrain algorithmAMP is one year old and growing fast. Will it ultimately trump responsive design?AMP — Ac…

MarTech Today: AMP status, Facebook’s ad diversions & more

Here’s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:After 4 months & 125M+ pages indexed, where are we with AMP?
Oct 12, 2016 by Kristi Kellogg
Contributor Kristi Kellogg recaps a session from SMX East 2016 in which Google, Condé Nast and Vox Media share successes and challenges with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).
How Facebook is dealing with ads overcrowding the News Feed, explained in 42 seconds
Oct 12, 2016 by Tim Peterson
As the ratio of ads to posts in people’s news feeds maxes out, Facebook is diverting those ads to more places, like Instagram, its ad network and Groups.Rethinking today’s attribution problem in digital marketing
Oct 12, 2016 by Christi Olson
Proper attribution modeling is one of the biggest challenges facing marketers today. Columnist Christi Olson discusses the common gaps in attribution and some ideas for thinking more holistically about your digital marketing ca…

The new wave of visual search: what it can do, and what might be possible

Visual search on the web has been around for some time.In 2008, TinEye became the first image search engine to use image identification technology, and in 2010, the Google Goggles app allowed users to search the physical world with their phone cameras.But in the last couple of years, visual search has come into new prominence, with companies like Pinterest and Bing developing into serious contenders in the visual search space, and search engines like Splash conceptualising new ways to search the web visually.We now have an impressive range of visual search methods available to us: we can search with images, with part of an image, with our cameras, with paint on a digital canvas. And combined with applications in ecommerce, and recent advances in augmented reality, visual search is a powerful tool with huge potential.So what can it do currently, and where might it develop in the future?Then and now: The evolution of visual searchAlthough the technology behind image search has come on i…

How to Enable Google Assistant on Android Nougat

At a time when Galaxy Note 7’s are catching fire more often than fireworks and the iPhone 7 is slightly crippled by the iOS 10, Google aims at making an impact with its Pixel phones. The old has to make way for the new and this is what Google has exactly done, squashed the Nexus line up for the Pixel. The device has been garnering good response from the users and the pre-order has already started in most of the countries. The prima facia was further disturbed by the fact that Google Pixel has been priced similarly to the iPhone. Unlike the iPhone that touts iOS 1o , Pixel runs on Android Nougat which will also power a slew of other devices so the primary differentiator here is the Google Assistant.We did get to taste the Google Assistant in Allo app but what Google has done with the Assistant in the Pixel phone is truly impressive and as expected this feature has remained exclusive to the Pixel until now. The good folks at XDA have unveiled a new script that will bring the Google Assi…

How Amazon Launchpad is Helping Startup To Sell their Physical Products

Amazon has understood that startups are more impactful than ever and have decided to cater to them. They’ve now just created Amazon Launchpad which is a platform for startups to showcase & sell their products.This is an extremely healthy move for startups because of the reach and distribution that their products will now have. But any of these companies can sell their products without Amazon Launchpad, so what makes Launchpad special for startups?A dedicated section for startup products Amazon Launchpad gives new product companies a separate platform and doesn’t just include them as 1 among millions of other products. There is a new category called Amazon Launchpad that is added among other categories. This brings attention to a startup’s products. This can be very impactful for a new company because of the amount of people that will come to know about their product in this way. A brand can be built because of Amazon Launchpad.As Amazon gives first priority to startups, companies c…

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP): one year on – stats and infographic

We’ve written an awful lot about Google’s open source accelerated mobile pages project (better know as Google AMP) over that last 12 months.AMPs implications are far reaching, for marketers, for publishers  (big and small) and for ecommerce.Implementing faster mobile web pages mainly benefits users, who are increasingly frustrated with slow loading times. The latest Google research shows that 53% of people will leave a site that fails to load in three seconds or less.But AMP will soon be a key battleground in search, as AMP listings are now spreading throughout organic mobile results. Publishers and organisations may find the need for AMP implementation will reach the tipping point early in 2017. And although AMP may not be a ranking factor yet, time will tell.In order to celebrate AMP’s one year anniversary, David Besbris, VP Google Search, AMP Project Lead at Google has revealed a plethora of stats to convince you of AMP’s success, as well as an infographic republished at the bottom…

Seven ways marketers can use Twitter Moments

Twitter has opened Moments to all users and is therefore taking curation to the next level. What does this mean for brands?Twitter Moments used to be a curation of the best tweets of the day; an overview of the news and the important tweets you need to check out. It may not have reached the level of adoption Twitter was hoping for, but it was still an interesting perspective on how we can consume information without leaving the platform.Now Twitter Moments is gradually expanding to all users so they can facilitate storytelling through a series of tweets. This could be Twitter’s response to Snapchat (and Instagram) Stories, but luckily it’s not directly imitating these two.Going beyond users, this is also a useful feature for brands and publishers, making content creation and curation easier and more appealing.If you’re wondering how you can use Twitter Moments, here are some suggestions:CurationTwitter can be very useful for content curation and Twitter Moments can help you organise y…

OnePlus Launches its Exclusive Online Store in India

OnePlus One disrupted the industry by packing in class leading flagship specs in a device that cost almost half of the as opposed to the flagship lineup during the time. Apart from that OnePlus was also notoriously famous for its invite only system which is now a thing of the past. OnePlus has always been an online exclusive and for the first time the company has announced its exclusive e-commerce website in India, Oneplusstore.Until now OnePlus was mostly relying on for its online sales and with the launch of Oneplusstore it is all set to change. In order to get the potential customers onboard, OnePlus will start offering exclusive merchandise and limited-time offers for its early supporters. It is most likely that the OnePlus fans will have a silver lining in terms of offers and discounts. OnePlus owners need to register themselves on the site by furnishing the IMEI details of their smartphones and start shopping.Vikas Agarwal, General Manager-India, OnePlus stated that “W…

Google’s Sprayscape app is a Quirky Mishmash of VR and Pictures

Google has been trying to bring the VR to the masses with its Day Dream project and in the meanwhile, a group of talented developers who associate themselves with the Android Experiments has come up with a great new app called Sprayscape. The Android Experiments wing was created a year ago to showcase the great stuff developers are coming up for the Android.The Sprayscape is basically a mishmash of two things, VR and pictures. It makes use of the phones inbuilt gyroscope sensor to park images inside a 360-degree sphere. All one needs to do is point the phone’s camera and tap on the display to spray faces, locales and much more. The stuff you have captured is then hosted on a link that can be shared via the social media with family and friends. The best part is that the Scape can be viewed in a VR headset for an immersive experience. Also, the app uses the Google Cardboard SDK to fetch the data from a gyroscope.If you want to tango around with the Sprayscape the app is up for download …

Google Phone 5.1 Comes with Revamped UI Including Swipe up to Answer

The Pixel phones have been garnering a lot of attention for the Google Assistant integration and the new UI which is currently exclusive to the Pixel phones. The folks at Android Police have been tearing down the applications from the Pixel dump system and one of them is the new Google Phone 5.1 app. Just like the other apks the Google Phone 5.1 works perfectly with Nexus 5X and can be downloaded from here.The call UI now has a much modern touch to it. It is also worth noting that dialer has changed very less after Android 4.4 KitKat. The new dialler app displays the details spread across a blue translucent layer over the lock screen and the caller ID is accompanied by the caller avatar at the top. It is evident that Pixel is doting a new UI style that requires users to swipe up in order to perform certain operations like accessing the app drawer. Unlike before wherein one had to swipe right to answer a call now the same can be done by swiping up. Similarly, one can decline the calls …

Buyer’s Guide: Find the right social media management software for your business.

With hundreds or even thousands of social media accounts to manage and millions of social conversations to monitor, social media marketing has become increasingly complicated and time-consuming. Automating social media marketing with an ESMMS platform can improve efficiency, compliance, and productivity.If you are considering a social media management software platform, this guide will help you through the decision-making process. Included are profiles of 16 leading vendors, market trends, capabilities comparisons, and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.

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Marketing Day: Amazon preps for holidays, Google acquires Famebit & Instagram news

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Amazon aims for faster holiday shipping by limiting new 3rd-party sellers
Oct 12, 2016 by Matt McGee
Merchants new to Fulfilled By Amazon service can’t use it until December 19.After 4 months & 125M+ pages indexed, where are we with AMP?
Oct 12, 2016 by Kristi Kellogg
Contributor Kristi Kellogg recaps a session from SMX East 2016 in which Google, Condé Nast and Vox Media share successes and challenges with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).I’ll stop the world and link with you
Oct 12, 2016 by Julie Joyce
Wondering why a link builder gives a link to someone? Contributor Julie Joyce takes us through a few failures and successes that can help you better understand why people link.Google acquires Famebit to give creators more branded content opportunities
Oct 12, 2016 by Amy Gesenhues
With more than 25,000 videos created via its platform, Famebit…