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Google launches new effort to flag upsetting or offensive content in search

Google is undertaking a new effort to better identify content that is potentially upsetting or offensive to searchers. It hopes this will prevent such content from crowding out factual, accurate and trustworthy information in the top search results.“We’re explicitly avoiding the term ‘fake news,’ because we think it is too vague,” said Paul Haahr, one of Google’s senior engineers who is involved with search quality. “Demonstrably inaccurate information, however, we want to target.”The effort revolves around Google’s quality raters, over 10,000 contractors that Google uses worldwide to evaluate search results. These raters are given actual searches to conduct, drawn from real searches that Google sees. They then rate pages that appear in the top results as to how good those seem as answers.Guidelines that raters use have been updated with an entirely new section about “Upsetting-Offensive” content that covers a new flag that’s been added for raters to use. Until now, pages could not be…

UNILAD & The LAD Bible are the most-watched video makers for 8 straight months

UNILAD and The LAD Bible are on a tear, ranking in the top two positions on Tubular Labs list of the top 10 video creators for eight consecutive months now. In February, UNILAD ranked No. 1 with 3.1 billion views, while The LAD Bible followed closely behind at No. 2 with 3 billion views.UNILAD and The LAD Bible have ranked No. 1 and No. 2 respectively every month since last July, with the exception of December 2016’s top 10 list, when the two video creators switched places and The LAD Bible was No. 1 and UNILAD was No. 2.Overall, very little about the top 10 rankings has changed since January. Nine of the top 10 creators that made January’s list ranked again last month. CNN, which was at No. 9 in January,  dropped off the list in February and was replaced by the NBA.Top 10 video creators in February 2017Similar to UNILAD, Red Bull is killing it as the top brand video creator, ranking No. 1 for eight months in a row as well. While down nearly 45 million views from the 321 million view…

Ad-blocking concerns shift to the video ad industry

The media storm around ad blocking may appear to have subsided somewhat, but the obstruction this phenomenon has implanted in the online ecosystem is still very real.Almost a third of internet users are expected to use ad-blocking software in 2017 — a 24 percent year-on-year increase — and digital publishers stand to lose over $27 billion globally by 2020 if the issue is not satisfactorily addressed.Reactions to ad blocking vary greatly. Some large media companies pay the providers of ad blocking software up to 30 percent of ad revenue to whitelist their sites, while others, such as Facebook, are taking a stand against ad blocking but risking user discontent by finding ways to circumvent the software.While ad blocking has so far been a general issue across the entire online ecosystem, 2017 will be the year it becomes a major concern for the video advertising industry. So what makes ad blocking particularly relevant to video advertising, and how can its impact be reduced?[Read the full…

10 AdWords ad copy testing ideas you can use right now

One of the most important attributes of a successful PPC manager is the ability to incorporate new technologies in existing management strategies. With the official sunset of AdWords standard text ads and the introduction of AdWords IF Functions, we must develop ways to fuse the new with the old.At my company, we see how today’s top advertisers are using these changing technologies to evolve their creative testing strategies. This article is designed to keep you up to date and fuel your creative testing fire with 10 testing ideas that are sure to drive huge performance changes.Best practices for ad copy testingBefore we get started with testing ideas, let’s touch on good fundamentals.Aggregate data across ad groups and campaigns (where it makes sense). The more volume, the better. Aggregating data across similar ad groups or campaigns can help you speed up your tests and uncover more reliable findings. There are technologies out there that will help you improve the specificity of your…

Selling the value of link building to management

There is a never-ending issue all SEOs must face: fighting for budget.I’ve found this to be especially true when it comes to link building. SEO, although technical in nature, can be explained in real-world measures to upper management. There’s data, traffic levels, technical configurations and on-site elements directly in your control to measure and report.With link building, upper management often approaches metrics in a single, dogged mindset: price per link. The easiest way to quantify the value of a link is through cost — particularly to the budgetary gatekeeper.Measuring link-building campaigns by cost is fair, but it creates the wrong mindset. It’s the difference between price andvalue.Today, I want to explain how SEOs can and should sell the value of link building upstream, instead of the price.Three critical stages to communicate valueAs an in-house SEO, you’ve reached the point where you need links to achieve your goals. So how do you request additional budget?It starts with …

Four collaboration tools to bring your marketing efforts to a new level

Digital marketing is finally beyond well-defined cookie-cutter tactics. It’s all about creativity these days. Therefore collaboration has become an integral part of digital marketing.There are many forms of collaboration that can help marketing strategy: You can collaborate with your team members and employees to empower them to participate in your brand marketing efforts. You can collaborate with your customers enabling them to spread your message. You can collaborate with your peers inviting them to help you make better content.The internet has given us the ability to work with people around the world, and there are a few powerful tools that offer different types of collaboration to enhance your marketing efforts.Note: I am not listing any generic project management collaboration tools here. I am a big believer in a productively-managed workplace but I have yet to find a good project management tool that will solve all my problems. This article is not aimed at addressing that, but r…

7 questions your customers ask, and how your website must answer

Every visitor to your website has questions — lots of them. These questions must be answered before any visitor can become a customer.Whether or not the visitor is able to articulate these questions in his or her mind is irrelevant. The questions may be conscious or simply reside somewhere in their subconscious mind. But until answered, they remain there, nagging like a toddler struggling to get his mother’s attention.If your website doesn’t address or adequately answer those questions, the visitor will hold onto a feeling that something is not quite right. They may not know what it is, but it will be enough to prevent them from taking the final step to becoming a customer.It’s important that you get ahead of these questions, anticipating what your customers want to know. I’m here to help! Below I have outlined seven typical questions that customers need to have answered. And I have provided a way for you to answer those questions, with very little direct contact with the prospect bei…

Salesforce explains why, when it has Einstein, it needs Watson’s intelligence

IBM’s logo for Watson The artificial intelligence namesakes for Einstein and IBM CEO Thomas Watson are getting together.IBM’s Watson intelligent platform is being made available within Salesforce’s Marketing, Service, Sales and Commerce Clouds. Announced recently, the companies’ global strategic partnership is designed to add Watson’s brand of intelligence to the Einstein layer of intelligence that Salesforce has embedded throughout its platform.Additionally, IBM is setting up a new Global Business Services practice to help clients deploy the combined smartness.But, I asked Salesforce VP of Data and Analytics Leslie Fine, when you have Einstein on board, why do you need more intelligence?[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Wayin opens a store where marketers can reuse their most successful campaigns

Why can’t digital ad and marketing campaigns be repurposed, the way you might reuse page templates from a website?That’s the idea behind the Wayin App Store, a repository of interactive campaigns and components that was released this week by digital campaign platform Wayin. A sample screen:CEO Richard Jones told me that “no other platform in the world allows you to save the [advertising/marketing campaign] experiences in a searchable library.” He cited research showing that 40 to 60 percent of campaign budgets goes to “non-working spend,” such as agency or production time.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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4 things developers really wish every marketer understood

The challenges (and myths) of marketing to developers can feel boundless at times. Indeed, the apparent chasm between marketers and our technical customers can be daunting — and the stereotypes sometimes run both ways. But the remedy is a deceptively simple one: empathy.We’re hearing a lot about empathy (or the lack of it) in popular and political culture today. At heart, it’s about listening to another person tell you their experience. It’s about listening to someone else’s point of view — without interjecting your own.So rather than blathering on with my opinion about what developers should want from marketers, I thought it might be better to let some of the developers with whom I work tell me in their own words about their marketing experiences: the good, the bad and the ugly.When I asked in our internal and developer community Slack channels, I wasn’t disappointed. Here’s some of what I heard.I am not your nerdThe first response I received when I asked what marketers should know a…

3 ways your business can leverage third-party location data

With nearly 80 percent of all social media engagement happening through mobile phones, marketers can now effectively leverage location data when users geotag their social posts. And, with innovative image-recognition technology like Chute and Sysomos Gaze (disclosure: client), we also have the capability to recognize and analyze imagery posted on the social web.While location-based tagging has existed for a while, the existence of more visual data (images and videos) has increased the willingness of mobile users to post and geotag their posts at a much greater volume than in the past.Back in December, I wrote a post on the Waze Ad Blog talking about marketers using third-party data sources like car-buying day/time trends to power their location-based marketing efforts. This kind of alternative thinking not only promises to provide a leg up on the competition (who restrict themselves to more traditional data sources), but it can also provide new partnership opportunities and marketing …

Is your organization ready to take the plunge into in-house video production?

The effectiveness of video is undeniable. Surveys taken over the last few years show that executives would rather watch video than read text; buyers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it; and email recipients are more likely to click on a link when video is included.In the past, creating corporate videos was the domain of outside agencies. But as the cost of high-quality equipment has dropped, in-house creative teams can now produce a full range of professional-quality corporate video assets quickly and inexpensively.Whether you’re just getting started with in-house video or ramping up production, the right approach is essential for developing efficient collaborative workflows and maximizing the value of your video content.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download this Quantum white paper outlining the five best practices for building an IT environment optimized for video work.

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New location extension ad format now live on Google Display Network

Google is bringing information about local advertisers to a new display ad format on the Google Display Network. The new location extension ads rolled out in AdWords on Tuesday.The ads may include photos, store location and business hours, as shown in the example below. The ad for a local bakery below could show to a user who is reading a cooking blog, for example.
Location extension data can now show on the Google Display Network. Google says that in testing, 60 percent of clicks on the extension info were to get directions or more information about a store location.Dynamic converting, setting up or opting outAdvertisers can create these ads on their own, but note that text, responsive and 300×250 image ads, in particular, might be dynamically converted to the new location extension format unless advertisers opt out (instructions below).The new format is available from the ad gallery in AdWords under general purpose ads, where advertisers can upload up to three images, a logo and an ad…

Marketing Day: Seasonal SEO, bad content marketing advice & a digital ad report

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Seasonal SEO: Identifying your merriest times of the year
Mar 14, 2017 by Laura Scott
Are you tuned in to the seasonal trends that impact your website traffic? If not, check out columnist Laura Scott’s tips for determining which ones may present opportunities for your brand.Assessing the maturity of your organization’s messaging program
Mar 14, 2017 by Jose Cebrian
Are you able to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your messaging program? Columnist Jose Cebrian lays out key questions to ask to help you better understand the state of your organization’s messaging strategy.Manufacturing FAQs: The workhorse of content and search marketing
Mar 14, 2017 by Dianna Huff
Columnist Dianna Huff explains the benefits of FAQ pages, from improved search rankings to paid search landing pages.Marketers: Track emotions, not just numbers
Mar 14, 2017 by Joh…