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Study says only 8 percent of shoppers using retailer apps, should they give up?

It’s very well established that consumers use smartphones as shopping assistants in stores. We’re now getting into the nuances of how they use them and how marketers and retailers can be more effective in tapping that in-store usage.A new survey from inMarket offers some insights and a bit of contradictory data to the growing body of information about in-store smartphone usage. The company examined the mobile shopping behaviors of 2,500 US smartphone owners who used their devices in stores.Conducted between July and September, the study’s primary finding is that the most common in-store smartphone use case is shopping-related research (55 percent). No surprise there. What follows is “messaging unrelated to shopping” and “listening to music.”In the survey, a minuscule 4 percent of shoppers were using social media in stores. That finding is directly contradicted by a study from Euclid Analytics, which found that Facebook was widely used in-stores. While the specific uses of the Facebook…

Should Blogging Be Used As An Assessment Tool In University?

Credits: Kris krüg from Flikr In the current digital age, there is an increased emphasis on the involvement of a student’s interaction beyond the classroom with a new form of ‘homework’ i.e. blogging. More and more bloggers are engaging in live discussions across a wide range of topics across the globe, and analyzing these blogs is helping students with valuable inputs in their domain of study.Academic BloggingBlogging for academic purposes is better known as Academic blogging. These are blogs where people post short articles on a continuous basis on a specific topic of study. It may be having one or many authors. It is used in the form of short stories or as a travelogue public page. Becoming an expert on an aspect not only lets you solve all Q & Ans related to it, but also effortlessly transfer the skill to others. There are certain dimensions that you can catch up to later. Like you can become a blogger for money later on.One can easily find students from reputed universities bl…