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Local SEO is about so much more than tools

Welcome to my first Local SEO column of the year on Search Engine Land! While most other sites are publishing roundups or predictions for 2017, there’s really only one way to kick off the beginning of a new year: a new installment of Greg’s Soapbox! As you faithful readers know, my posts are almost always influenced by recent conversations with clients or near-clients, and this one’s no different. A few weeks ago, one of the auto dealers on our website platform called our support department with a question about inbound links. Our support team forwarded the call over to our SEO team. The dealer wanted to know how to “get rid of some links.” Obviously, we asked for a bit more detail — and were blown away by the answer. The dealer explained that they had about 75 to 80 links that they wanted to get rid of because they were bad links. He had run his link profile through Moz and had seen some high Spam Scores, so they turned to Majestic and saw low Trust Flow. He only had 100 inbound l

Asus Unveils a New Range of Intel Kaby Lake Powered ZenBooks and AIOs

A sus refreshed its laptops and PC lineup with the latest Kaby Lake chips from Intel. These are apparently the 7th generation Intel Core i5 and i7 chips which is about 10 times more efficient than the company’s first generation Core processor. With that said, it’s worth noting that the Intel Kaby Lake chips can be best regarded as an incremental update over the last generation Sky Lake models. The Taiwanese PC maker has now upgraded everything ranging from its Zenbook lineup to the Transformer 2-in-1 Pro with the Kaby Lake chips. Among them, the most noteworthy is the new AsusPro B9440 laptop. Sporting a 14 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080p) display with thin bezels, the laptop is mainly intended for business and enterprise users. Asus claims that their laptop is in fact the ‘lightest business notebook in the world’ with a weight of 1.04 kg. This makes it markedly lighter than the 1.35kg heavy 13-inch Apple Macbook Air! The latest range of Kaby Lake Core i5 and i7 chips powering the AsusP

MarTech Landscape: What is a beacon?

An assortment of beacons from (starting upper left) Gimbal,, Estimote, Radius Networks, GPShopper, Aruba Consumers’ smartphones can be tracked by GPS coordinates and other techniques, but those are largely broad-brush. Beacons are devices that are designed to support very granular targeting, such as sending a coupon for red sneakers while you’re standing in front of the rack with red sneakers. In this installment of MarTech Today’s MarTech Landscape Series , we explain what beacons are and how marketers can use them. A standard beacon, as its name suggests, is essentially a lighthouse. But, instead of a beam of light showing ships where the shoreline is, the small device — mounted on a retailer’s ceiling, wall or counter — broadcasts its location ID again and again to a supported app in nearby consumers’ phones. Standard beacons usually conform to Apple’s iBeacon specs, introduced in the summer of 2013 as the company’s implementation of the Bluetooth Low Energy standar

YouTube Labs pairs brands & agencies with creators to produce platform-relevant content

In an attempt to help brands and their agencies create more relevant video content, YouTube has launched an experimental program called YouTube Labs that pairs advertisers with YouTube creators. According to a Google spokesperson, the initiative aims to help brands and their agencies produce episodic content designed to build an audience, while executing a “test-and-learn” approach. “The YouTube Labs motto is better done than perfect,” said a Google spokesperson in an email to Marketing Land. The program launched last year with L’Oreal as the exclusive brand partner within the U.S. Over the course of four weeks, L’Oreal produced two episodes that were shared on its Essie, Maybelline and Dark & Lovely YouTube brand channels, and ran as TrueView Instream ads. The Google spokesperson said that the program offers a new way for brands to work with creators. “The YouTube creators weren’t beauty experts, but rather cross-industry talent who were used behind the camera as a creati

Join ShoutMeLoud at Affiliate Summit West: 15th-16th January 2017

Hey Shouter, This is a formal invitation for attending my upcoming session on “How to Growth Hack the Affiliate Earnings of Your Blog.” I will be speaking at Affiliate Summit West 2017. Speakers page Get Affiliate Summit West tickets Affiliate Summit is the most reputed summit in affiliate marketing industry. Every year two such summit is organized by Affiliate Summit team: Affiliate Summit West: Las Vegas Affiliate Summit East: New York If you never heard of Affiliate Summit before, you should see my notes & experience of last year . There are many takeaways that you can get from the post itself . Here we go: This year, Affiliate Summit West is happening on 15th-17th January in Las Vegas, at Paris hotel. My session is on the first day, i.e., January 15, 2017, 14:30 Session 5B: How to Growth Hack the Affiliate Earnings of Your Blog If you are attending Affiliate Summit West, do drop in to say hi! I will also be attending BTCMiami summit on 17th-18th January 20

Cheap data: You are about to get so much better at marketing

In 2012, my agency, Conversion Sciences, completed an eye-tracking study of video. To complete that study, we sought 25 random individuals, equally mixed by gender, to watch an eight-minute video and complete a survey. The infared camera and software were relatively inexpensive, at $7,500. We used an email campaign over a month to find and schedule participants. Each was given a copy of my book, a $10 cost. We rented a room for two days, and a lab attendant was required the entire time. It was me, and I’m very expensive. It took over a week to compile the output of the eye-tracking camera and analyze it. All in all, this test cost us between $15,000 and $25,000. (If you want to see our video eye-tracking report, click here .) Last week, I ran an eye-tracking test for one of my client’s landing pages. I commissioned it in the morning and went on with my day’s work. Within a week, a panel of 25 participants had completed my study. The results were tabulated, and a variety of reports

Get your digital transformation efforts in full gear by attending the MarTech Conference!

Here’s to a great 2017 full of learning, growing and driving digital transformation! Register for MarTech San Francisco  today and get the best deals on All Access Passes . Looking forward to seeing you May 9-11 at the world’s premier marketing technology conference! via Marketing Land

Lenovo debuts Amazon Alexa-powered smart speaker at CES

Like Microsoft is doing with Cortana, Amazon is making Alexa available to third party developers and hardware makers to voice-enable their connected products. Amazon is also making Alexa’s several thousand “skills” (voice apps) equally available to developers. With the announcement of Cortana’s developer strategy a few weeks ago, we saw the arrival of a Cortana-powered Harman Kardon stand-alone speaker, available later this year. Now Lenovo has introduced an Echo-like voice-enabled home speaker at CES. Harman Kardon provides the audio in a premium version of the device. Both will be available in May. The Lenovo speaker is actually cheaper than Amazon’s Echo and will sell for $129. The Harman Kardon version is $50 more and comes in all black. In effect this appears to be a higher-fidelity version of Echo itself, with the same brain. What’s significant is not the Lenovo speaker itself but the fact that third parties are starting to add these capabilities to their connected device

The state of direct response video on Facebook

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees “a world that is video-first, with video at the heart of all of our apps and services.” The results of this vision are easy to conceptualize on Facebook, just by the sheer amount of video content users share and interact with. However, when it comes to video advertising, there are notable differences in adoption based on strategic goals and by advertiser vertical. For direct-response-focused marketers , some of the latest developments in this area emphasize how video ads on Facebook hold value and are at least worth testing, even for traditionally non-video-oriented advertisers. Additionally, creative best practices have evolved to address a broader array of companies and production values. Understandably, a sizable portion of large-brand advertisers has a longstanding affinity for video content, as it naturally helps expand the reach of existing TV-style creative. More recently, many of these advertisers have also invested in more digital-specifi

How to leverage influencers for SEO

Influencer marketing has been gaining tremendous interest over the past few years as marketers across all categories, sizes and regions are looking to increase brand awareness and ultimately drive more sales using this “new” tactic. Why influencer marketing? I believe this heightened interest is driven by several challenges in today’s marketplace. The first is the struggle that brands experience when it comes to content creation. Most brands are just not creators; they are brand builders, which often leads to a slew of overly branded content filled with people spouting copy points they would never say in real life. The second is the continued (some might say, growing) mistrust that consumers have in brand messages. The third major issue is the decrease in organic reach  across social media platforms. True influencers can still reach consumers organically, with content their followers want and believe; brands can’t. The influencers’ connection to organic search Organic search

How a new AI powered search engine is changing how neuroscientists do research

When you think of artificial intelligence , images of futuristic robots or memories of bad sci-fi films might come to mind. However, the reality of AI is actually a lot more tame: a friendly search engine, for instance. But while we type our queries into Google and usually get fairly useful results, the same has not always been true for the information gleaned by scientific researchers. Although existing resources like Google Scholar and PubMed provide scientists with resources much faster than the methods of old, they don’t always cover the nitty-gritty details that are needed. Now, a new, free search engine called Semantic Scholar is using AI technology to help these scientists find relevant information much more quickly. Semantic Scholar has been labeled a game-changer for these professionals, who previously had no way of effectively combing through mountains of dense research. While Google Scholar has a huge database – it has indexed more than 200 million articles to date – it

[Face Off] A Tale of Two Phablets: Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra vs Xiaomi Mi Max Prime

C omparisons between those who are very different are unfair, it is said. And if one were to only look at the price tags of the Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra and the Xiaomi Mi Max Prime, this would certainly make sense. On the one hand, you have a phone that is very high-end in terms of price at Rs 49,999, and on the other, you have another that costs less than half of its price at Rs 19,999. But that difference apart, the Xiaomi Mi Max Prime and the Asus Zenfone 3 Ultra seem very similar creatures. Their spec sheets have more than a passing semblance to each other and each tries to be a phone as well as a tablet in its own way. And does it so well that we think that these are perhaps two of the best (really) large screen phones out there. But which is the one for you? Let’s try and find out. Round One: Design and appearance Of the two parameters that most clearly divide these two devices (the other is the last in the list – go to round seven), one is design. Both are large devices but that

Report Reveals Android had the Most Security Vulnerabilities in 2016

A ndroid had a pretty disastrous last year if we talk about security. Millions of devices were exploited by various malware including Rowhammer , Quadrooter , Stagefright , Qualcomm “god mode” bug and a few more. Now, a new report has accentuated the slump period with some numbers which reveal Google’s mobile OS topped the vulnerabilities charts in 2016, followed by Debian and Ubuntu Linux. Also Read:   Android Encryption is Vulnerable and Google Isn’t the One to Blame According to Mitre’s Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database which documented a total of 10,098 bugs in 2016, Android encountered at least 523 security breaches. The news doesn’t come as a surprise majorly due to how OEMs have continued to ignore the necessity of regular security patches. Additionally, numerous analysts have pointed out significant flaws in Google’s encryption engine. While the latest Android Nougat update has amended a few of those shortcomings, there’s only a minuscule percentage of devi

Why You Should Focus On Page Load Speed in 2017

Every e-commerce owner wants to increase their conversion rates and reduce their exit rates. And, studies show that one of the key reasons why exit rates may be hitting the roof is poor page load performance. Below, you will find an explanation as to why page speed should be your next focus for your e-commerce site if you want to make your store as profitable as possible (which I’m assuming you do). Why is page load speed so important? It definitely makes sense to improve your page load speed as much as possible. Potential customers can really get frustrated and disillusioned with your site if they find that they have to wait ages for pages to load. This is a key reason why exit rates (the rates at which visitors to a page exit your site on that specific page) can start to climb. recently did a study which suggested that over half of internet users expect a website to load within 2 seconds. Any longer than that, and they may start tapping their watch, getting frust

Plume Labs Flow Tracker Lets you Keep a Constant Tab on Air Pollution

W earables are plenty in the market but what they lack is product diversification, nearly all of the wearables are designed to do the same thing despite boasting of a small new feature here and there. Plume Labs has come with a new variable that tracks your environment instead of your fitness. The Flow tracker is something that will be immediately helpful to you especially if you reside in a city that is ‘high’ on pollution. The device sports a touch button cordoned with a 12 color LED that will indicate the pollution status in the last 12 hours without actually having to rely on the companion app for the same. The flow tracker is designed to work both outdoors and indoors and will be able to detect particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide, ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), temperature and also the humidity. Flow tracker comes with a leather strip and can be tagged along conveniently. Similar to many fitness trackers Flow uses Bluetooth LE to communicate with the compani

Asus Flip C302 and Acer C731 Chromebooks Announced at CES 2017

A long with new premium computers, Acer and Asus also launched significant hardware upgrades to their Chromebook offerings. While the former announced a more ruggedised successor to its C730 budget laptop, Asus has overhauled one of the most successful Chromebooks, Flip with premium internals. The new Acer C731 is priced incredibly low at $230 and for starters, comes with a U.S. MIL-STD 810G military standard build making it perfect for students. The machine can apparently, handle a downward force of about 60kg on the top and the corner shield structure and rubber bumper keyboard are capable of protecting it from drops up to 48 inches. Furthermore, the keyboard is also spill-resistant and the design has been kept fanless. Acer claims a total battery life of 12 hours on normal use. In terms of raw power, though, the Chromebook 11 N7 (C731) is running on Intel’s Celeron dual-core processor clocked at 1.6 Ghz, 4GB of Dual-channel LPDDR3, an 11.6-inch HD LCD panel up front, and 16/32GB