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How To Improve WordPress Performance With Advanced Database Cleaner Plugin

When it comes to improving the performance of our WordPress site, we focus mostly on using fewer plugins, using a CDN, a cache plugin & faster web hosting.However, there is another important aspect of improving your WordPress blog performance:Cleaning your WordPress database.A new WordPress blog (2-3 months old) can take advantage of free database optimization plugins like the WP-Optimize or the WP-DBManager plugin.However, for a blog which has been online for more than three months & has installed and uninstalled numerous plugins, a simple database optimization is not enough.As a part of our day to day blogging activities, we try out many plugins. However, uninstalling plugins doesn’t remove all of the tables from our WordPress database, and over time our WordPress database gets filled with many unused tables.These unused tables are known as orphan tables. They greatly slow down the performance of our WordPress blog. The solution is to find and delete those tables. However, f…