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Three things marketers must do to keep CX real

Marketers sometimes get a bad rap for not understanding the basics of the products we sell. You know, the idea that marketing is the easy A of Silicon Valley. If you’re a tech marketer, I’m sure you’ve encountered it at least once over the course of your career. While I won’t get into the stereotypes that let that notion linger, I think it’s safe to say there’s a bit of a “marketers are from Venus, engineers are from Mars” thing going on.That’s a shame. Not just because it relies on a caricature of what marketing is all about, but also because of the consequences it can have on the actual products we sell — and our customers’ experiences using them. Any disconnect between the people who build products and the people who market them inevitably results in less successful products with less satisfied users. And that’s not a place any of us want to be.But don’t misread me. I’m not here to mope that marketers are misunderstood and underappreciated. Like any relationship, successful product…

Keyword SWOT analysis: Finding your content opportunities

If you’ve been working with one client or one site for a long time, you know it can be challenging to keep things fresh, both from an idea perspective and also an interest perspective. After all, it’s no secret that one of the common reasons people love this industry is the constant change.That being said, while change keeps us on our toes, there’s also an element of consistency I love. Yes, the search results change and strategies evolve, but at the end of the day, search really comes down to creating something that’s accessible, useful and important to your customers.Enter keywords.I’ve talked about keywords plentyoftimes, and guess what? I’ll probably talk about them after today as well. Why? Because keywords are the foundation of any SEO program. They help us understand how our customers are searching and help us ensure we give those customers the information they want.Yeah, yeah, Casie. We get it. We know why keywords are important. Why are we talking about this?A client of mine …

Cortana introduces “suggested reminders” based on email content

In the battle of the virtual assistants, there are the beginnings of a feature war. Microsoft’s Cortana is introducing a new “suggested reminders” feature that mines email for deadlines, commitments or time-sensitive events and turns those into reminders automatically.According to the blog post:Cortana does all the work in the background making this helpful feature incredibly easy to use. To get started, simply send emails as you would normally and when you’ll do something, Cortana will recognize that and save the details in a suggested reminder for you. If you’ve specified a deadline in the email, Cortana will ping you before it’s due and save it in the action center. Other suggested reminders will be in the Cortana home. No need to copy her on the email or change how you do things today, she will adapt to you.In a recent survey Cortana was found (subjectively) to be the most accurate virtual assistant. According to the same survey it ranks third behind Google Assistant and Siri in t…

AdParlor launches Intelligence Tags to better assess social ads’ performance

In their never-ending quest to understand which creative works best in an ad, marketers now have another tool.Today, social ad platform AdParlor is unveiling Intelligence Tags as way to offer more granular analysis of multiple creative elements in social ads.The company, based in Toronto, provides video and static ads for social networks, and Intelligence Tags is initially available for ads on Facebook and Instagram, with Pinterest and Snapchat coming soon. [Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Will Pinterest crack (and monetise) visual search?

Pinterest made a clear declaration of intent last week with the announcement that Li Fan, Google’s former head of image search, has joined the photo sharing site as Head of Engineering.This appointment is reflective of a strategy to challenge both Google and Amazon in the product-based visual search market. Notably, Pinterest also rolled out their paid search offering, driven initially through a partnership with Kenshoo, in 2016.Due to the glacial pace of advertising product launches from Pinterest over the past few years, some in the industry felt their opportunity to monetise their user base may have passed.Moreover, the keyword-based paid search market is saturated as it is, with Google constantly trialling new ways to eke out more searches.However, in many of the potential growth areas for the industry, such as voice search, personalisation, and most obviously, image search, Pinterest believe they have something different to offer.As a social platform focused more on nourishing th…

Adjust declares it is now entering Measurement 2.0 for mobile analytics

Mobile analytics firm Adjust has now entered its next stage of life.The company, founded in 2012 to track user installs of mobile apps for advertisers and developers, recently saw that the mobile analytics landscape had significantly changed.So, it decided to migrate from what it calls Attribution 1.0 to a new Measurement 2.0. And it is launching some new products to take advantage of the new environment.Product manager Simon Kendall told me that there are three main conditions that have changed since the company’s creation.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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2017 is here: Don’t dawdle. Double down on social media ads now

It’s that time of year again. After ringing in the new year, 2017 arrived with new media budgets, strategies and plans. The first two months of the year are riddled with change and discussion, and many brands miss the opportunity to market to customers on social media — for a bargain price. In fact, research shows that after the spike in ad costs during the holiday season, January and February ad costs dropped by up to 40 percent when compared with costs in November and December.With less competition for shopper attention and lower costs, the first quarter of the year is an opportunity to get ahead. Brands should beware of failing to act fast in the new year. Below are ways to start getting in front of consumers quickly and hit the ground running.Retarget ready audiencesMany brands get tunnel vision about the holiday season. But, remember — not all hope is lost after Christmas Day. Plenty of shoppers opt to buy gifts after the holiday shopping season ends because they know they’ll sco…

CMO audit series Part 1: Customer journey — the greatest strategic need

Our CMO audit series is based on what we see as the six true drivers of growth in today’s marketing landscape: customer journey, technology, growth channels, user experience, devices and analytics.Without a true understanding of the first one — a customer’s journey — marketing growth is severely hindered, even if a business nails the other five. In our years of working with high-growth startups and mature enterprises, the same top need is identified almost every time: to understand the customer journey better. I mean to really understand the customer journey.But back to understanding the customer journey — what does that mean?To know from empirical evidence:what motivates someone to need their solution.what they want to accomplish from the solution.what they consider success from the solution (the outcome).what questions they have as they decide whether to purchase or use the solution.what barriers and constraints they face in the decision to purchase, in the transaction itself, or wh…

Does your website suffer from one of these five content gaps?

In 2016, Google rolled Panda into its core algorithm. What this means for webmasters is that a website can be hit by (and recover from) a content penalty at any time.But, more problematically, it also means it’s becoming impossible to diagnose why a website has dropped in rankings. Google ultimately does not want us to understand how its ranking algorithm works, because there will always be people who manipulate it. We now suspect that core signals are rolled out so slowly that SEOs won’t even realise when Penguin or Panda has refreshed.For this reason, it makes it crucial that we understand how well our website is performing at all times. This blog post is intended to show you how to do a comprehensive content audit at scale, in order to find any gaps which may lead to rankings penalties.Essentially, there are five types of content gaps a website may suffer from. I’ll explain each one, and show you how you can find every instance of it occurring on your website FAST.1. Internally dup…

Verizon-Yahoo deal closing said to be close after $250 million price discount

According to Bloomberg, Verizon is close to a renegotiated deal for Yahoo, which would bring the price down $250 million. That’s quite a bit less than the previously rumored $1 billion being sought by the telecommunications company.The originally announced purchase price was $4.8 billion.Another provision of the renegotiation, which probably kept the purchase price from being cut further, is shared liability between Verizon and Yahoo successor Altaba for any data breaches or hacks. The latter will retain assets not being sold to Verizon, including the company’s remaining Alibaba stake. Altaba is apparently a combination of “alternative” and “Alibaba.”The Verizon-Yahoo renegotiation was triggered by revelations of multiple hacking episodes that occurred in 2013 and 2014. The disclosures came after the Verizon deal had been announced, following solicitation of multiple bids for the company.The sale of Yahoo was triggered largely by institutional investor demands after CEO Marissa Mayer …

20 Popular Chrome Apps And Extensions For Smart Marketers

When someone brings up a ‘hot tools for marketing’ topic, we all have a great deal to share. The market is overcrowded with tools, platforms, and services of all kinds. Premium, freemium, tools to get you started, tools to help you advance your business, and so on. There are various lists and reviews on the internet to help you pick the best solution.But sometimes, all we need is a tiny, yet handy tool to help us manage our everyday routine. And this is where Google Chrome apps and extensions come in.Great Chrome Apps And Extensions For MarketersAs the most popular browser worldwide, Google Chrome expectedly offers a rich collection of paid and free apps and extensions.You can browse the Chrome Store to check out everything that’s available. But make sure not to get over-enthusiastic. Too many of these will make your browser heavier and may conflict with each other or certain websites.So, be reasonable.Content Marketing Apps And Extensions1. Grammarly Chrome ExtensionGrammarly is a ro…

Marketing Day: Top 10 video creators, Facebook Shoppable Feed ads & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Growing your agency with retainer-based relationships
Feb 15, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
Uncover some of the secrets behind building successful, ongoing relationships with clients – including leveraging marketing automation. In this white paper from Sharp Spring, you will: hear about the many benefits of retainer-based business; get tips on how to approach client relationships; and learn how to identify which clients are a good fit.Top 10 video creators in January: Unilad & The LAD Bible keep the lead, both driving 4B+ views
Feb 15, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
According to Tubular Insights, the top 100 video brands and creators generated a combined 67.3 billion views last month.Marketers, think outside the list
Feb 15, 2017 by Jose Cebrian
Columnist Jose Cebrian believes it’s time to think of customer data as an “audience” instead of a “lis…