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What’s love got to do with Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day is a day for people in relationships to celebrate their love. But more and more, people who are not in committed relationships are making Valentine’s Day purchases. Clever marketers have caught on to this and are targeting other markets to boost overall Valentine’s Day sales.In this article, I’ll cover other audiences marketers can focus on to boost Valentine’s Day sales and provide marketing tips to help you come out swinging with your Valentine’s Day advertising.Data in this article is from two Bing Ads presentations: “Search Bing for Love: Valentine’s Day 2017 Insights for Digital Marketers” and “Valentine’s Day Insights to Woo Digital Marketers.”Before getting started, here are some overall statistics on Valentine’s Day:Valentine’s Day is the fourth largest spending day of the year after the winter holidays, back to school and Mother’s Day.The average person spent approximately $150 on Valentine’s Day gifts in 2016.Approximately 55 percent of adults …

The essential guide to pharma SEM

One out of every 20 searches on Google is health-related. That means that many of us are heading to Dr. Google before heading to see our primary care physician. What the searchers do not see is the complex set of rules, regulations and processes that many pharmaceutical companies must go through to leverage paid search.Though most are familiar with the FDA’s role in deciding which medications are approved for use, many are not aware that it also oversees advertising for prescription drugs.The United States is one of the few countries that allow direct-to-consumer advertising for pharmaceutical drugs, and the FDA plays a key role in making sure any type of advertising by pharmaceutical brands is accurate and not deceptive. It also ensures that any claims made are backed up with information about the potential side effects or risks.For an SEM campaign to be launched, a strict set of rules must be followed. Many of the rules come from the FDA’s guidance on Reminder Ads, while others are …

[Reminder] Live webcast: How to create a single source of data truth for marketing

According to McKinsey and Forrester, an integrated marketing analytics approach can free up 15-20% of marketing spend while driving higher campaign conversions. But, with four out of five marketing organizations struggling to merge their data points, it’s clear that marketers still have many questions about how to get there.Join Cardinal Path’s David Booth and IBM’s Andrew Douglas to learn the right ingredients and best practices to get integrated marketing analytics right, so you can achieve your business goals in 2017. Attend this webcast and learn:Tips for data-driven optimization across channels and campaigns.Why connected data drives better performance and business impact.How to allocate budget resources more efficiently at scale.Register today for “Integrated Marketing Analytics: Creating a single source of data truth,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by Datorama.

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Inmoji launches first self-service platform for its interactive emoji-like icons and stickers

Inmoji used in conversation. Inmoji creates for brands what could be called “interactive emojis.” This week, the company is launching what it says is the first self-service platform for this kind of messaging rich-media, which it says is unique.These Inmoji — introduced in 2013 — are custom branded icons or stickers that are shared within supported messaging apps. When clicked by the recipient — and Inmoji says literally everyone who receives one clicks on it — the icon or sticker opens up a rich-media window in the app, revealing a movie trailer, a discount coupon, or some other brand-related feature with images or video. Here are rich-media windows, opened after the Inmoji icons or stickers have been clicked:[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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MailChimp moves toward becoming a marketing platform with Facebook ads feature

MailChimp graphic, depicting creation of a Facebook ad. Someday soon, MailChimp may have to change its name.That’s because the email service provider is taking what it describes as its “first major move from email-only to a marketing platform.” It is now allowing its 15 million small business users to create Facebook ad campaigns within its platform.The Atlanta-based company says that it intends to become a “holistic marketing platform,” and indicates it will offer tools for other channels at some point.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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[Podcast] Marketing Land Live #42: How does marketing work in the age of Amazon Echo & Google Home?

You’ve seen the numbers: Amazon sold an estimated 3+ million Echo devices just during the 2016 holiday shopping season, marking a 60 percent increase in Echo ownership. Looking ahead, another estimate predicts that more than 30 million voice-powered devices will be in homes by the end of this year. If that’s accurate, and the trend continues, we’re looking at a tidal wave of change in how consumers search for and receive information.And anytime consumer behavior changes significantly, it’s big news for marketers. In this week’s episode of Marketing Land Live, we visit with Gerry Murray, Director of Research for Marketing and Sales Tech at IDC, who sees these intelligent agents on a similar adoption curve as mobile was many years ago. And he says marketers are going to have to change their playbook for a time when consumers are regularly interacting with bots and intelligent agents.This episode runs 35 minutes and you can listen below, or use the link below to subscribe via your favori…

After a most lively year, where does live video go in 2017?

In 2016, most major social media platforms launched live-video streaming capabilities; Twitch moved beyond video games; and tween-girl must-have launched Big brands started aggressively using live-video tools to connect with customers through their own sites, and smaller platforms such as forged ahead, even as pioneering app Meerkat left the fight. Live video in 2016 was, to put it mildly, nuts.With all this activity, 2017 will be hard-pressed to top its predecessor. But it’s also likely we will see a bigger, more diverse and capable universe of live-video programming and tools this year — and perhaps even more innovation, now that so many platforms and capabilities are available and audiences are learning to look for these experiences.If 2016 was the Year of Live’s Launch, 2017 will be the Year of Live’s Mainstreaming.Millions of people are learning to create live video, and more importantly, watching the live programming they find. They enjoy the power…

Twitter’s NFL streams averaged 265,800 per-minute viewers across 10 games

Twitter’s NFL live streams averaged 265,800 viewers per-minute across all 10 Thursday Night Football games that aired on the social network last year, based on an analysis of the viewership figures, most of which were released publicly and some that were provided by the NFL.Twitter’s average minute audience — the same metric used to measure TV viewership — peaked at 327,000 viewers in Week 3 and bottomed out at 209,000 viewers in Week 11, after a three-game Twitter-streaming hiatus.While Twitter’s average minute audience trended downward over the course of the season, the social network’s total in-game audience — viewers who tuned in for at least three seconds between kick-off and the final whistle — trended upward. Twitter’s total in-game audience averaged 2.7 million viewers and either increased or held week-over-week until the final two games.The size of Twitter’s average minute audience was, on average, 10 percent the size of its total in-game viewership. Over the course of the se…

How much should B2B companies invest in digital marketing?

It is not hard to find information regarding digital marketing budgets. Many papers and articles discuss what percentage of your overall marketing budget should be devoted to digital and, as you might expect, opinions vary greatly.Most of the published data is oriented toward consumer-oriented businesses. In this article, I will provide a framework to help B2B marketers determine their optimal spend on digital.The big pictureThe clear trend is that digital marketing continues to grow as a percentage of overall marketing spend. In fact, eMarketer predicts that digital will account for nearly 45 percent of media ad spend by 2020:As companies continue to expand their digital marketing programs, here’s a breakdown of specifically where they plan to increase their investment:As you can see, search advertising, mobile and social marketing top the list for growth initiatives in 2016.Mobile is acceleratingIt cannot be overstated how much mobile will continue to grow and eventually dominate as…

Opinion: Mr. Clean’s Super Bowl ad may get buzz, but does it cross the “creepy” line?

After posting a teaser ad earlier this week with “stranger-danger” vibes all over it, Mr. Clean has released its official “Cleaner of Your Dreams” Super Bowl LI spot — and it features Mr. Clean in a whole new light, seductively dancing as he mops floors and scrubs the shower.The brand is obviously using the sex-sells angle to get more buzz. But, does the ad make Mr. Clean out to be more of a predator than the cleaner of your dreams?Taking the “not suitable for work” route in a Super Bowl campaign is as new as drinking beer and eating nachos during the game. There has never been a shortage of Super Bowl spots using sex to sell on TV’s biggest night for advertisers.GoDaddy made its name on controversial Super Bowl spots with the likes of race car driver Danika Patrick and Victoria Secrets model Bar Refaeli. In 2015, Carl Jr.’s Super Bowl ad showcased a nearly-naked model strolling through the town center, talking about how she loves, “…going all natural,” to sell the fast food restauran…

Microsoft Earnings Report for Q2 2017: Revenue reaches $26B fueled by cloud services

Microsoft released its 2017 Q2 earnings yesterday, reporting $26.1 billion in revenue and confirming the close of its LinkedIn acquisition during the quarter ending on December 31, 2016.The company reported a number of increases in revenue across its Productivity and Business Processes lines, with overall revenue reaching $7.4 billion. Its Office consumer products and cloud services revenue was up 22 percent, with Office 365 consumer subscribers growing to 24.9 million.Office commercial product revenue and clouds services was up five percent, with Office 365 commercial revenue up 47 percent. Dynamics product revenue increased seven percent.With more than 65 million iOS and Android devices using Microsoft’s Commercial OfficeMicrosoft reported revenue from LinkedIn was $228 million for the quarter.The company’s Intelligent Cloud revenue was up eight percent at $6.9 billion. The biggest gain in this area came from Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing service, up 93 percent – more than doubl…

Six most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from the world of search marketing and beyond.This week, we’ve got a bumper crop of stories from the search and marketing industry, including the Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative’s acquisition of an AI-powered search engine, new ad-targeting features on YouTube, the most popular emoji on Instagram, and the news that mobile search and YouTube are leading growth in Alphabet’s fourth quarter earnings.Also, you’ll never guess who one of Google’s most prolific advertisers is – it’s Google.Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative acquires AI-powered search engine, MetaThe Chan-Zuckerberg Initiative, the $45 billion philanthropic organisation founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan, has made its first acquisition – of a search engine. Meta is an search tool which uses artificial intelligence to make connections between scientific research, making it easier for researchers to search through and link together more than 26 million sc…

KDE Slimbook is a Linux-KDE Powered Laptop that Starts at €729

Linux laptops are a niche but that doesn’t mean that there is anything that stopping the Linux community from building high-end laptops that come sans any restriction from the manufacturer’s end. Linux has been a favorite with developers and it has also proven to relatively hassle free as you don’t need to hunt for drivers. While we do have many Windows laptops that can be made to dual boot Linux the number of laptops specifically made for Linux is just a handful.KDE Slimbook is one such device that has been the resultant of collaboration between a Spanish company called Slimbook and the KDE community. The laptop is priced starting at € 729 and one can also opt for an i7 variant which is priced at a €849. Both the laptops are powered by Intel 6th Gen processor and boast of an FHD display sized at 13.3-inch. The graphics part of the computing is taken care by the Intel HD 520 and the laptop is made out of aluminum.We were not content with the quality of laptops available on the market.…

Revalidation Tweak Helps Chrome Browser Achieve up to 28% Faster Page Reloads

Reload button on the Browser and broken pages go hand in hand, in fact, Reload button is one of the most important features of any browser. Starting from Chrome 54 Google has revamped the way pages are reloaded and Facebook helped Google to make the change happen. Facebook informed Google that the Chrome was sending validation request at a rate of 3X as compared to other browsers.Usually, when one refreshed the page the browser fires up a revalidation process in order to check if the given source is still intact. The downside here though is that Chrome had been revalidating all the sub-sources while refreshing thus eventually putting up the extra load on servers and users network for no fruitful reason. This feature of validating all the elements was designed back when broken pages were common and was crafted to address two causes with a single fix. But moving on since the overall web quality has increased over the years the relevancy of validating all the sources has faded.Chrome has…

Samsung Galaxy S8 Launch Date, Price, Specifications, and Design Confirmed in a new Leak

As we approach the official unveilings of this year’s some of the most significant smartphones, leaks have started pouring in abundance. However, unlike the LG G6, Samsung’s eighth Galaxy flagship seems to have been well hidden under the drapes, until now. According to a new report by the infamous Evan Blass (evleaks), the Galaxy S8 will be shown off on 28th March, away from the Mobile World Congress’ limelight.Furthermore, Blass also shared an image that reveals the Galaxy S8 will feature an iterative design upgrade rather than a complete reboot which isn’t particularly a bad thing. Additionally, Samsung has removed almost every front component including the fingerprint reader and hardware navigation buttons to make room for a larger display with minimal bezel, a trend we expect to go standard in the smartphone industry this year. Speaking of the biometric reader, the fingerprint sensor has been shifted to the back, and the front camera houses an iris scanner instead of a dedicated o…

Discover New Affiliate Program With Free Affilitizer Chrome Addon

What’s the most challenging part of affiliate marketing?Well, for me it’s discovering a new affiliate program within my niche.There are many ways to discover new affiliate programs in any niche & one of them is by joining an affiliate marketplace. However, you may know how tough it is to constantly browse these affiliate marketplaces when trying to find a new affiliate program that is highly relevant to you.How cool would it be if we could discover new affiliate programs right from Google Search?Imagine you’re researching for information related to a topic you are writing on by searching on Google, and Google informs you of available affiliate programs related to a website/product.Well, if you just felt goosebumps thinking about this, you can forever capture this feeling.Affilitizer is a new program in the affiliate marketing industry that helps anyone to discover new affiliate programs … for free!How Affilitizer Works & How To Discover New Affiliate ProgramsAffilitizer offers…

GOOG: $26 billion in Q4 revenue beats expectations but earnings down

Google parent Alphabet Inc. announced financial results for the fourth quarter of last year. The company reported $26.06 billion in quarterly revenue, which was more than financial analysts had expected. However adjusted earnings per share of $9.36 were below expectations.Overall year-over-year revenue growth was 22 percent. Ad revenues were $22.4 billion, representing 17 percent growth. Despite these figures, the stock was down in after-hours trading.Paid clicks were up on Google sites and network properties, 43 percent and 7 percent respectively. But CPCs were down 16 percent and 19 percent.The company credited mobile search and video advertising with driving its top line revenue growth.Google reported “other revenues” growth of 62 percent to $3.4 billion. This category includes some of the hardware products that the company has developed (e.g., Pixel, Google Home). Financial analysts estimate that Google may have sold one million Pixel phones during the holiday quarter. Sales for G…

Marketing Day: Facebook News Feed updates, Twitter’s Explore tab & Square’s new campaign

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Facebook updates News Feed algorithm to focus on video completion rates
Jan 26, 2017 by Tamar Weinberg
Facebook is now using an evaluative criteria known as “percent completed” to see whether to surface video in the News Feed.Be the first to see the updated SMX West agenda
Jan 26, 2017 by Marketing Land
Search Marketing Expo – SMX West returns for its 10th year completely retooled with with tactic-rich sessions for SEOs and SEMs.Twitter announces Explore, a discovery tool
Jan 26, 2017 by Tamar Weinberg
Finding trending stories on Twitter is being made easier with the Explore tab.How data and technology will affect your marketing in 2017
Jan 26, 2017 by Victoria Godfrey
Columnist Victoria Godfrey shares four trends she’s watching for 2017 — and some steps you can take to stay ahead of the curve.Square launches ‘For Every Kind of Dream’ brand ca…

Facebook updates algorithm to focus on video completion rates

As always, Facebook is constantly refining the user experience both for the benefit of content creators and of consumers. Today, Facebook shared some information regarding changes made to the way videos are ranked in the News Feed, specifically addressing the value it gives to how much a video is watched so that users can find the best possible videos on the social network.Various signals are evaluated to determine prominence, including live video status and engagement based on length of time watched as a metric known as “percent completion.” A video that is watched at least halfway identifies the content as “compelling.” A longer video with this weight metric also indicates a bigger commitment, so longer videos may not necessarily be penalized in the News Feed as they may have been before.The goal of this update is to announce that Facebook acknowledges that long videos shouldn’t necessarily get the shaft–if there is still a lot of engagement on the video, it clearly means it has sig…

Be the first to see the updated SMX West agenda

Search Marketing Expo – SMX West returns for its 10th year completely retooled with with tactic-rich sessions for SEOs and SEMs.Programmed by the Search Engine Land team, the agenda features 60+ sessions, keynotes, clinics and special tracks by Google and Bing to fit your experience and skill level, whether you’re a veteran or just getting started. As past attendees can attest, you’ll leave the show with new tactics you’ll implement immediately.You’ll attend “ripped from the headlines” topics designed to keep you up-to-date on everything going on in search today, whether your specialty is SEOSEM or both. From the emergence of AI, algorithm changes, new ad formats like ETAs, call extensions, voice search and beyond, you’ll leave SMX West with tactics, tips and techniques you’ll implement immediately to drive traffic, convert visitors and grow your business.Here’s a peek at a few of the sessions we’re looking forward to:AMP: The Next GenerationModerated by Danny Sullivan, this session…

Twitter announces Explore, a discovery tool

Move over, Facebook Trending. Twitter’s own style of trending stories has been announced today. Called Explore, the objective of this feature is to consolidate trending stories into one central location. The Explore tab which is coming soon will allow Twitter users to find trends, Moments, search and live video under one roof: the Explore tab.The Explore tab, as you see on the bottom, will take you to a screen that shows you your moments. Think about Facebook Trending, just ported to the Twitter interface.The goal, as Twitter reports, is simply to make finding relevant news easier. It will begin rolling out on the iOS today and in Android over the next few weeks.

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