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What to expect when you attend SMX West. Here’s your special preview!

SMX West is every SEO and SEM’s dream. Join us March 21–23 for a tactic-packed agenda with more than 100 dynamic and authoritative speakers, keynotes, exceptional networking and more. If you’re involved in SEO, SEM, PR, social media or any other customer-facing activity, you owe it to yourself (and your company or client’s bottom line) to attend.SMX West features multiple tracks filled with sessions that cover:search marketing topics including search advertising, SEO, technical SEO, analytics and more.the latest actionable tactics you can immediately use to improve your campaigns.all experience levels, from beginner to advanced.There’s something for everyone, all the time.You’ll get actionable tactics and techniques you can put to work immediately to drive the success of your search marketing campaigns. SMX West is the ultimate survival guide to the dynamic and tumultuous world of search marketing.If this sounds up your alley, read my complete rundown on SMX West here and register tod…

Do you know what a mobile crawl of your site looks like?

If you follow the world of Google and search at all, you’ve heard about Google’s intent to switch to a mobile-first index. In this post, I’m going to briefly review the main points we know about Google’s plans for this new index, but I’m going to go further and detail what we found in a mobile-specific crawl we did of one website.Based on this data, I’ll also talk about the implications of the switch and some of the challenges that Google faces with this process.Key points about a mobile-first indexIf you’ve already read about Google’s impending switch to a mobile-first index, you can jump down to the site analysis below. If not, here are some of the key statements from the Google announcement:Today, most people are searching on Google using a mobile device. However, our ranking systems still typically look at the desktop version of a page’s content to evaluate its relevance to the user. This can cause issues when the mobile page has less content than the desktop page because our algo…

From algorithms to advertising: 7 steps to introducing AI to marketing

Artificial intelligence — once the rarefied domain of big-name, ambitious projects like Google’s self-driving car or IBM’s Watson — is now finding its way into everyday business. In advertising and marketing specifically, brands might not be completely overhauling their existing ad tech and martech stacks to make room for AI just yet, but many are getting a feel for it by experimenting with single-touch AI solutions that focus on isolated tasks, like recommendations, ad buying and optimization.The coming wave of AI in marketing will be defined by the automation of complex, multi-step processes — not just one-off aspects of a larger campaign. For brands, this will mean relinquishing control, trusting the technology to come in and quickly understand processes comprised of numerous tasks, channels, people and procedures, without messing things up.Before handing over the reins, it’s helpful to understand how AI works — and how entire human thought processes are converted into algorithms. …

Denny’s ‘zoom in’ tweet is selling like hotcakes with more than 75K retweets, 100K likes & 5K new followers

Denny’s has won Twitter once again with a tweet instructing followers to “zoom in on the syrup.”Playing off the now popular ‘zoom in’ meme, the tweet includes an image of the brand’s iconic pancake stack and directs followers to zoom in on the photo, leading them on a tour around the image – from the syrup to each corner of the image and then back to the butter.At last check, the tweet has generated 1.6K replies, 84K retweets and 114K likes – making it Denny’s most popular tweet of all time less than 24-hours after being posted. (Prior to this Tweet, Denny’s most popular tweet – a parody of the lyrics to Chedda Da’s “Flicka da Wrist” song – had earned 48K retweets and 41K likes.)In addition to driving record engagement, a spokesperson for Denny’s says the brand has gained more than 5,000 new followers since posting the tweet – well-beyond the brand’s normal growth rate on Twitter.zoom in on the syrup— Denny's (@DennysDiner) March 1, 2017“This was…

Pro tips for every Facebook visual ad type

Advertisers flock to Facebook and Instagram because of the unparalleled targeting, engaged audiences and bevy of visual ad products. Clients frequently ask me what the “best” type of ad is on Facebook. The truth is, they are all capable of driving incredible ROI when you know how to best utilize them.The tips in this post include best practices, plus my own personal recommendations to maximize performance for each Facebook ad type.Tips for all adsStand out. Remember that Facebook has a cool color scheme (blues, grays), so use bright colors like oranges, reds and yellows. With the majority of Facebook traffic being mobile, you’ll want to create “thumb-stopping” visuals.80/20 rule. I like to apply the 80/20 rule to text, assuming that the image/video will generally drive about 80 percent of performance and the copy around 20 percent. To maximize the impact of A/B testing, prioritize the visual over the copy.Keep it concise. For copy, shorter is almost always better; within 90 characters

3 steps to take your influencer marketing to the next level

If you look at the social landscape of 2017, one word comes to mind before anything else: noise. A great rush of static is crackling out from all the channels available to us — Facebook, Twitter, email, SMS, television. When brands need to reach people, it’s no longer guaranteed that your audience will hear the message, even if they see it.So how do you get heard? Well, last year,86 percent of brands used influencer marketing in some capacity. Working with people who already have thousands or millions of followers can guarantee that your brand’s message is actually heard.But just because influencers help your message get heard, it doesn’t mean that it resonates. Or even makes you money. The same research found that 78 percent of marketers have a problem tracking the actual ROI of their influencer marketing programs.Since most of us can’t afford to have Kim Kardashian advertise our products, we often turn to micro-influencers — people who have a few thousand followers or fans — and the…

Comparing keyword research APIs: SEMrush vs Ahrefs vs Serpstat and more

Many tools provide access to their APIs, aiming to facilitate routine work for specialists.APIs can make SEOs’ lives much easier by helping to:Data mine and extract keywords fasterCollect the necessary data directly to an external service or program (i.e. Google Spreadsheets, Cyfe, etc.)Perform advanced search term research via XML or ExcelIntegrate all kinds of data from different sources (i.e. rankings and backlinks)Create complex reports combining all kinds of dataAutomate reportingBuild and market your own toolsCreate internal tools to optimize your team workflow, etc.While we all have our favorite SEO tools we use on a daily basis, APIs give us the flexibility no tool can provide by letting us grab the data we need and sort / filter it the way our SEO tasks require.I’m constantly working with keyword research tools and I have had the opportunity to give many APIs a try. So I decided to carry out a small study comparing the keyword research APIs I have looked into, and share my re…

Instagram Story ads now sold globally as standalone placements through Facebook’s self-serve tools

Two months after Instagram began slotting ads between people’s Stories, the Facebook-owned photo-and-video app has started selling the ad placement to any advertiser around the world through Facebook’s self-serve ad-buying tools as well as Facebook’s advertising API, the company announced on Wednesday.As a result advertisers can now pick up real estate within Instagram’s Stories feed the same way they do for Instagram’s main feed or Facebook’s news feed, with all the same targeting options. But there are some limitations.First, advertisers can only buy Instagram Story ads using Facebook’s reach objective, which tells Facebook to aim the ad at as many people as possible. As a result advertisers are charged based on the number of impressions the ad receives; in the case of Instagram Story ads, that means as soon as the full-screen ad appeared on screen. And since Instagram Story ads take up the entire phone screen and resemble the vertical organic Stories, they must also be vertically f…

Report: How industry leaders are using email marketing in e-commerce

When you are determining the right email marketing strategy for your business, it’s natural to wonder how the industry leaders are conducting their campaigns. After all, if they’re on top, then they must be doing everything right…right?To glean email campaign best practices, Iterable analyzed the email marketing strategies adopted by the top 100 e-retailers in the United States to study how they engage with their customers.This report from Iterable presents insightful statistics about the e-commerce industry and includes real-world examples of marketing emails from the country’s leading businesses.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The User Engagement Top 100 Report: Email Marketing in E-Commerce.”

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Marketing Day: Twitter’s new anti-abuse tools, YouTube TV subscription service & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Twitter extends abuse blocking to main timeline, puts offenders on timeout
Mar 1, 2017 by Tim Peterson
People can mute tweets containing certain keywords, phrases, hashtags or emojis from appearing in their timeline.Link free or die
Mar 1, 2017 by Julie Joyce
Why are we so afraid of links? Columnist Julie Joyce goes through several of our biggest fears and discusses how healthy they really are.Sharing is caring: Click share and post-holiday shopping success
Mar 1, 2017 by Matt Lawson
Click share is a crucial metric that can help you improve Shopping campaigns. Columnist and Googler Matt Lawson explains what it is and how to improve it.The new customer marketing lifecycle in the Engagement Economy
Mar 1, 2017 by Chandar Pattabhiram
Columnist Chandar Pattabhiram discusses the important of customer retention in an age where switching costs to con…

Twitter extends abuse blocking to main timeline, puts offenders on timeout

Twitter continues to step up its attempts to stamp out abuse on its platform.After adding an option for people to block tweets containing certain keywords, phrases, hashtags or emojis from appearing in their notifications tab, Twitter is extending the option to block those tweets from appearing in people’s main timelines as well and adding the choice to set how long each individual mute should last, from one day to one week to one month to forever.For years Twitter has had a harassment problem. And while that hasn’t affected marketers’ opinions of Twitter, it can influence other people’s opinions and use of Twitter at a time when Twitter really needs more people to use it. So Twitter has been rolling out features aimed at curbing the abuse happening on its platform, such as by curtailing the reach of low-quality or abusive tweets, impeding suspended users from creating new accounts and making its abuse reporting process more effective.The mute option is primarily aimed at preventing a…

Link free or die

Why are we so afraid of links?Back in the old days of SEO, we loved any link if it was free, even if it was from a spammy scraper site or the lowest-quality directory you’ve ever seen. If we did nothing to get that link, it was a great link. People assumed that all links were beneficial — and that even “bad” links were completely harmless, with no potential to cause damage.Then we started to get scared… and we nofollowed links. We performed loads of link analysis and reached out to sites that we thought were spammy and asked to have our links removed. Oh, and let’s not forget that time period where we were terrified of exact-match anchors and then built 50 links that all said “Click here.”I’m surely leaving out other critical changes, but the bottom line is that links freak most of us out, whether we’re building them or they’re being built for our site.Let’s break down five of the biggest fears and discuss how healthy or unhealthy they truly are.[Read the full article on Search Engine…