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Buy Cool Kickstarter Products from Amazon: 9 Interesting Products

Kickstarter has been the pioneering company in the crowd-sourcing revolution. Ideas from everyday inventors get validated and funded by random people on the internet who want to see the product come to fruition as much as the creators want to make these products come to fruition.Many businesses have been started through a Kickstarter campaign.Kickstarter works because it’s a combination of market validation coupled with immediate money. The creators simply have to pitch the idea and market the product well.Kickstarter and AmazonAs part of Amazon’s startup initiative ‘Launchpad’, the e-commerce behemoth has tied up with Kickstarter to bring Kickstarter’s products to everyday consumers.Although products that are launched in Kickstarter generate a lot of income, they cannot keep the sales numbers high because they do not have a good distribution channel for their products after the buzz of the campaign has tapered down.This is where Amazon comes into the picture. This amalgamation betwee…

Now You Can Buy Cool ProductHunt Products Directly from Amazon

In recent times, there’s been a website I’ve fallen in love with. It’s called Product Hunt.Product Hunt is a site that curates all of the latest tools, software, and gadgets in the world. Any new creator can showcase their product on Product Hunt. This is a great platform to attract early adopters towards your product. Product Hunt has gained popularity over the years, and it has become a go-to platform for product creators.It isn’t restricted to only software products. It has a varied amount of physical products as well. In fact, on their shop page, they have a poop emoji pool float.Product Hunt’s variety of products on display Amazon has recently tied up with Product Hunt to showcase those products on their platform.There is a dedicated section on Amazon called ‘Featured on Product Hunt‘ that has all the popular Product Hunt listings. One can purchase these directly from Amazon.A dedicated “Featured on Product Hunt” section On the product page, you can identify a Product Hunt item fro…

AT&T is Buying HBO, CNN and Rest of Time Warner in a Staggering Deal Worth $80 Billion

One of the leading wireless companies in the world, AT&T, is reportedly acquiring the entertainment giant, Time Warner in a deal worth $80 Billion, according to a new report by the Wall Street Journal. As stated by sources, the contract is half cash and half stock which is expected to be priced between $105 and $110. The merger will involve AT&T taking over every entertainment as well as news brand Time Warner governs including HBO, CNN, and Warner Bros. Entertainment. Since it also overshadows DC Comics, AT&T will be also taking over Batman rights.The move drives the telecom conglomerate further into also becoming a media company. That being said, AT&T closed a $48.5 billion deal for purchasing DirecTV last year. In the recent times, telecom operators have been trying to provide a deep integration of network and entertainment services in an effort for functioning both as content distributors and creators. The AT&T and Time Warner affiliation will definitely bring …