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Marketing Land’s guide on how to use Snapchat

Do you find Snapchat confusing? Not sure why anyone would even use Snapchat at all? Don’t worry. Marketing Land has you covered. Here’s our guide to using the social network, especially written from a point of view for marketers used to sharing to a wide audience on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.Snapchat’s confusing “social UI”Before diving in, it’s well discussed that Snapchat’s user interface can be confusing to newcomers, especially older people — with “older” being like 25 or over.After spending time with my own teenagers, I don’t think it’s that only young people “get” Snapchat. I think that it’s young people teach each other how to navigate the app when they see each other in person. My kids learned Snapchat from their friends. In turn, they pass on tips to others.The Snapchat app has a “social UI,” if you will, one that encourages people to be social with others in real-life in order to be social virtually within the app. Whether this is by accident (likely) or intentional, I …

Time is running out to score the deepest discounts to MarTech San Francisco

MarTech rates increase at the end of this week. Register now and save $400 off on-site rates. See below for details on all you get at this year’s event!

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6 business types that reap the most reward from local SEO

National — or even global — SEO was once the revolutionary way to gain visibility on the internet. Now, it has become incredibly expensive and brutally competitive. As a result, small businesses are turning to local SEO to increase their exposure to potential customers online.So, what factors into an awesome local SEO strategy?Truth is, there are many components that come into play. A great place to start is by signing up with Google My Business to create your free business listing on Google. Fill out your profile with as much information as you can to create a robust and enticing listing, including relevant keywords in your business description where appropriate. Customer reviews also play a big role in local search results, as does a well-optimized website with fresh and informative content.Essentially, every company with a local target market can gain from local SEO; however, there are some business types for which local search can truly work wonders. Let’s take a look at six of th…

Are you buying #AlternativeEmailFacts as truth?

As a former journalist, longtime researcher and American, I’m profoundly troubled by our national struggles with the value of science, the need for evidence and the meaning of the word, “fact.”With the US government currently imposing gag orders on research and coining terms like “alternative facts” to try to justify their rejection of the truth, we’re in dark times.My colleague, Kevin Mandeville, lightened things up a little by poking some fun at Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway’s assertion of alternative facts by creating the #AlternativeEmailFacts hashtag. He used the hashtag on some dubious statements about email marketing and encouraged others to join in. And join in they did, with nearly 100 alternative email facts served up over the course of a few days.Some of the statements were simply ridiculous (and constituted anti-waffle rhetoric):Waffles and Email don’t go together. #AlternativeEmailFacts— Clinton Wilmott (@ClintonWilmott) February 9, 2017 Others seemed cathart…

Google’s YouTube to undergo MRC audits for video viewability measurement

Google announced Tuesday that the Media Rating Council (MRC), the media industry’s measurement monitor, will be auditing YouTube’s third-party video viewability measurement integrations for accreditation. Google is also seeking metrics accreditation for video ads bought through its ad buying platforms, AdWords and DoubleClick Bid Manager.First reported by the Wall Street Journal, the MRC will audit the data collection and measurement practices of the three third-party companies DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Sicence and MOAT already integrated with YouTube. Google says it initiated the audit process and that YouTube will be the first platform to go through a third-party integration audit. The audit will encompass all aspects of how the three companies collect, analyze and report viewability data on and YouTube apps. From the announcement:The audit will validate that data collection, aggregation and reporting for served video impressions, viewable impressions, related viewabilit…

With 1 million apps to date, Facebook’s analytics tool adds features but hasn’t fixed measurement error

Facebook’s rival to Google Analytics has piqued developers’ interest, though it’s unclear to what extent it’s been able to sustain that interest. And at the same time as Facebook adds new features to its measurement tool, the company has not yet fixed as measurement error disclosed last year.More than 1 million mobile apps, websites and Messenger bots have used Facebook’s Analytics for Apps at some point since Facebook rolled out the free tool in March 2015. That means 200,000 new apps, sites and bots have used Facebook’s analytics tool since September 2016, when the company said that more than 800,000 apps had used it since its debut 18 months earlier.But both stats are measurements of lifetime, not active, usage. That makes the million-plus mark a nice milestone but more of a signal of interest than sustained usage. The growth in interest between September 2016 and now — with 200,000 new apps using it at some point in that period — likely has to do with Facebook extending Analytics …

With renegotiation complete, Verizon to pay $350 million less for Yahoo

nevodka / According to reports this morning, the final price Verizon has agreed to pay for Yahoo is $350 million less than the $4.8 billion originally agreed. That’s a $100 million greater reduction than previously indicated.One of the keys to the renegotiated transaction — and a likely reason the price didn’t drop further — is the fact that Verizon and the Yahoo successor Altaba will share liability for the fallout from data breaches and hacks.As USA Today reported, “Yahoo will be fully responsible or any cash liabilities incurred following the deal’s closing arising from shareholder lawsuits and Securities and Exchange Commission investigations related to the breaches. Yahoo will be responsible for 50% of any liabilities related to any third-party litigation and non-SEC government investigations related to the breaches.”Verizon sought to renegotiate the acquisition price after the revelation of massive hacking episodes from 2013 and 2014. The original deal was announ…

Six stats on the importance of trust in influencer marketing

Image by Walter Lim, available via CC BY 2.0 Successful influencer marketing depends on trust. Influencers need to establish trust with their audiences in order for their posts to resonate. Brands and agencies conducting campaigns must establish trust with their influencers if they want their campaigns executed effectively.Consumers are inundated with media competing for their attention, and consumers’ trust for brands is lower than it’s ever been. This makes establishing trust with your audience harder and more important than ever.Generally, people trust their peers and the recommendations that they provide. So to cope with this battle for trust, savvy marketers are turning to influencer marketing to take advantage of these peer recommendations and build trust with their audiences.Don’t just take my word for it — look at the statistics.“Only 22% of brands are trusted.” (Havas Media)That’s a frightening metric for any marketer. Without establishing trust between your brand and your aud…

How To Maintain A Perfect Work-Life Balance In 5 Simple Steps

Why is today’s world SO BUSY?We keep hearing people complaining that their life has become so hectic.They say they have no time to spend on what they really like to do.As a boy growing up in Bangalore, India, I never heard my parents complaining like this.Once my dad came back home from work, it seemed like he had all the time in the world to spend with us. He never said he was stressed at work, and he never said he had to work overtime on weekends.So what has changed now? Why is everyone talking about ‘balancing work and life’? Give it a minute’s thought and you will realize that the main change has been “technology”.But of course, the ever-evolving technology sector has helped mankind achieve what it couldn’t before.Man has gone to the moon and back, and now Man is thinking of setting up homes on Mars- things which were unthinkable a short while ago.But with great innovations come mighty disadvantages.Technology has provided a smartphone to almost everyone; it has given us access to…

Marketing Day: Amazon news, Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto & Snap Spectacles

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Amazon matches Walmart, drops free shipping minimum to $35
Feb 20, 2017 by Matt McGee
Move comes a year after the minimum price went up to $49, and just weeks after Walmart offered its own similar deal.Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto: How Facebook will connect the world, beat fake news and pop the filter bubble
Feb 20, 2017 by Greg Sterling
The CEO describes the next phase of Facebook in a nearly 6,000-word missive.The Digital Marketer’s Guide to AI-Powered Conversion Rate Optimization
Feb 20, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a data-driven methodology to help your business improve key metrics and grow. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to learn about CRO, this white paper from Sentient Technologies will tell you how AI can get you back to the critical parts of marketing.How to write PPC text ads in…

Amazon matches Walmart, drops free shipping minimum to $35

Amazon has lowered the minimum spend threshold for free shipping back down to $35, matching a recent move from Walmart and reverting to Amazon’s own previous minimum spend.Amazon’s free shipping help page now indicates the lower threshold for any product category on, and also shows that the $25 minimum for book purchases remains unchanged.Add at least $35 of eligible items or $25 of eligible books (in which case all other eligible items in the order also ship free) to your Shopping Cart. Any item with “FREE Shipping” messaging on the product detail page that is fulfilled and shipped by Amazon is eligible and contributes to your free shipping order minimum.The price drop, which wasn’t announced formally, appears to have happened over the past couple days. The Verge noticed and reported on it on Sunday. We’ve reached out to Amazon for additional information about the change, but haven’t received a reply.Just three weeks ago, Walmart made a move to woo Amazon customers by offe…

Mark Zuckerberg’s manifesto: how Facebook will connect the world, beat fake news and pop the filter bubble

You might have read Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s nearly 6,000 word manifesto on global community. It’s partly a response to the crises of fake news and polarization in the US; it’s also a statement about Facebook’s future goals as a company and a platform.Some people are speculating this is the opening statement of a future political career for the Facebook CEO. Some people are reacting with cynicism. Regardless, there are many interesting things this document and in a companion BBC interview that addresses it.Zuckerberg’s post at the highest level discusses “building social infrastructure” for communities (not just online) and how Facebook can and will enable that on a global basis:For the past decade, Facebook has focused on connecting friends and families. With that foundation, our next focus will be developing the social infrastructure for community — for supporting us, for keeping us safe, for informing us, for civic engagement, and for inclusion of all.He acknowledges that the…

The Digital Marketer’s Guide to AI-Powered Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is a data driven methodology to help your business improve key metrics and grow.Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting to learn about CRO, this white paper from Sentient Technologies describes how AI can get you back to the critical parts of marketing: focusing on customers, creating ideas, and improving outcomes for both your users and your business.This guide will help you understand how to effectively run experiments on your website and discover the difference between traditional testing and AI-powered testing.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The Digital Marketer’s Guide to AI-Powered Conversion Rate Optimization.”

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