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Ad copy hack for your AdWords pathways

The testing and implementation of ad copy in AdWords has become increasingly important — and increasingly difficult. This is a result of the paradigm shifts in AdWords account structures. The ad copy advice that follows can help improve ad copy relevance easily, at scale.Shift in AdWords account structuresThroughout 2016, we have seen a major debate regarding the concept of AdWords account structures. Regardless of your stance, one major shift that we’ve seen over the past two years is search engine marketers reducing the number of keywords per ad group within their Google and Bing accounts.Whether that’s moving to Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs) or to flexible account structures, there is no debate that account structures have been shifting toward an increase in the number of ad groups within each account. Reading summaries on these account structure shifts is definitely a valuable way to spend time if you’re not familiar with some of these changes. (Now is definitely a good time to…

Super Bowl LI advertisers: Here are the brands gearing-up for game day

With less than a month before Super Bowl LI’s kick-off, brands are gearing up to take the field in hopes their campaigns will have a lasting effect on their advertising goals throughout the rest of 2017.Today, Intel released a 30-second spot scheduled to air during Fox’s Super Bowl broadcast on Sunday, February 5th. The ad features NFL MVP Tom Brady, and showcases Intel’s 360-degree replay technology – the same technology Fox will be using when it airs the game.While we are starting to see more announcements around this year’s Super Bowl brands, advertisers haven’t been as quick to share their Super Bowl ads or teaser ads this year compared to Super Bowl 50. Last year, both Wix and Butterfinger had released teaser ads before the start of the year.According to AdWeek, Butterfinger has already confirmed it will not be advertising in this year’s game, along with Doritos, Mini USA, SunTrust and Toyota – all brands that showed up for last year’s Super Bowl.For now, here is a list of brands…

Intel’s Super Bowl LI ad turns NFL MVP Tom Brady’s daily routines into epic experiences

Intel has recruited Super Bowl veteran and MVP Tom Brady for its 30-second “Brady Everyday” Super Bowl ad scheduled to air during Fox’s broadcast of the game on February 5th.The spot features Tom Brady doing his usual daily routines, but with the added experience of Intel’s 360-degree replay technology – the same technology that will be used by Fox during the Super Bowl broadcast.Instead of just brushing his teeth, or fixing a pancake, Intel’s 360-degree replay effects makes Brady’s most mundane tasks look larger-than-life.“For the first time, a company is airing an advertisement during the Super Bowl that is actually part of the broadcast and part of the game itself,” said Intel CMO Steve Fund in a release announcing the brand’s Super Bowl campaign.Fund said it was a “true example of innovative marketing” and that Tom Brady was the perfect partner for the brand because, “…he exemplifies high performance and is one of the best quarterbacks of all time.” Intel will also bring a new “Be …

[Podcast] Marketing Land Live #40: Who’s using cinemagraphs and how with Flixel’s Robert Lendvai

It’s no secret that visual imagery is a must in 2017 when it comes to digital marketing. And many marketers, both big and small, are using cinemagraphs to catch the attention of prospects and customers on the web, on social networks and elsewhere.Cinemagraphs made a splash a few years ago and they’re still going strong, according to Robert Lendvai of, our guest on this week’s episode of Marketing Land Live. Lendvai talks about how marketers are using cinemagraphs in 2017, why they’re growing in popularity and why recent platform changes from the likes of Facebook and Instagram have benefitted marketers that use cinemagraphs.This week’s show runs just under 30 minutes. You can listen to the show below, and be sure to scroll down for this week’s Show Notes, with links for more information.We invite you to subscribe via iTunes or Google Play Podcasts — you’ll get all new episodes delivered directly to you as soon as they’re published! Show NotesWhat’s happening with the cinemag…

In the age of intelligent agents, how does marketing work?

Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana.These intelligent agents, and their more limited bot cousins, have taken up positions as new interfaces between customers and marketers.For decades before they emerged, marketing and advertising had been based on getting the product pitch in front of the potential customer.But how does this pitching work when there is an intelligent agent of some kind standing between the seller and the buyer?Research firm IDC predicts that, within three years, an astounding 40 percent of e-commerce transactions will be enabled by cognitive agent/artificial intelligent shoppers. One recent sign: the Alexa-containing Amazon Echo Dot was the best selling item in the Amazon superstore this past holiday season.All of which means that digital marketing and advertising may be in for what might be called a tectonic adjustment.That is, an earthquake.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Dun & Bradstreet buys Avention so its data can become real-time triggers

Dun & Bradstreet is making its business data more readily available, with its announcement this week that it is acquiring sales and marketing data provider Avention for $150 million.Based in Concord, Massachusetts, Avention is best known for its OneSource line of data products that offer info on businesses, contacts, and markets for sales people and marketers.Of course, Dun & Bradstreet is also known for its massive supply of business data, providing what CMO Rishi Dave told me is the “world’s largest commercial database.”So why would Dun & Bradstreet want to buy Avention?Because, Dave said, his company wanted to figure out how to best “surface [its] data in realtime so it’s usable.”[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Conversable launched the first Twitter-based automated conference guide at CES

In November, Twitter announced two new features — quick replies and welcome messages — to help automate business responses in Direct Messages.The social network wrote in a blog post that the new features…“…can enable faster resolutions by helping customers more easily provide information to solve problems before an agent sees the first message, or they can simplify automated services and transactional flows that were difficult in the past.”At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) held last week in Las Vegas, conversational platform Conversable added its natural language processing/intelligent platform to Twitter’s automated features to create the first conference guide using Twitter.Conversable CEO and co-founder Ben Lamm told me that, in a typical use case for the CES Twitter Guide, a conference goer with a meeting shortly at Qualcomm may have forgotten the booth’s location.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Amazon Canada ordered to pay $1M fine for deceptive price listings

Amazon Canada has been fined $1 million by the country’s Competition Bureau for using deceptive price listings.According to a release from the Canada’s Competition Bureau, an independent agency that enforces Canada’s Competition Act, Inc. was charged with listing misleading comparative prices.From the release:Amazon often compared its prices to a regular price – or “list price” – signaling attractive savings for consumers. The Bureau’s investigation concluded that these claims created the impression that prices for items offered on were lower than prevailing market prices. The Bureau determined that Amazon relied on its suppliers to provide list prices without verifying that those prices were accurate.The Competition Bureau says the Amazon has made the necessary changes to reflect accurate price listings as part of the agreement between the e-commerce site and Canada’s Competition Tribunal.“The agreement reached today resolves the Bureau’s concerns and sen…

5 big things marketers actually have to start doing in 2017

If you look at the predictions for 2017 marketing trends, you’re probably going to see more of the same: Personalize things. Focus on customer experience. Start using Facebook Live. Think more about video.There’s no big paradigm shift happening. Marketing channels are maturing. Engagement is dropping. This year, rather than looking around for the next quick fix — something that gives you big, meaningless numbers — marketers should look at what has worked in the past and think about how to optimize it further.The past few years were all about experimentation. Marketers should make this the year of optimization. Here’s how you can start:1. Use data for something other than monthly reportsYes, data is important. It’s great that so many companies are investing in analytics tools, trying to track social media ROI and diving deep into what customer experience looks like.But, other than a bunch of numbers to show off at a meeting every month, how are you really using all that data?Marketers …

Nine crazy predictions for SEO in 2017

It’s January, which means you’ve probably read about 200 expert predictions on the future of SEO in 2017 by now. But if you stick with me, I promise this post won’t be like any of the other SEO predictions posts you’ve seen so far.When it comes to making SEO predictions, a lot of experts take the safe route. We all know mobile SEO is going to be increasingly important. Talking about the obvious is always safe.If you’re anything like me, the SEO predictions for 2017 have let you feeling underwhelmed. No one has been sticking their neck out this year.Mobile will be big?UX will matter?Really?! You don’t say!I think it’s time for a few more bold predictions – nine of them in fact. These SEO predictions will be a bit more out there – maybe you could even call them a little crazy.Just don’t blame me if/when these predictions become reality. I’m just the prognosticator, basing my predictions on the things I’ve seen lately – and where I believe Google is heading next.1. We’ll Experience the B…

Mobile marketing predictions for 2017 from 11 industry veterans

Yes, it’s time to look forward to 2017 and take a stab at predicting what important events and developments will impact mobile and location-based marketing. And while I have several thoughts of my own in terms of what will move the needle, I find it’s always helpful to get some outside perspective, particularly from smart people both inside and outside the industry.To that end, I asked about 20 friends, colleagues and clients for their input. From that group, I received 11 responses. Of course, I would have liked a few more female voices represented (my initial list was split pretty evenly between men and women) but c’est la vie.Before we dive in, I always find it helpful to set the stage with some current statistics:According to eMarketer, there are nearly two billion smartphones worldwide, with 200 million or so of those in the US (nearly 65 percent of the population). The growth here is slowing in mature markets but continues to be strong in developing countries like India, Brazil…

Gionee Steel 2 with 4,000mAh Battery Launched at $187

Gionee Steel 2, today became the Chinese brand’s first smartphone to go official this year. The latest budget smartphone is a part of its China-exclusive ‘Steel’ series. As expected by its name, the compact budget device indeed comes with a metal unibody design and packs a large battery on the inside.Up front, the Gionee Steel 2 packs a 5-inch HD display flanked by black borders to give the smartphone a bezel-free look. Below the display lies a rectangular home button which apparently houses a fingerprint sensor and two capacitive keys. Powering, the Gionee Steel 2 is a Mediatek MT6737 quad core processor with cores clocked at 1.3GHz each. This is again clubbed with a Mali T720 GPU and 3GB RAM. Coming to storage, the Gionee Steel 2 comes in two variants – 16GB and 32GB. That said, there’s room for memory expansion upto 128GB.Talking of the cameras, the Gionee Steel 2 packs an 8MP rear sensor with LED flash. In an interesting design cue, Gionee has made use of a black glass strip to fl…

Lily Kills its Autonomous Drone Project, Buyers Being Offered Refund

Lily, the autonomous camera drone by the ambitious startup founded by Antonie and Henry will not make it to the market. Despite, receiving the CES 2016 award for the most innovative product and acquiring more $34 million in pre-orders, the startup has finally decided to pull the plug on its ambitious Lily autonomous drone project .In an open blog, the founders have revealed that the failure to acquire substantial funding for mass-scale production of the drones is forcing them to take this decision. Antonie Balaresque and Henry Bradlow has jointly revealed their disappointment behind this abrupt closure. With that said, the company has announced that they will be refunding every customer who had pledged their amount during the crowdfunding process. Detailing the reimbursement plans, the founders revealed that the money would be refunded to the same card which was initially used for making the payment. Just in case you no longer happen to own the card, you can fill in a form on the webs…

How to keep Q4 paying off in 2017

Retailers love the influx of revenue in Q4, but there’s another, more last gift from the spike in digital traffic: data that you can use to your advantage in 2017.In this post, we’ll cover three major ways to make Q4 the gift that keeps on giving.1) Capture those audiences.This is the time to build remarketing lists (put this in place ASAP if you haven’t yet; it’s never too late). You can then target these users at a later date to remarket to them if they haven’t converted.Anyone adding to cart and abandoning, getting partway through the checkout process before bailing, just looking at product pages or even your home page…hit them with ads and promotions for post-holiday sales.When building your remarketing lists, build them wisely; smartly segment them based on their interaction with your website.The depth they go into your website gives you a better idea of the depth of their intent. Build the segments, bid accordingly, and tailor creative to speak more directly to the different aud…

HTC Debuts the New U Series Smartphones – U Ultra and U Play

HTC is kicking off 2017 with an unconventional early launch of smartphones under their new “U” series. The company has announced two new handsets under the lineup – the highly rumored and leaked, U Ultra and a mid-ranger U Play. Both these phones ditch the standard headphone jack and pack some new AI-powered software tricks up their sleeves.Both the new handsets also feature HTC’s refreshing take on build and design – they flaunt an all-glass exterior, which HTC calls Liquid Surface construction that occasionally provides a pearlescent look under the right light. The frame is, though, still made out of metal. Furthermore, the U Ultra takes some cues from LG’s V series and includes a secondary 2-inch 160 x 1040 Super LCD panel on the top for displaying notifications, shortcuts, what have you. Both of them also rock a fingerprint scanner housed under the home button.The other big upgrade is in the software and as expected, HTC has added a slew of AI enhancements which can basically pred…

Facebook Journalism Project aims to build stronger ties with news publishers

In the wake of the November election and “fake news” scandals, Facebook has taken several corrective measures and launched new initiatives to restore its credibility as a news publishing platform; among them, it hired former CNN journalist Campbell Brown as an industry liaison. Today it announced a number of new efforts to support and collaborate with news organizations.The umbrella initiative is called the Facebook Journalism Project. It will consist of “deeper collaboration with news organizations across the spectrum,” (presumably the ideological spectrum). The company wants to involve publishers in the creation of new products and help with subscription revenue and new business models.As one example Facebook says that it’s going to work with publishers on “new storytelling formats”:As people’s preferences for consuming news evolve, it’s critical to work together on figuring out which new storytelling formats will help people be more informed. We want to work with partners to evolve…

Can you prove social media is working?

Social media ROI is the topic that will not die because, like it or not, social media is still a bit of a jungle in a world of tidy marketing-tactic cities. It’s hard to navigate, let alone map and measure.This Social ROI Template from Tracx will give you advice on goal-driven analysis and which metrics matter, insight on how to tie social data to marketing investments, an easy-to-follow, five-step process for determining ROI, and a downloadable Excel template to make calculations easy.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to get your copy.

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Marketing Day: YouTube’s top ads in December, Facebook Live updates & Instagram ads

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:The flexibility requirement for SEO agencies
Jan 11, 2017 by Casie Gillette
SEO requires a broad skill set, but in an industry where things are constantly shifting, columnist Casie Gillette argues that perhaps the most important skill is the ability to adapt to change.YouTube Top 10 ads in December: Jennifer Hudson helps drive Shell’s “Best Day of My Life” to top of list
Jan 11, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
Enlisting a number of artists, Shell is using the music video to promote its #MakeTheFuture campaign.Going beyond ‘right consumer, right time, right place’
Jan 11, 2017 by Phil Schraeder
Effective digital advertising is all about context, and columnist Phil Schraeder notes that in a cross-device world, getting context right requires a new set of tools and a new way of thinking.Why SEO & lousy content don’t mix
Jan 11, 2017 by Ryan Shelley

The flexibility requirement for SEO agencies

Tell me if you’ve encountered conversations like these before:“We actually don’t care about conversions; we just want organic traffic growth.”“We’re re-branding and are no longer calling ourselves [insert term].”“We’re launching a new product today. Can you provide us tagging and content?”#facepalmI’d like to tell you these situations are rare, but if you’ve worked in the SEO consulting field for any period of time, you know they aren’t. As SEOs, and especially for those on the agency side, you are often the last to know what’s happening. Regardless of how much you try to keep yourself in the loop, sometimes information gets to you after the fact.Flexibility is crucial, and the ability to adapt your programs and deliverables at the drop of a hat is key to long-term success.Let’s look at the above scenarios, for example.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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YouTube Top 10 ads in December: Jennifer Hudson helps drive Shell’s “Best Day of My Life” to top of list

Last month’s most watched ad on YouTube was from Shell Oil Company. With Jennifer Hudson, DJ Steve Aoki and others performing the song “Best Day of My Life,” the spot is a music video produced to promote the brand’s #MakeTheFuture campaign.Shell’s spot generated 24.4 million views during December – nearly double the No. 2 video, Google’s 2016 Year in Search (which could be argued wasn’t actually an ad). Google’s wrap-up of its top search trends for last year earned 13.8 million after being released two-weeks into December.November’s most watched ad “Hog Rider 360” from Clash of Clans dropped to No. 3, but the video game ended up with two spots in the top ten, earning a combined 16.9 million views.Clash of Clans’ “Hog Rider” video, along with the Christmas ad from UK department store John Lewis, and Ford’s “Sailer Moon’s Ford Focus Dream” were all carryovers from November, making YouTube’s ad leaderboard two months in a row.According to YouTube, the top ten ads generated a 80.7 millio…

Going beyond ‘right consumer, right time, right place’

“The right consumer at the right time at the right place.”That familiar mantra is exactly what marketers should be aiming for… right?Yes, of course, in a broad sense. But in an ever-evolving advertising landscape increasingly dominated by programmatic, the “three rights” are overly simplistic. Arguably dangerously simplistic, particularly in a mobile-first advertising environment.Let’s break it down….[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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