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This Countdown Timer WordPress Plugin Boost Sales With Scarcity Principle

You have only one day to read the amazing, sales skyrocketing content in this post before I DELETE IT FOREVER!How did that sentence make you feel?Did you feel like you might miss a chance to read something valuable if you waited too long?If you did, you just experienced something called the scarcity principle.In marketing, scarcity is a scientifically proven concept where people see things as more valuable if they’re limited. So when you do something like put a time countdown on the availability of something, people are going to want it more.Question:What does that mean for you as a blogger?It means that if you implement scarcity, you can generate more email subscribers, more sales, more… whatever!So now the question becomes:How do I implement scarcity on my blog?And that’s what today’s post is all about. I’m going to dig into a WordPress plugin called Evergreen Countdown Timer. It lets you easily add countdown timers to your landing pages and funnels. These countdown timers will make…