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How To Create an FTP Account on HostGator Hosting – cPanel Web Hosting

This is part of our “Know Your Web Hosting” series.HostGator is a highly recommended shared host for WordPress. Recently, we have covered a few articles on HostGator that will help you make the most out of your hosting account. If you have missed any, here they are:How To Install WordPress On HostGator HostingHow To Add Addon Domains To HostGator HostingHow To Claim Free Domain Renewal Offer From HostGatorExtending this series, today, I will show you how to create an FTP account on your HostGator hosting plan.When we hire a designer/developer to work on our site, most of us make the mistake of sharing the cPanel login details. This is not a good practice for security reasons.It’s a better idea to create an additional FTP account & share that with them instead. For a desktop-based FTP client, you can simply use FileZilla. It’s available for all platforms (Windows, Linux & Mac).Bonus Tip: For personal use, you can use your cPanel login details in your FTP client to access your w…

Measuring cost in seconds: How short delays lead to users ditching slow websites

This research conducted by Aberdeen Group dives into the true cost of website performance and shows how leading organizations are able to boost their sites to eliminate delays, increase visitors and improve overall revenue.Download this white paper, sponsored by SOASTA, to learn how the most successful organizations use every tool at their disposal to understand performance, both from an internal perspective and from the viewpoint of real users.Vist Digital Marketing Depot to download this martech white paper.

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The death of prediction

Prediction has always been a tricky business. Weather forecasts, airline schedules and stock tips are often the butts of jokes for the very simple reason that predicting the future is not only difficult, but most valued when the future is hardest to see.Reliable, trustworthy predictions depend on having the right data inputs. The real trick is knowing if and when you have a blind spot in that data — which is tough, because not knowing about it is exactly what makes it a blind spot.The same holds true for predictive analytics and their use in marketing. Our ability to predict something — like a revenue outcome or the performance of a sponsorship — improves exponentially when we’re already familiar with all of the factors surrounding it. But in most of those cases, gut instinct and personal experience will already lead us to the right answer.The value of prediction — and forward-looking analytics, in general — increases exponentially when we’re operating in unfamiliar territory, without…

Finally going mobile-friendly, but on a collision course with Google’s mobile-first index [Case Study]

This fall was packed with announcements about Google’s mobile-first index. First, Gary Illyes gave a keynote at Pubcon and dropped a bomb that Google intended to roll out a mobile-first index in the near future.Sure, Google had been hinting about the mobile-first index for a while, but now we had real information from a Googler that it was indeed coming.Then on November 4, 2016, Google published a blog post officially stating its intention to roll out a mobile-first index and explaining why it wanted to do that. It was huge news, since the new approach is a 180 from how things have worked for a long time. I’ll cover more about that soon.My point today isn’t to detail the mobile-first index. That’s been done manytimesalready. Instead, my purpose is to present a case study of a site that finally went mobile-friendly but will end up heading face-first into the mobile-first index. Sure, the mobile-first index hasn’t rolled out fully yet, but it’s going to soon. And we also know that it’s …

Marketing Day: Machine learning, Facebook’s latest metrics error & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:What the heck is machine learning, and why should I care?
Dec 16, 2016 by Dave Davies
Understanding the impact of machine learning will be crucial to adjusting our search marketing strategies — but probably not in the way you think. Columnist Dave Davies explains.How to get the most value from your marketing metrics
Dec 16, 2016 by Tamar Weinberg
Collecting the data you need and analyzing it effectively can be a huge challenge. Contributor Tamar Weinberg explains how to focus on the right metrics to drive conversion and revenue.How a 2010 Colorado law suddenly stands to change internet sales tax collection for good
Dec 16, 2016 by Ginny Marvin
The Supreme Court declined to hear arguments challenging a law that requires e-commerce retailers to report consumer sales to the state.FAQ: Everything Facebook has admitted about its measurement errors

What the heck is machine learning, and why should I care?

There are many uses for machine learning and AI in the world around us, but today I’m going to talk about search. So, assuming you’re a business owner with a website or an SEO, the big question you’re probably asking is: what is machine learning and how will it impact my rankings?The problem with this question is that it relies on a couple of assumptions that may or may not be correct: First, that machine learning is something you can optimize for, and second, that there will be rankings in any traditional sense.So before we get to work trying to understand machine learning and its impact on search, let’s stop and ask ourselves the real question that needs to be answered:What is Google trying to accomplish?It is by answering this one seemingly simple question that we gain our greatest insights into what the future holds and why machine learning is part of it. And the answer to this question is also quite simple. It’s the same as what you and I both do every day: try to earn more money…