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5 more brands launch Super Bowl LI ads: Hyundai, Turbo Tax, Lexus, Avocados from Mexico & Mr. Clean

After a slow start to this year’s Super Bowl ad season, more brands are releasing either teaser ads or sharing their official Super Bowl LI spot in anticipation of the big game.Last week, Intel released its official 30-second Super Bowl ad “Everyday Brady” staring NFL MVP Tom Brady. Kia released two teaser ads last Thursday and posted a third teaser ad today – all staring actress Melissa McCarthy. Wix also launched its campaign last week with a teaser ad starring actors Jason Stathan and Gal Gadot.Now, Hyundai, Turbo Tax, Lexus, Avocados from Mexico and Mr. Clean have joined the line-up of brands releasing either teaser ads or their official game-day spots.Here’s a quick rundown of what each of the advertisers are bringing to the game along with the ads they dropped.HyundaiHyundai has recruited actor and director Peter Berg to shoot a 90-second video, which the brand is billing as a “documentary in real time” that will air during the ‘post-gun’ slot, the first commercial break immedi…

Are you writing too much content?

How much content is too much content? Writers have been debating this question for centuries, if not millennia.Back in the 1800s, book authors were paid per page, so literary greats like Victor Hugo literally wrote as much as possible. However, while writing 650,000+ word novels was good for Hugo’s bottom line, there’s a reason why most people prefer the abridged version of “Les Miserables”…Attention spans are shrinking — and this doesn’t just affect novelists.For years, SEO experts have been emphasizing long-form content. After all, in the keyword-centered universe of search engine optimization, longer content means more words, which means more keywords, which means better search relevance, right?But, here’s the thing. Whether you’re a 19th-century novelist or a 21st-century content marketer, great content isn’t about word count — it’s about crafting the right experience for your user.SEO is changingEarly on, search engine algorithms were very keyword-centric. However, people don’t u…

Amplero enlists machine learning to leverage influencer marketing

Graphic by Amplero Influencer marketing tries to leverage a popular person’s network of friends and followers.To do that with existing customers, optimization platform Amplero has announced an enhancement to its platform that employs machine learning to power influencer marketing for brands whose customers commonly form networks of users.Called Influencer Optimization, the new approach identifies users with substantial networks of contacts, and then uses machine intelligence to make the least offer that would generate the biggest ripple.Matt Fleckenstein, Chief Product Officer, outlined a possible use case for me.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Brandwatch now offers three-year searches of Unlimited Historical Data

Social intelligence provider Brandwatch has launched its Unlimited Historical Data for searching online conversations and news over the recent past.The UK-based company says this new offering is the fastest tool for custom historical analysis of online news and conversations.Marketers can search-by-topic without a limit on the number of queries over three years of historical data, with results returned in seconds or minutes. The capability is built around Brandwatch’s new use of the Twitter Decahose of data, which makes available ten percent of tweets on any topic over the past three years.Brandwatch then extrapolates from that sample to estimate the total number of posts on a topic, just as a pollster might make conclusions about the relative standing of political candidates from a representative sample.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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How audience profiling, based on real-time online customer interactions, reveals the faces in the crowd

Today’s scattergun approach to targeting, based on wide demographic assumptions, overlooks an important fact for marketers: Target audiences are made up of real people.Getting to know customers and prospects on a personal level is the only way marketers can truly understand what will be relevant to them, what they want and need and what will motivate them to buy.While brands have access to a wealth of first-party data that can help them understand who their customers are and what interests they have, many are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information available and don’t know where to start or have access to the correct technology and capabilities.But help is at hand. With the arrival of cognitive technologies and machine learning, it’s now possible to create advanced audience profiles based on the “propensity to interact” (click or buy) with the brand message. This allows marketers to make the most of valuable online first-party data and finally reveal the faces in the crowd.So h…

Announcing the Stackies & Hackies Awards for MarTech San Francisco 2017

I’m excited to kick off the third year of The Stackies, which will culminate in an opening awards ceremony at the MarTech Conference in San Francisco, May 9-11, 2017.Of course, like all agile marketers, we believe in improving with each iteration. So we’ve tweaked and expanded the competition this year.But first, new readers may be wondering, “What the heck are The Stackies?” They’re a friendly competition where marketers send in a single 16:9 slide that illustrates their marketing stack — the collection of marketing tools and technologies that they use to make marketing magic in a digital world.We then openly publish all of the entries — check out the 21 marketing stacks from 2015 and the 41 marketing stacks from 2016. We designed The Stackie Awards to be a vehicle for sharing industry insights among peers. By looking at the creative ways so many different marketers conceptualize their stacks, everyone can draw learning and inspiration from them.The new and improved Stackies & H…

The Barra Dozen: 12 Things You Might Not Know About the Mi Man

It came out of nowhere and hit the tech industry like a wrecking ball. Hugo Barra, the global vice president of Xiaomi soon after unveiling the Redmi Note 4 in India stepped from his current post at the Chinese brand. The Mi Man through a Facebook post today announced that he is leaving the company, although he will continue in an advisory role. Barra moved to Xiaomi in September 2013 from Google where he was heading Google’s Android division. Ever since Barra has taken over the position in Xiaomi, he pretty much has been the face of the company. But in spite of his very public presence, there are many things people do not know about the Mi Man. So if you think you know everything about Hugo Barra, check out the following:People might know that Hugo Barra went to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) where he studied management science in his Bachelor’s and did Masters in electrical engineering and computer science but what people might not know is the fact that Hugo Barra first…

Make any Android Wallpaper Come Alive with Liven

Live wallpapers are one of the most salient aspects of Android customization. However, the majority of them are annoyingly obtrusive or too wearying for your phone’s processor in some cases. But what if I tell you there’s a new wallpaper app in town that reinvigorates your home screen with minimal appendages?Meet Liven Live WallpaperLiven is an overlaying live wallpaper that enhances your existing background with levitating stars, particles, and snow effects. The app basically, adds a dynamic layer to your current wallpaper which you can obviously, customize with some additional patterns, filters, and settings. For me, the most prominent feature is the fact that it doesn’t feel unnecessarily complicated or teeming alike other offerings. It goes well with your rest of the setup which for some reason, isn’t a common sight anymore.Once downloaded, fire up the Liven app to configure the live wallpaper. The app will automatically extract the current background, tap the little gear icon for…

Progressive Web Apps can now be Downloaded as APK’s on Chrome for Android

Most of us either download and install Android applications from the App Store while sometimes we download the apk files from external sources and sideload the same on our Android smartphones. However in the recent past apps are becoming rich in features and this obviously means that they require more resources, storage space and not to mention the battery juice. While this is fine (to a certain extent) for the smartphones with high-end hardware, bigger batteries and storage space the entry level and sometimes even the midrange phones buckle.We have been seeing a rise in web apps recently and why not, they are lite, cut out the flab while retaining the quintessential features and they don’t gobble up your phones resources. Google has further improved the web apps and has created something called “Progressive Web Apps” which is integrated with the mobile devices and has access to the push notifications. The highlight of the PWA is that they are installed on the home screen of the devic…

Five common mistakes small businesses make with their online presence

Please note, this is content written in association with Single Platform.All small businesses need to know how to create a consistent online presence. 54% of small businesses currently have a website, but this isn’t nearly enough if you want to create an effective web presence in order to approach potential customers.Often small business owners can feel overwhelmed when trying to explore the most suitable online opportunities. So to help out, here are some of the most common mistakes they can avoid in 2017.1) Ignoring local SEO97% of Internet users search for local businesses online, which means that a business cannot afford to ignore local SEO and its potential benefits.Local SEO helps you attract customers who perform searches for a particular location, such as “sushi in NYC”. By optimising your site for local queries, you are helping customers discover your business and your services. Therefore reaching a new audience that’s interested in the most appropriate search results for the…

Oh Mi Gawd! Did Xiaomi Just Lose its Secret Weapon?

A crucial ingredient for the success of Xiaomi in India.
It cannot be manufactured in a laboratory.
It cannot be patented.
It has nothing to do with logistics or supply chains.
There are some who say it is artificial.
But none doubt its efficacy.
It is the charm of Hugo Barra
.”Almost two and a half years ago, I wrote those lines after Xiaomi had launched the Redmi 1S in India, stressing that for all its “amazing specs at amazingly affordable prices” products, the Chinese brand’s secret weapon was the mystique surrounding its Global Vice President, former Google (and Nexus) man Hugo Barra. Those words might be haunting the Chinese company, following Barra’s decision to step down from his post a few hours ago. Yes, he will evidently stay on in the role of an “advisor,” but industry experts do not seem to be too convinced by that designation – for them, Barra Has Left the (Mi) Building.Barra’s decision to step down came rather appropriately (for a company that believes deeply in the pow…

Vivo V5 Plus with 20MP Dual Front Camera Launched in India at Rs 27,980

Vivo V5 Plus has been launched in India priced at Rs 27,980. As we expected Vivo has gone ballistic with the selfie camera and this time around we get to witness a dual front camera which is a first in the industry. The Vivo V5 Plus will be up for sale from February 1 and will be up for preorder starting from January 24.
Vivo V5 Plus comes equipped with a 5.5-inch FHD display along with 2.5D Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and narrow bezels which the Vivo claims is crafted for better ergonomics. Powering the device is an Octa-core Snapdragon 625 clocked at 2GHz and paired with 4GB RAM. On the storage front, the Vivo V5 Plus offers 64GB of onboard memory.The camera arrangements on this phone include a 20-Megapixel dual front camera (Sony IMX376) with f/2.0 along with a moonlight LED flash. Furthermore, the V5 Plus also sports a second 8-Megapixel camera that helps in achieving a better depth of fields. It’s worth mentioning that the Vivo V5 Plus uses only the 20-Megapixel sensor while taking s…

The Great TechPP Crossword: Episode 3

Feeling a little blue on Monday? We have got the perfect cure for the geeky side of you. We are back with the Great TechPP Crossword, a crossword that is literally the only one of its kind. Because it is designed for those who love tech and also have a hint of Robert Langdon’s puzzle solving panache about them. So see how many points you rack up as you work out the words and letters that are the answers to our clues which range from the simplistic to the cryptic. Go ahead, cross swords with our crossword. May the best word win!Across1 As per myths, you can kill a werewolf with it. As per OnePlus, they are great for the ears. (6,6)
5 In pursuit of appiness? You might have to pay more in the coming days at this App Store. (6)
6 It’s not just human beings, even the company that never settles needs it to survive. (6)
8 Give too much Horlicks to the Lenovo K6 Power, and this is the result. (4)
9 They come for big Bucks, and can also make little Bucks dance. (7)
12 Just a bit of me on your …