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How To Stay Inspired And Avoid Blogger’s Burnout

A lot of people enter into blogging every day. But only a few of them become successful and continue on the blogging journey.A big part of this blogging community stops blogging after a short period of time.Why?Because of blogger’s burnout.If you feel blogging gets annoying sometimes and you’re starting to feel burned out, stick to this post.I have laid out some excellent tips on staying inspired and avoiding getting to this stagnant stage.In this quest of being a professional blogger, I have worked quite hard to discover some of the best ways to avoid blogger’s burnout.10 Ways Of Staying Inspired As A BloggerHow To Stay Inspired And Avoid Bloggers Burn Out. 1. Set And Maintain A Regular TargetThis is a fundamental step to avoid burning out.For most bloggers, blogging is a part-time (and passionate) means of talking about a personally important topic.Even though we blog, we still have to manage family, offices, relatives, and friends. As you need to spend a big portion of time with the…

The Apple Watch Needs Competition as Much as Sales

Is the smartwatch market in trouble? It depends on whom you talk to. On the one hand, there are manufacturers who don’t seem as bullish about the segment as they did barely a year ago. On the other is Apple, which defiantly insists that all is well. Even that claim is open to scrutiny, though. After all, IDC did say that Apple faced a 70 percent drop in smartwatch shipments for Q3 2016. But on the flip side, the company’s CEO Tim Cook says that the Cupertino giant is likely to have the best ever quarter in terms of Apple Watch sales in the final quarter of the year, thanks to the holiday season.If Tim Cook is indeed correct then, it’s an Apple Watch market and not a smartwatch market but Apple can’t win in vacuum for a product that’s at such an early stage. While every company would want a monopoly, competition is required. Take the iPhone for example. While Apple was undoubtedly the first in the “touch without stylus” smartphone market, there’s no doubt that competition from Android …

Marketing Day: Cross-device ad tech, Google AdWords & social media war rooms

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:U.S. District Court judge orders Amazon to release customer data in connection to WEN Haircare lawsuit
Dec 23, 2016 by Amy Gesenhues
Amazon wasn’t part of the original lawsuit, but lawyers for the plaintiffs requested names of customers who had purchased WEN products on the site.Cross-device ad tech: How to vet potential partners providing this critical stack element
Dec 23, 2016 by Chuck Moran
The need for cross-device tracking is so acute that marketers are vulnerable to charlatans whose solutions are more hype than reality. Contributor Chuck Moran advises on the questions to ask and the considerations to weigh.How your startup should be using Google AdWords
Dec 23, 2016 by Brett Middleton
If you’re just getting started with your business, figuring out who should manage your AdWords campaigns and what to do first can be a challenge. Columnis…

U.S. District Court judge orders Amazon to release customer data in connection to WEN Haircare lawsuit

Amazon has been ordered by U.S. District Court Judge James Robart to disclose customer information for people who purchased WEN hair products on the e-commerce site.The ruling is connected to a lawsuit involving WEN Haircare products. According to a report on Media Post, Guthy-Renker, the company behind the WEN Haircare line, settled the lawsuit.“WEN’s products allegedly led to a host of adverse effects, including hair loss. The company agreed to settle the case by paying $25 to everyone who purchased the conditioner, and up to $20,000 to people who had a bad reaction to it,” writes Media Post staff writer Wendy Davis.Lawyers for the plaintiffs in the case had requested customer information from Amazon and other retailers to notify anyone who had purchased WEN Haircare products that a settlement had been reached.On November 4, Amazon attorneys filed a motion not to disclose customer information, arguing that the release of information is in direct conflict with Amazon’s policies.From

Cross-device ad tech: How to vet potential partners providing this critical stack element

CMOs are charged with managing a brand’s relationship with consumers, but the CMO’s most tangible relationships are more likely with the partners and service providers that comprise their full tech stack.Building, selecting, integrating and managing the right tech is the first step in understanding and interfacing with consumers. At best, both the advertising and marketing stack can help create more intimate understanding between brand and consumer. At worst, it can stand in the way.Too often, the complexity of building and managing the stack is a huge barrier to success and a problem that leaves CMOs drowning in technobabble to the point where that authentic tie with the consumer is lost.The most complex part of the stackSome components of that full stack present more challenges than others. The ad tech portion — namely, the technology for managing and optimizing paid media —  has only gotten more complex and labyrinthine as it has struggled to adapt to the rapid changes in advertisi…