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How to check which URLs have been indexed without upsetting Google: A follow-up

Back in October 2016, I wrote about how you can use a Python script to determine whether a page has been indexed by Google in the SERPs. As it turns out, Google’s webmaster trends analyst Gary Illyes wasn’t too happy with the technique that was being utilized by the script, so I cannot endorse this method:I'll just leave this here:— Gary Illyes ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (@methode) October 5, 2016 Shortly after, Sean Malseed and his team at Greenlane SEO built a similar tool based in Google Sheets (among other awesome tools like InfiniteSuggest), and Googler John Mueller expressed reservations:@greenlaneseo Is this a blackhat tool or does it abide by the webmaster guidelines & robots.txt? (just curious)— John ☆.o(≧▽≦)o.☆ (@JohnMu) December 14, 2016 How could I learn which pages weren’t indexed by Google, and do it in a way that didn’t break Google’s rules? Google doesn’t indicate whether a page has been indexed in Google Search Console, won’t let us s…

Commercial success: 3 last-minute PPC tips to pump up the effectiveness of Super Bowl LI TV ad buys

Ah, Super Bowl Sunday. There is no bigger day for football — or advertisers. And whether they’re on their couch or at a neighborhood watering hole, fans of both will be tuning in to Super Bowl LI in droves.Sure, Super Bowl Sunday is about football. But the commercials share the spotlight. In fact, many Super Bowl viewers say they watch the game specifically for the commercials. Some (like me) skip the game entirely and just watch the commercials.As we know, commercials can be the most memorable part of the big game, with water cooler talk continuing long after the last touchdown. It’s no wonder that brands spend an absolute fortune on them.If you’re a brand that invested in TV for this year’s Super Bowl, how can you make the most of your TV spend? And what if your brand didn’t spend big for TV? How can you still benefit?Read on for three tips to make the most out of this year’s Super Bowl commercials.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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Increase the impact of your testing program in 2017

Many organizations are still new to the world of testing and optimization. Indeed, our “State of Digital Marketing Analytics in the Top 1000 Online Retailers” report showed that just 18 percent of the retailers ranked number 501 to 1000 in the list of the largest retailers are using testing and optimization tools.For organizations like these, selecting and implementing a testing platform will be crucial to building an optimization practice. However, for organizations which have already established testing and optimization as a practice area, other challenges quickly come to the fore.Consider the following scenarios. I suspect some of them will be familiar.Similar or identical tests are running on different areas of the website, without being coordinated.Similar types of tests are performed repeatedly (e.g., changing the placement of a button), without drawing on learnings from previous iterations.Staff working in the testing and optimization area receive testing ideas from a variety o…

The rise of retention marketing as a strategic priority in 2017

It’s no longer a secret that nurturing existing customers is important to the long-term financial success of business-to-business (B2B) companies. That’s because by now everyone is aware that it costs considerably more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.It should come as no surprise, then, that retention marketing is moving up the priority ladder in the B2B world, making it critical that marketing departments command a more prominent role in the overall customer experience strategy.As experts in customer communication, marketers are among the best positioned to lead the charge in rolling out well-crafted programs designed to build deeper relationships with customers.This aligns with a report by Gartner that showed 25 percent of chief marketing officers say leading the customer experience is the most-increased expectation CEOs have of them. In fact, at our Voice of the Customer consulting firm, we’re certainly seeing marketing departments take an increasing role in …

Branch unveils AMP Deepviews, so content in uninstalled apps can be previewed from search results

links Let’s say you create a mobile app. And you get it accepted into Apple’s and Google’s app stores.Now what?There are zillions of apps added to the app stores every week, so your biggest problem is simply getting found. Maybe you could luck out and get featured by the App Store. Or, maybe, you invest a considerable budget in ads encouraging users to install your app — even though they don’t really know it.Palo Alto, California-based Branch is out with a free solution that it believes could dramatically change these choices, by changing how app content is discovered via search engines if you don’t have the app installed.Currently, Google can lead you to content in apps via app indexing, where deep links can be found in mobile search results and lead you to content in the app. If the app is installed. If not, it leads you to the app store, and then to that content once you’ve installed the app.The new Branch solution, called AMP Deepviews, is designed to accomplish three things: prese…

TrustRadius report: Demos, trials and customers’ opinions count most for B2B buyers

B2B marketers: you know all that product info on your website?It doesn’t carry all that much credibility with buyers because it’s seen as intended to generate leads rather than inform about a product, according to a recent report on how B2B buyers make decisions and how vendors influence those decisions.And it turns out vendors know such material is not very effective.The report, “The B2B Buying Disconnect,” was conducted by TrustRadius, which says this is the first comprehensive study of the topic. TrustRaidus provides B2B tech research and product reviews, and VP of Marketing Bertrand Hazard told me that his company intends for this report to be released annually.What does carry the most weight?[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Asus Zenfone 3s Max Review: Zenfone Budget Bro with Big Battery!

If this company releases a few more phones, it would earn a place for itself in the league of Samsung and Lenovo for coming up with phones almost all through the year. Yes, as you might have guessed, we are talking about Asus. The Zenfone 4 is speculated to be around the corner but that has not stopped the company from adding one more to the Zenfone 3 family tree, and this time around it is something that is centered around a bigger than the normal battery. They call it the Zenfone 3s Max. You may ask – but didn’t Asus launch multiple variants of the Zenfone 3 Max recently? Having asked ourselves the same question, we went about discovering what the 3s Max was about. And this is what we found out.Looks like a Zenfone… again!The design of the phone pretty much follows the Zenfone 3 lineup – that ASUS branding on the top makes it clear that this has to be a Zenfone. While its premium cousins have the fingerprint scanner on the back the 3s Max has it on the front below the display – this…

Moto G5 Spotted on FCC with 3000mAh Battery

Motorola is prepping its iterative upgrade for the G series with the Moto G5 and the G5 Plus. Both the phones are expected to be unveiled at Barcelona and the Moto G5 Plus version has been pictured in a bunch of recent reviews. The missing Moto G5 has been spotted on the FCC which is a telltale sign hinting towards the imminent launch.The Moto G5 has been given a nod by the US regulator and apart from that the listing also gives away some aspects of the Moto G5. The device is expected to come equipped with a 3,000mAh battery and if the rumors about the G5 Plus are to be believed the latter will pack in a slightly powerful 3,100mAh battery pack. Moto G5 is also expected to come baked with a fast charger that is capable of outputs up to 14.4W at 9V/1.6V and 5V/1.6A. Another tiny bit of useful information is that the bundled USB charger is 1-meter long.On the contrary, the Moto G5 Plus leaks have already hinted at a 5.5-inch FHD display, 16GB storage, and a 13-Megapixel/5-Megapixel camer…

Lenovo Yoga Book Review: Ecstatic, Erratic – The Harvey Dent of Two-In-Ones

Remember Harvey Dent? The charismatic district attorney of Gotham City (yeah, yeah, THE Gotham City where you find THE Batman) has a traumatic experience and thanks to a mutilated face, goes mad, and becomes a criminal known as Two-Face. But no mere criminal. For perhaps in all of Batman’s rogue’s gallery, there is no one to match him in terms of sheer persistence and dual-themed plotting. Only the Joker (hats off, please) is ranked ahead of him and well, some rank the Joker above Batman himself (thank you, Heath Ledger and Jack Nicholson, this is all your doing)Well, blame the DC DNA infected blood running through our veins, but the Yoga Book from Lenovo put us very much in mind of Mr. Dent. Complex, eh? Well, that is because the device evokes a range of sentiments that are as diverse as does the man himself – after a while, you forget what it is that is making you shake your head: admiration or frustration. Them Batman feels, eh?Let’s get one thing out of the way: at first glance – …

Content repurposing is your hidden online marketing gem

Every marketer and small business owner knows how much time and effort goes into a piece of content.It isn’t just writing a blog post—it is coming up with the idea, researching, developing, linking, keyword optimizing, and finally posting and promoting even after the article is live.Coming up with a theme alone can be challenging, so why not get five or even ten pieces of content out of a single idea?Content repurposing, which is ultimately using one idea or piece of content to make several different content pieces, is really the hidden gem of online marketing. Not only is this kind of content generation great for SEO, but it is also extremely valuable for online businesses looking to make the most of their marketing efforts.Once they spend time and effort developing a piece of content, they can use it as a launching point for other types of content that can be easily generated.WordStream points out that content repurposing does not just mean making the most of your efforts in content…

Swipe Elite Power with Fingerprint Sensor, VoLTE and 4000mAh Battery Launched at Rs 6,999

Swipe has updated its Elite lineup with Elite Power which packs a large 4000mAh battery. The device will be available exclusively on Flipkart starting from 31 January. Swipe has been updating its Elite lineup regularly and last time around they launched the Elite Max. Priced at Rs 6,999 the Elite Power is aimed at budget smartphone buyers looking out for connectivity options like VoLTE, which has presumably been of paramount since the Reliance Jio.Swipe Elite Power comes equipped with a 5.5-inch HD display and is powered by Snapdragon 210 along with 2GB of RAM. The graphics are handled by Adreno 304 and the device offers 16GB of internal storage along with a microSD card slot that can further accommodate up to 32GB. On the imaging front the Swipe Elite Power sports an 8-Megapixel primary sensor with LED flash and a 5-Megapixel front-facing camera. The device runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is backed by a 4,000mAh battery pack.Swipe Elite Power Specifications5.5-inch HD IPS Display…

The Great TechPP Crossword: Episode 4

It was a crazy busy week in the world of technology – business, as usual, you would say. Facebook got new personnel, Vivo launched a new phone, Flappy Bird was sort of back in the news and there were the usual leaks and court battles. And it is into this week that Nimish Dubey and Akriti Rana dip to bring you the latest TechPP Crossword. Go ahead and see how much you remember and recall! Go ahead, cross swords with our crossword. May the best word win!ACROSS1 Humming these notes and that too not well, is disastrous for your Android! (10)
5 It might just have been a corridor to Building 7 at MIT, but it gave this new FB recruit the name for his first venture. (6)
8 Tarzan was raised by them, and now they are protecting displays. (7)
9 It sounds like a Beyonce song, but it is not on top of an angel’s head, and is actually for typing. (4)
11 No, these Ninjas from Don Nguyen are NOT flappy. (7)
12 So many Samurai for Kurosawa, so many messaging apps for Google. (5)
13 A “real” QWERTY keyb…