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What brands should know about shooting with Snap’s Spectacles

Shooting videos with Snap Inc.’s newly released Spectacles seems super simple. Put the sunglasses-slash-camcorder on your face; tap a button to record; open Snapchat to review your video; add any filters, text or emojis; upload. But it’s not that simple.Shooting every snap with Spectacles is tempting. The circular clips and “from Spectacles” label on your snaps can signal your Snapchat savvy. But don’t. For starters, Spectacles record video with a fish-eye view and, by default, webcam-quality standard definition (you can upgrade to HD before posting, but it’s not a drastic change). You also can’t apply lenses, including the new World Lenses, when shooting with Spectacles.That doesn’t mean don’t shoot with Spectacles. Just think of them as another lens, as more of a supplement than replacement for your phone’s camera. That’s how I’ve started thinking of them since picking up a pair last week. I’ve donned Spectacles on a walk around my neighborhood, worn them while skateboarding, taken …

Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 835 Using 10nm FinFET Node and Quick Charge 4.0

Qualcomm has now announced their latest top of the line Snapdragon 835 chip in collaboration with Samsung. The Snapdragon 835 replaces the current Snapdragon 820 and 821 chips which has made its way onto a number of flagships that were launched during this year.The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 is built using the latest 10nm FinFET nodes. Samsung apparently, started mass producing these somewhere around October this year. Initially, there were some rumours floating around that Qualcomm may opt for TSMC for mass manufacturing their upcoming flagship chip. Thus its quite overwhelming to see Qualcomm keep their decade long partnership with Samsung afloat.“We are excited to continue working together with Samsung in developing products that lead the mobile industry,” said Keith Kressin, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Qualcomm. “Using the new 10nm process node is expected to allow our premium tier Snapdragon 835 processor to deliver greater power efficiency and increase performance wh…

Cognitive marketing gets closer with Google’s expansion of its cloud-based machine learning

The growing availability of artificial intelligence-as-a-service took another step forward this week, as Google announced an expansion of its cloud-based machine learning services.The tech giant is setting up a Cloud Machine Learning group focused on delivering solutions to businesses, there’s a new Machine Learning API to help people find jobs, there are new features in existing machine learning-based APIs (Translation, Vision, and Natural Language), and there will be more choices for setting up dedicated hardware in Google’s cloud computing infrastructure.Since many marketing software providers tout their own machine learning/AI capabilities these days, we pinged some leading analysts to get their sense of what kind of impact an expanding industrial-level service like Google’s could have on marketing, sales, and advertising software.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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What it means to be a critical thinker and why marketers need to embrace the concept

No matter your political views, this election reinforced an extremely important notion for us as marketers: We need to be willing and able to think critically about what we encounter. Everything from data review to the initiatives we take needs to be analyzed and scrutinized. We need to use our intellectual abilities. We can’t take what we see at face value.At its core, critical thinking comes down to questioning the source. For example, if I look at a performance report, I immediately want to know:What are the primary metrics being looked at?How is success defined?How is the data being collected?Does the data give me enough information to make decisions?You are trying to better educate yourself and understand all angles before making decisions. I realize that the process of critical thinking sounds burdensome, but if you view it as a mindset, it isn’t. You are using your intellectual abilities to assess and make informed decisions.So how do you get into this mindset? First, you lay t…

From looker to booker: How TripAdvisor’s CMO helped steer a content company into an online retailer

© TripAdvisor Meet Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer of TripAdvisor.Messing has been credited with achieving exponential growth in user reviews and visitors at TripAdvisor, driving a 400 percent increase in content collection and attracting 390 million monthly unique visitors.With such a big and engaged group of consumers, what better next step than to provide them booking capabilities right where they are? We sat down with Messing and asked her about how she has steered marketing during the company’s transition to an e-commerce player.Barbara Messing Q: What prompted TripAdvisor to make the shift from media-only to media + transaction?TripAdvisor has long been a great place for people to plan their travel. Consumers flock to the site to read millions of user-generated reviews, making us a media business. But we realized we could provide more value to consumers and let them also book their travel through TripAdvisor, which had us evolving into a transactional business.Our main as…

Mobile ad fraud: how agencies and advertisers can spot, combat and kill it

Ten steps to help advertisers, agencies, ad platforms and publishers get on top of mobile ad fraud, with tips from the experts and guidelines to follow.With mobile rapidly approaching half of digital advertising, the fraudsters that have plagued web advertising are now targeting mobile ads – particularly the “download or app” ads, which have become a cash cow for the ad industry.In this column, we ask: what do advertisers, agencies, ad exchanges, ad networks, demand-side platforms DSPs and other adtech providers need to do to stop mobile getting to the same state as web ad fraud?What is mobile ad fraud?Mobile ad fraud occurs where mobile ads impressions or click-throughs are triggered by a robot.This might be a piece of malicious code that is operating on a legitimate user device, maybe downloaded with a dodgy native app. Each time the ad is served/clicked the fraudulent ad network or fraudulent publisher makes money, even though no human has seen the ad.Ten steps to spotting and comb…

Product reviewing: how to utilise digital influencers

Credible and reliable endorsements are now, more so than ever, vital to a brand’s success.Identifying and using the appropriate influencers in your marketing strategy is pivotal to ensuring that your brand and product are being seen in the right place, at the right time and most importantly, by the right people.It is becoming increasingly apparent that brands are choosing to recruit digital influencers to act as their ambassadors. Previously, brands would try to on-board a celebrity to become the face of their brand or product – so why, in recent years, have we seen a shift to digital influencers?Perhaps, it’s because digital influencers are still often seen as ‘regular people’ which makes them more accessible to their followers. Many influencers still work a day job, run a household, have children and engage in everyday social activities that, in the eyes of their audience, make them more relatable.A survey of the fashion and beauty industry by Econsultancy at the start of the year s…

The future of advertising is mobile

The days of desktop dominance are over.This sharp and concise statement, which came from a 2014 comScore report, sums up the modern ad environment perfectly.The report found that smartphones and tablets accounted for a full 60% of time spent on digital media in the US, with apps driving a lot of this growth.While that report came out two years ago, mobile has continued to grow to become a veritable behemoth of an industry, dominating the marketing strategy of businesses around the world.BI Intelligence predicts that US mobile ad spend will reach around $42 billion in 2018. For a more traditional marketer, mobile advertising might seem like a risky bet compared to conventional options.But if you look a little closer, it’s clear that mobile ads are indeed a powerful way to reach consumers – and arguably more effective than other choices when done correctly.Know who you’re trying to reachOne of the most important steps in developing a mobile ad strategy is to define a target audience.Mob…

Vivo X9, X9Plus and Xplay6 Launched in China

Chinese smartphone OEM Vivo has updated its lineup with three new handsets in China, namely, the X9, X9 Plus and XPlay . The Vivo X9 64GB has been priced at CNY 2,798 (apprx.28,000) while the 128GB model is priced a tad higher at CNY 2,998 (approximately Rs 30,000.) That said Vivo is yet to announce the pricing for the Vivo X9 Plus whereas the Vivo Xplay6 has been priced at CNY 4,498 (apprx. Rs 44,500) and is up for preorders in China.Both the Vivo X9 and the X9 Plus sport a dual front-facing camera. The primary camera shapes up in the form of a 20-Megapixel Sony IMX376 sensor offering f/2.0 aperture along with an 8-Megapixel sensor. The phones come equipped with a 16-Megapixel front camera with PDAF.The Vivo X9 is fitted with a 5.5-inch FHD Super AMOLED display and is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 clocked at 2GHz and paired with 4GB of RAM. On the storage front, the Vivo X9 is offered in two variants, the 64GB, and the 128GB. The fingerprint sensor stays put in the …

Undervalued At Your Day Job? Start A Digital Side Hustle

You’re awesome at your job.In fact, you’re so brilliant that you’re making your bosses lots of money. You’re an asset. You’re smart, dependable, and valuable.There is nothing wrong about being part of the corporate world. You have advancement options, a 401k, and you have job security. Or maybe you just think you have job security (but that’s a topic for another time)…But you know you could do more.You could be more.You could be the boss.If you feel that you’re undervalued at your current job and you have dreams for a better life, it’s time to start a side hustle. You don’t have to quit your day job (just yet!) because you’re going to work on your brilliant new business on the weekends.You’re going to slowly build your business until it’s ready to be your full-time career.And then one day, you’ll be ready to hand in your two-weeks notice, and say “Adios!” to your soul-crushing corporate job.If you believe you want to start your own business – someday – here are a few reasons why you s…

Google India’s Public Toilet Locator Tool will Help you Find the Nearest and Cleanest Toilets

India is one of those countries where access to mobile is more than that to toilets. Nearly 60.4 percent people in the country don’t have proper access to sanitation facilities, resulting in a nationwide system of rampant open defecation and urination. To tackle the situation, Ministry of Urban Development (MoUD) has tied up with Google to launch a unique public toilet locator tool for the people of the country.The public toilet locator tool will initially start as pilot project helping Indians located loos in NCR region. The facility will be available via Google Maps and will help one locate public latrines ranging from Sulabh Shauchalayas to public restrooms in places like metro stations, malls, petrol pumps, and hospitals. In a condition of anonymity, a MoUD official told International Business Times India, that the pilot project would be initiated within a fortnight.The process of finding a toilet near you is quite simple too. In fact, it’s the same as finding a hotel, petrol pump…

Thanks to Google Earth VR, Virtual Travelling is now a Reality

Google Earth has been a fascinating piece of technology at the time it was launched, I remember fiddling around with the Google Earth app just to spot my house. Google Earth has drastically improved ever since and has been treated to a slew of new features. Google has now unveiled the virtual world for VR which will allow one to teleport across the world, roam the streets and fly through canyons all at the comfort of your home.The experience has been further enriched by Google’s decision to include cinematic tours and handpicked destinations like the Amazon River, downtown Manhattan, the Grand Canyons and the ruins of Rome. The only piece missing from the puzzle seems to be the Sky and we are pretty much sure that Google Sky will be added to the offering. Google Earth VR maps the entire 196.9 million square miles of Planet earth and this should help you plan those virtual trips. Also, one can simply change the timing of the day by grabbing the Sun and moving it accross.In Google Earth…

Marketing budgets continue to rise as marketers juggle increasing demands

According to Gartner’s “2016-2017 Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Spend Survey,” marketing budgets increased to 12 percent of company revenue in 2016, from 11 percent in 2015. Fifty-seven percent of marketing leaders surveyed expect their budgets will increase further in 2017. However, 14 percent of marketers say they are bracing for budget cuts, up from 3 percent just two years ago.The survey took place in July and August 2016 and includes responses from 377 marketers at companies with more than $250 million in annual revenue in North America and the U.K. This marks the fifth year that Gartner has surveyed marketers on spending priorities and marketing operations.Read the results and analysis today. Vist Digital Marketing Depot to get your copy.

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Marketing Day: Optimizing for Google’s mobile-first index, Facebook overhauls metrics & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:5 steps to optimizing your site for Google’s mobile-first index
Nov 16, 2016 by Ryan Shelley
Now that Google is officially testing a mobile-first index, columnist Ryan Shelley believes it’s well past time to get aboard the mobile-friendly train. Here, he provides some tips to get you started.ID graphs: The path to identity resolution
Nov 16, 2016 by Mike Sands
If you’re not familiar with what an identity graph is, it’s time to bone up on the term and add it to your arsenal. Columnist Mike Sands walks you through the ins and outs of ID graphs.How user-generated content and customer feedback can strengthen your value proposition
Nov 16, 2016 by Jim Williams
Contributor Jim Williams says it’s time to really listen to your customers’ words and understand the experience they expect you to deliver.Registration for MarTech San Francisco is open!
Nov …