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FTC Affiliate Disclosure For Bloggers: Everything You Need To Know

Are you an affiliate marketer, blogger, or site owner who is making money online by promoting products of companies based in theUSA, the UK, or Canada?If yes, then here’s another question:Are you disclosing your affiliation(s) properly?This post is all about learning the importance of a legally valid FTC affiliate disclosure, and how to effective display this information on your website.What Is An Affiliate Disclosure?Affiliate marketing is a well-known division of digital marketing where merchants (or advertisers) work with affiliates (or publishers), affiliate networks (like Commission Junction), and other third parties to sell their products. In return, these merchants provide a commission to their affiliate publishers.Learn everything about affiliate marketing with the popular “ShoutMeLoud Affiliate Marketing Handbook“.To make sure that the digital marketing industry maintains trust between consumers and merchants, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission, USA) came up with an “affiliate…

Twitter forces people to follow @POTUS, @FLOTUS & @VP accounts

Today, the United States gained a new President, First Lady and Vice President. Those people inherited the official Twitter accounts of their predecessors. In turn, some of those not supportive of the new administration unfollowed those accounts. Or thought they did. As it turns out, Twitter has caused many people to follow these accounts again, against their will.I’m just one of several examples. Yesterday, I stopped following the @POTUS account that was used by President Barack Obama (who is now at @BarackObama) before @POTUS switched to President Donald Trump today.I also stopped following the @FLOTUS account that was used by Michelle Obama (who is now at @MichelleObama) before @FLOTUS switched to Melania Trump today.Vice President Joe Biden (now at @JoeBiden) had been using @VP, which I also dropped yesterday. The @VP account is now used by Mike Pence.Today, I found I’m following all those accounts again. I definitely dropped them, but Twitter decided I should keep following them …

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro with 6GB RAM Launched in India for Rs 36,900

Samsung has brought the Galaxy C9 Pro to the Indian shores. Launched first in China back in October last year, the C9 Pro is one of the first devices under the Galaxy C series and comes with a big 6-inch Super AMOLED FHD screen along with 6GB of RAM. This is the first phone from the Korean giant to carry 6GB of RAM.The Galaxy C9 Pro comes with a metal unibody design that’s made out of an aircraft grade aluminum alloy. It’s powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 653 octa-core processor that’s mated with Adreno 510 GPU. As for the storage, Samsung has managed to fit in a big 64GB eMMC storage which can be further expanded to 256GB via the dedicated microSD slot.As for the cameras, the Galaxy C9 Pro comes with a 16MP f/1.9 rear camera that comes equipped with PDAF sensor. Interestingly, the front camera is 16MP as well. Under the hood, the Samsung C9 Pro packs a large 4000mAh battery and it’s commendable that the device is quite slim at 6.9mm despite that. The C9 Pro also boasts of dual spea…

Marketing Day: SEO audits, affiliate marketing & LinkedIn analytics from DataSift

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Relaunching your website? Don’t forget an SEO audit!
Jan 20, 2017 by Janet Driscoll Miller
Columnist Janet Driscoll Miller outlines the steps you should take pre-launch and post-launch to ensure a smooth transition to a new website.Influencers, in-store shopping and more: 5 affiliate marketing trends for 2017
Jan 20, 2017 by Adam Weiss
What can we expect to see in affiliate marketing this year? From the continued rise of influencers to harnessing data, columnist Adam Weiss lays out five trends that will dominate 2017.How digital media won the White House for an ‘analog’ audience
Jan 20, 2017 by Rob Rasko
Columnist Rob Rasko speaks about the power of digital advertising and how it can truly drive outcomes; case in point, the 2016 election.DataSift offers first analysis at scale of how LinkedIn’s members engage with content
Jan 20, 2017 by Barry…

YouTube gains access to Google account data for ad targeting, teases new measurement solution

Bloomicon / Google-owned YouTube made several announcements on Friday. The most immediate update is that Google account data can now be used for ad targeting and measurement across search and YouTube. The changes come as over 50 percent of YouTube views now happen on mobile.Google user account data now used for YouTube targetingA little over a year ago, Google folded the YouTube advertising interface into AdWords. Now it’s taking further steps to integrate targeting and measurement across search and video campaigns. Ads on YouTube will now be able to use data such as demographic and search behavior information from users signed-into Google. As an example, a retailer could show a user that searches for a winter coat an ad on Google and then target that same user with ads when they are on YouTube.Additionally, Google says it is expanding ways in which Customer Match targeting can be used on YouTube. “For example, that same retail advertiser could reach customers that sig…

HOME by Mediano Helps you Keep Track of Your Families Vital Signs

Thanks to the advent in technology most of us are using gadgets like fitness wearable to continuously monitor our physical activity and thus use the insight to stay healthier. Infact wearables like Goqii band has tied up with nutritionist, doctors and diagnostic labs to ensure a complete ecosystem. Also, it becomes important for most of us to keep a track of our body vitals and rushing to a pathology lab everytime is neither convenient nor economic.Mediano is a Bengaluru startup that offers a device called HOME (Hands On Monitoring Equipment) capable of keeping track of Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Electrocardiogram, Blood Ocygen Content, Haemoglobin Content, Respiratory Rate and Body Temperature. The device stores data of up to 8 home users and will also let the user know if the results are within acceptable levels.Who Needs Mediano HOME?Well to be frank this device is as necessary as any other electrical appliances or maybe even more. Most of us don’t find the time to get ourselves c…