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Sony’s Bracelet will Save You from Embarrassment of Forgetting a Name

Though most of us have a good visual memory which helps us remember a face, but struggling with their names is our brain’s favorite hobby. This is quite common as we are not Bill Gates with a photographic memory. We human beings can remember only 62% of the information – visual or acoustic – for 20-30 seconds, says a study. Also, Prof George Miller of Princeton University in his famous article on human memory span discusses that memory span of young adults is only seven items.Further, in short term, our hearing memory is weaker than our visual memory. That’s why you find difficult to recall the name of a person but can recognize his face easily. This puts you into embarrassing moments many a time.
I have a friend who once while introducing his new classmate to his fiance struggled to recall his name. His classmate still teases him for that incident. My friend got lucky as it was a casual setup. But in business, if something similar happens, chances are you may lose millions.It’s that …

How I Opened A Bank Account In The USA From India: Stripe Atlas Experience

Do you want to have a bank account in the U.S.A? Do you know if you are earning money in US dollars, having a U.S. bank account may help you save huge money.Furthermore, if you incorporate a company in the U.S. (anybody in the world can do this without physically being in the U.S.), you will remove the biggest headaches of restrictions imposed by many online services that exist in developing countries.You might not know any of this, so let me first give you a little background of what I’m talking about. After that, what you are about to learn might change the way you do business online.Having a registered company helps you do more global business. If you are someone who lives in a developing country, you are probably aware of certain restrictions and limited opportunities when doing business online.If your company is registered in a developed country (like the U.S., Singapore, or Japan), you will be able to engage in business activities with anyone around the world, and a lot of the r…

How I Built a Micro-Niche Site Earning $174/Month from AdSense

The Internet is full of opportunities to make money, and blogging is one of the smartest and most ethical ways available.One misconception about blogging is that you need to work day and night to make money. That’s certainly true if what you’re trying to do is create a name and/or build a brand, etc.  But if your goal is simply to earn money within a short period of time but with long-term gains in mind, then there are many shortcuts available to you.Let’s take a look at one such shortcut, the micro-niche blog.In this guide I will give you a detailed example of a micro-niche blog that I created which is currently making $174 /month from AdSense, and an average of $100 /month through affiliate marketing with just a few hours of work.This is a blueprint for creating a micro-niche blog, and you can use it for any topic or niche that you like. In my case, I didn’t use a content agency, so I picked up a niche that I enjoy reading and writing about. However, if you are not great at writing,… bridges the divide between apps and mobile web with ‘Instant Apps’

Famous is a company that has arguably failed — twice. But its most recent incarnation may have succeeded in solving one of the most vexing problems in marketing today: how to bridge the user-experience gap between the mobile web and apps.Famous is run by Steve Newcomb, the founding COO of semantic search engine Powerset, which sold to Microsoft in 2008. Newcomb’s open source engineering platform original vision for didn’t work out and so has applied its technology to a very different set of problems.The company developed a proprietary rendering engine (and has received a patent) that enables webpages to look and function like full-screen native apps, but without a download and very light data requirements. The company is initially pitching Instant Apps as a better mobile landing page solution for search, social and display. But the use cases go far beyond that landing-page scenario.Instant Apps are highly visual and versatile. They can be shallow or very deep. They a…

Marketing Day: Facebook shutters Atlas, an interview with Intel’s head of creative & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:European survey finds 70 percent of Android owners want pre-installed apps
Nov 18, 2016 by Greg Sterling
Data also show that the majority of Android users customize their home screens.Why SEO should always complement your content marketing
Nov 18, 2016 by Trond Lyngbø
Columnist Trond Lyngbø explains how the synergy between content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) can produce web pages that will best serve your customers.Thirteen things marketers want to know about expanded text ads, direct from Google
Nov 18, 2016 by Matt Lawson
AdWords released expanded text ads in late July. Columnist and Googler Matt Lawson answers some FAQs about what you should consider as you expand your own ads.Facebook shuts down Atlas ad server because it doesn’t serve ad sales
Nov 18, 2016 by Tim Peterson
Facebook is shutting down the part of Atlas that…

Five marketing automation myths busted!

A study by Forrester Consulting found that just 10% of marketing professionals surveyed feel they are able to fully execute mature marketing automation strategies.This may have to do with the fact that some organizations have bought into fallacies about marketing automation, namely that a select set of power users is realizing great success while the masses are left behind.This DemandGen white paper from Oracle shares insights, gleaned from research and interviews with industry experts, to dispel five common myths associated with marketing automation. It also explores what it takes to unlock its range of potential and explains how to apply marketing automation for personalized, buyer-centric marketing.Vist MarTech Today to get your copy.

via Marketing Land

European survey finds 70 percent of Android owners want pre-installed apps

According to a new European consumer survey from the Application Developers Alliance, 70 percent of respondents would prefer to buy an Android device with basic apps pre-installed. This finding, as well as others in the report, appears to support Google’s argument to the European Commission that its pre-installed suite of apps benefits consumers and is not anti-competitive.The survey polled roughly 4,000 Android phone owners in Europe, across France, Germany, Spain and Italy, about their app preferences and behaviors. Google is a member of the association and participated in the development of the study according to a Developers Alliance spokesperson.The study found that “90 percent of Android users customize to their home screen, and only 10 percent leave the suite of apps that comes with the phone untouched.” The report also asserts that Android owners use multiple apps in the same category, not just the top apps or default apps.Which apps are used to search, review or purchase a pr…

Why SEO should always complement your content marketing

Folks walk up to me at conferences or email me for advice on SEO all the time, and a question they often ask is, “What is the role of SEO in content marketing?”My answer is always the same: SEO should be viewed as reinforcement to your content team.More often than not, this is followed by another question: “How should SEO and content marketing teams work together to achieve success?”Let’s explore this in more detail. In the SEO universe we live in today, getting this synergy right can mean the difference between exponential business success and miserable failure.SEO & content teams must work together earlySEO consultants should participate early in the process, even before decisions about content creation are made.SEO isn’t about keywords or phrases alone, and effective content marketing is more than just crafting articles and other forms of online content around high-volume keywords that will drive a lot of traffic.Keyword analysis should be used as a way to study and better unde…