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6 questions to help you evaluate an attribution modeling vendor

Full disclosure: I am not a data scientist, yet below I’ll talk about modeling for marketing measurement.Disclosures are tricky. Facebook will be sued over its disclosure of the snafu in its video metrics. Would they be in this legal mess if they had not revealed the mix-up? I think the answer is yes, eventually, as truth cannot stay hidden, and marketers demand and deserve transparency.This is especially true for marketing measurement modeling. You get transparency by asking the right questions.Here is a list of questions to ask your vendor or data scientists to get to the truth and transparency in attribution.1. What algorithm(s) is the model using?Ideal answer: Best-of-breed predictive machine learning algorithms like gradient boosting machines, FTRL, neural networks, game theory and logistic regression.Like advancements in technology, there are advancements in data science. Many non-mathematicians, including me, love logistic regression, as it’s one of those methods we understand …

5 Ways Blogging Is Making Me A Better Person

My blog is my anchor point. It’s like when mothers get worried about their bachelor sons and say:“Let’s get him married now. The bad habits will disappear once he has responsibility.”Yes, I admit it. Without my blog, I’m a pod without an engine floating in outer space. I’d have no discipline and no routine, and my life would be completely topsy-turvy if it weren’t for my blog.Over time, I’ve learned that it is one thing to have a blog, and it’s another thing to own a blog.Owning a blog, akin to having a garden, is a beautiful meditative art. It helps you connect with yourself. You watch something grow before your eyes. You tend to it each day and wait (not desperately, but expectantly) for that flower to appear. When it does, you don’t scream with joy. You just feel a happy, contented smile come over your face.For someone like me, running a blog isn’t just about realizing my dreams. It’s not just about sharing travel stories with those who care to read them. It’s not just an attempt t…

Variations on a marketing stalwart: Our top email marketing columns for 2016

Email may have been the internet’s first marketing medium, but that doesn’t mean it’s standing still. Trends like the growth of mobile, the adoption of marketing automation and the rise of voice interfaces have kept email marketers on their toes in 2016 — and Marketing Land’s contributors have helped all along the way.Interestingly, our top email marketing column of 2016 is more about web and app advertising, though an understanding of email users’ intent can go a long way in making such efforts successful. There was plenty to talk about within the Gmail message window itself, too, as Chad White explained in his coverage of the inbox provider’s big move to support responsive design.In addition to the opportunities presented by responsive design, tech newcomers like augmented reality, machine learning and virtual reality opened up new possibilities for email marketers this year. For more details on these trends and tips on improving your email programs, check out our top 10 columns of …

Should advertisers pressure Facebook to be audited?

If you buy clicks, views or other engagements on Facebook, you’ve probably been paying close attention to recent disclosures about the network’s discovery of analytics “bugs.”The first such disclosure occurred in September, when Facebook admitted overestimating video views for the prior 24 months by up to 80 percent. While Facebook was quick to note that the error “did not impact billing,” the result was an embarrassment, plus at least one lawsuit alleging that the error caused the plaintiff to overspend on paid ads “on the belief that the advertisements were more successful than they actually were.”Just last month, Facebook divulged another ugly crop of metrics errors, this time affecting organic metrics — including reach, time spent and follower counts, all of which had been overstated. In its blog post, Facebook asked advertisers to “please note that we do not bill clients on the potential under-reporting/over-reporting metric issues mentioned below.”This latest admission was the l…

Top 10 video creators in November: UNILAD, The LADBible, Viral Thread & Tasty keep top 4 spots

Image by Adobe Tubular Labs released its monthly top ten list of the most watched video creators for November, showing very little had changed compared to its October rankings. Not only did the top four creators – UNILAD, The LADBible, Viral Thread and Tasty – remain in the lead, the entire top ten creators were the same, with just a few switch-ups.Met Daan, which ranked No. 9 last month, moved up to No. 5 in November, and Now This moved from No. 10 to No. 7.World Star Hip Hop dropped to No. 9 and 5-Minute Crafts dropped to the bottom of the list.While rankings changed only slightly, views were up. UNILAD saw three million more views in November, earning 3.4 billion for the month. The LADBible generated five-million more with a total of 3.3 billion, and Viral Thread’s video views were up from 1.6 to 1.7 billion.Tubular Labs tracks total views for video creators and brands across YouTube, Facebook, Vine and Instagram video platforms. The video analytics platform says the top 100 creator…

5 #GivingTuesday Campaigns That Won (and 3 That Lost)

Most people are familiar with Black Friday and Cyber Monday as some of the busiest shopping days of the year; businesses spend months preparing their holiday campaigns in order to make the most of these two days. But each year it seems that more and more companies are also taking advantage of #GivingTuesday by finding ways to entice their audience not only to purchase holiday gifts, but to donate and give back to charities and nonprofits.In this article, we’ve analyzed 8 of these campaigns from 2016 to find out which ones have what it takes to engage readers and meet their fundraising goals, and which ones unfortunately fall flat. Read on to learn more about what makes a #GivingTuesday campaign a winner or a loser.The Winners#1The San Diego American Marketing Association (AMA)The San Diego AMA is a nonprofit, professional organization geared towards providing information, education, resources, and connections for those looking to further their career in marketing. They created this #G…

Seven fascinating stats on ecommerce and cart abandonment

With the end of 2016 fast approaching, we list some of the best ecommerce and cart abandonment stats we’ve seen this year.1: SMS RemarketingThis year we won at the MOMA Awards for our work with Firefly on SMS Remarketing. The stats below give an idea of just how effective SMS can be. 2: Which Days Have Most Abandonments?Based on data from more than 1 billion abandoned carts, we know that Tuesday is the ‘worst’ day of the week for cart abandonment.Fewest abandonments happen on a Saturday between 8 and 9pm, while abandonment is lowest around Christmas and similar sale periods, as people have less reason to delay purchases.3: Add to Cart Rates by DeviceAdd to cart rates are highest on desktop and tablet devices (10.4% and 10.3% respectively). Overall conversion rates were 2.5% for Q3 2016.4: Reasons for Cart AbandonmentUnexpected shipping costs, perhaps revealed late during checkout, are the number one reason cited for cart abandonment.Other key issues include making customers register be…

Xiaomi’s Latest Portable Air Purifier is Built Exclusively for Your Car

Xiaomi has slowly graduated from being an upstart smartphone maker to an electronic firm, especially with the wide range of products it has under its Mijia brand. Among various smart electronic devices ranging from rice cookers to laptops, the Mi Air purifiers from the Chinese maker has always been one of the most popular ones in the market. After launching a number of home air purifiers, the Chinese smartphone brand has now launched their first Xiaomi Mi Car Air Purifier.Mi Car Air Purifier from Xiaomi is a compact version of their regular air purifiers. It looks eerily similar to the previous air purifiers launched by the company. Xiaomi claims that their Mi Air Purifier 2 and Mi Air Purifier Pro were so popular that its users were carrying it along with them even when they were on move. This triggered, Lei Jun to recommend engineers at Xiaomi regarding a portable version of the same and thus the Mi Car Air Purifier was conceptualized. In terms of hardware, the Mi Car Air Purifier u…

Apple-Nokia Patent Fight Escalates, Apple Files Antitrust Complaint

Nokia has announced that it has filed a series of complaints against Apple for allegedly infringing on Nokia patents. The prima facie reveals that Apple is not ready to pay Nokia licensing fees and as a result of which the Cupertino company has responded to the allegations by filing an antitrust lawsuit. The antitrust laws aim at regulating the conduct and organization of business corporations and also promotes fair competition.
Apple in its filing has accused Nokia of conspiring with other companies of charging Apple in a bid to extort exorbitant revenues unfairly and anti-competitively. Apple then goes on and points out how Nokia failed to “innovate” and was forced to exit the market as a cellphone supplier in 2011 and post this Nokia has changed “from a company focused on supplying cell phones and other consumer products to a company bent on exploiting the patients that remain from its years as a successful cell phone supplier.”“The dispute is rooted in Nokia’s demise as the world’…

Improve search rankings and increase productivity with local marketing automation software

Managing online citations, claimed and unclaimed listings, landing pages, reviews and ratings, and data feeds for hundreds or thousands of locations has become time consuming and costly for enterprise brands. Automating these processes can improve search rankings, increase productivity, and lower CPCs due to better SEO.Marketing Land’s all new “Enterprise Local Marketing Automation Platforms” examines the market for local marketing automation platforms. The 50-page report reviews current trends and issues in enterprise local marketing automation, including omnichannel marketing, tag management, and mobile measurement and optimization.Also included in the report are profiles of 17 leading enterprise local marketing automation vendors, pricing charts, capabilities comparisons and recommended steps for evaluating and purchasing.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download your copy.

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Marketing Day: Facebook Live news, GoldieBlox CMO interview & Twitter search updates

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook will let celebs edit Live videos after broadcast ends
Dec 21, 2016 by Tim Peterson
Facebook has no plans to let non-Mentions users trim the beginning or end of their Live recordings.The power of data ownership: Getting it right in 2017
Dec 21, 2016 by Josh Manion
Columnist Josh Manion believes that complete data ownership is the only option for enterprises seeking to engage individual consumers with relevant and timely experiences.Link campaigns: Strategy development and review
Dec 21, 2016 by Andrew Dennis
Whether you’re planning to pursue links in 2017 or continue an existing link-building project, columnist Andrew Dennis reminds us that December is an ideal month to review your link campaign strategy.The tools and tests that made 2016 great: Our top 10 analytics & conversion columns of the year
Dec 21, 2016 by Pamela Parker
We …

Facebook will let celebs edit Live videos after broadcast ends

Celebrities live the good life. They get the best tables at restaurants, free swag and access to some Facebook features before anyone else, like Facebook Live. And now they’re getting access to Live features that won’t be made available to normal people using Facebook.Facebook will let people using its Mentions app — which is only available to users with verified accounts, like celebrities and other public figures — cut the beginning and end of their Live broadcasts after the live stream ends but before the on-demand version is made available, the company announced on Wednesday.The feature, which will roll out sometime “in the coming weeks” but is already available for some Mentions users, is one of several that Facebook announced for Mentions users, and it’s only for Mentions users. Facebook has no plans to make these new features available regular Facebook users or Page owners that don’t have access to the Mentions app, according to a Facebook spokesperson.As Facebook spelled out in…

The power of data ownership: Getting it right in 2017

Industry forecasts for marketing technology in 2017 will come fast and furious with the year’s end. But as we look ahead, a persistent issue confronts digital marketers of every stripe: data ownership.Why is this topic at the top of the agenda for 2017? Owning your marketing data seems simple at first blush. But with every new channel, platform, device, and the combinations thereof, data ownership becomes more strategic and complex.Consumers continue to expand the customer journey as a mix of interrelated touch points. As Forrester forecasts, for example, cross-channel sales are expected to grow to $1.8 trillion by 2018, more than four times larger than online sales by themselves.By “cross-channel,” Forrester means the large numbers of sales influenced online but completed in-store. Deloitte chimed in with research reporting that 76 percent of respondents in its “Digital Divide” survey interact with brands before walking into a store.To win in this game of buyer agility, marketers req…