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SMX West: What Google’s exact match changes mean for AdWords advertisers [Podcast]

SMX West was buzzing this week, and much of the conversation was about Google’s recent change to how exact match keywords will work in AdWords campaigns.Although the news just came out last week, the SMX programming team quickly organized a “flash session” that happened Wednesday morning before the scheduled agenda began. Panelists including Marketing Land’s Ginny Marvin and SMX moderators Matt Van Wagner and Brad Geddes took questions for almost an hour from a big crowd of concerned advertisers. They covered topics includingimpact on negative keywords.whether phrase match still matters.campaign sculpting.client expectations and communication.impact of voice search.and much more.In this week’s Marketing Land Live podcast, Ginny Marvin and I recap that excellent session with two audio clips from the audience Q&A. The episode runs just under 40 minutes. You can listen here or use the link below to subscribe via your favorite podcast service.We invite you to subscribe via iTunes or G…

Five most interesting search marketing news stories of the week

Welcome to our weekly round-up of all the latest news and research from the world of search marketing and beyond.This week, the mysterious “Google Posts” feature has made another return to the SERP, this time with GIFs and videos – could it be here to stay?Plus, why marketers aren’t investing in the hottest new technologies as much as you might think; and Google announces a new type of search product with “shortcuts in search”, which could mean big changes for SEO and paid search.Google Posts return – with GIFs and videosGoogle launched its “Posts” initiative during the US presidential election last year to relatively little fanfare.Dubbed an “experimental new podium”, Google Posts has since come and gone from the SERP several times, each with as little explanation as the first. Now it has reappeared in searches for several US sports teams, including the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees – complete with GIFs and videos.Clark Boyd took a look at the new incarnation of Google Post…

Beware these 7 sneaky PPC attribution tricks

PPC account managers are held to exacting performance standards. Their efforts are judged by KPIs like Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition).That sounds simple enough. But it’s a lot easier to set tough performance standards than to achieve them. As competition mounts, an account manager may decide to shorten their time horizon to four months instead of four years, figuring that keeping the gig is a lost cause. That leads to “Operation Obfuscate” — to fool the boss by the attributed conversion numbers, at least over the short term.This column is about doing the opposite of that — or reversing the damage when Operation Obfuscate has sapped the strength of an account that used to have real customer acquisition power.Businesses are always healthiest when they’re viewing their performance statistics with full transparency.This process can get uncomfortable, especially when rooting out past malfeasance. But the path to prosperity generally starts with getting back to bas…

Taboola & The Trade Desk now offer a single interface for native ads, video ads

Content discovery service Taboola took another step this week toward making video ads a regular member of its family, announcing that it is now integrated with The Trade Desk advertising buying platform.This is the first time that a demand side platform (DSP) partner allows advertisers to place video ads and native ads on Taboola through the same interface.Taboola offers those “you might also be interested in this” sections at the end of many articles, offering additional content, product info, and recently, related apps. The company says it serves content recommendations to over a billion users monthly.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

via Marketing Land

This new AI-powered social marketing tool can predict engagement or write the post for you

A rebranded startup is launching this week an AI-powered social marketing tool that it says can boost engagement, and even write the post.Post Intelligence, based in San Francisco, was founded in 2015 as MyLikes by ex-Google execs Bindu Reddy and Arvind Sundararajan. The company is rebranding under the new name, as it unveils a beta of its new intelligent social marketing app for Web and Android, called Pi.Pi tracks social trends and a user’s history of social posts to predict engagement (e.g., likes and shares), recommend content, learn what works, and even generate posts.The company said it constructs a deep neural network for each user’s social media feed to build custom models of engagement prediction. The engagement is predicted as 0 to 10, with 0 showing little engagement, 5 a typical amount and 10 a boost. Reddy told me that Pi can accurately predict 85 percent of the time whether engagement will be less, typical or boosted, with an 80 confidence threshold.[Read the full articl…

I love pay-for-performance SEO — but I won’t do it. Here’s why.

Let me start off by saying that I absolutely love the idea of performing web and digital marketing services on a pay-for-performance basis. But some things that sound good in theory have disastrous consequences in their execution. [Insert political joke of your choice here.]Many business owners look at the pay-for-performance model as a reasonable way to do web marketing. I mean, why pay if you don’t get the results you want, right? Usually these business owners are wary of the amount of investment needed for success, or they’ve been burned by unscrupulous SEOs.I get it. But companies can’t just turn over their digital marketing success to a marketer and walk away. It’s a team effort.Digital marketing is like politics health care. Your doctor can only tell you what you need to be doing to maintain your health or recover from a disease, surgery or sickness. They can’t do it for you. They can give you prescriptions, put you in physical therapy — heck, even hold your hand if necessary. B…

OUTFRONT Media CMO says her job is to keep moving the ball down the field

OUTFRONT Media’s CMO Jodi Senese began her career at a company called New York Subways Advertising, first as an intern, and then as a secretary and assistant to the sales promotion manager.“I’ve worked in the OOH [out-of-home] advertising industry for my whole career, beginning 26 years ago after graduating from Rutgers University,” says Senese.The CMO says she had joined the subway advertising company to get acquainted with New York advertising agencies. With degrees in English and criminology, Senese had planned on going to law school, but says she fell in love with advertising and has never left — and still turns to her first boss for advice and inspiration.Now, she drives all aspects of OUTFRONT Media’s marketing efforts, in addition to helping develop new business strategies for the OOH advertising company that has more than 400,000 digital and static displays located throughout the US. Jodi SeneseCMO @ OUTFRONT Media Age: 58 (this month!)HQ: New York CityHobbies: Cooking Apple or A…

4 advanced targeting strategies for B2B marketers

The digital world gets noisier every day. That’s why it’s becoming more and more important in B2B marketing that we truly understand the multiple stakeholders that make up our target audience, their unique worldview, the specific problems they are trying to solve, and the impact they each are trying to make within their organizations.There is no one-size-fits-all approach to successful B2B marketing. An all-encompassing, general content asset that attempts to address all the pain points your product solves isn’t going to resonate with every person involved in the decision-making process.As marketers, we need to seek opportunities to get granular with our targeting strategy, build content assets that specifically address the micro-problems facing each stakeholder and empathize with the unique worldview of our end-users, influencers and decision-makers.Here are four advanced targeting strategies that can help you engage with your B2B audience across all stages of the buying process.1. C…

9 Awesome Content Marketing Tools That Will Make You More Efficient

If you want to build effective brand awareness, the best way is through content marketing.Content marketing is also an excellent way to connect with your customers and readers. With it, you can find a very convenient way to make your goods and services known and readily available to your audience.While content marketing is very effective, it is not very easy. Building a useful marketing strategy can be challenging and requires serious work.The 9 Best Content Marketing ToolsHowever, there are some tools which can make this process easier for you. Using them, you can easily create masterpieces that will be significant, useful, informative, and actionable for your readers.So what are these great content marketing tools?1. OutbrainSome people have amazing and very informative content but are struggling with publishing and distribution. These two problems are making it difficult for these content marketers to get the desired result for their efforts. If you fall in that group, let Outbrain…

5 Super Useful Tips To Improve Affiliate Marketing Sale.

Affiliate Marketing Best Practices5 Super Useful Tips To Improve Affiliate Marketing Sale
Affiliate Marketing is a simple way to make money from blogging or online marketing, Affiliate Marketing is the place where affiliate refers customers to a vendor, and the vendor gives the affiliate a commission if a sale or an action takes place.Affiliate Marketing takes a time to give results, but it doesn’t mean that every time you will have to wait for a sale, your hard work is the key to your success. I am working on three blogs, I learned this hard with my blog. I Started affiliate marketing on my blog and it took more than 4 to 5 months to get my first affiliate sale. Follow these tried-and-true techniques to succeed as an affiliate marketer and helps you to you improve your affiliate marketing sale. 5 Signs You Made A Great Impact On Affiliate Marketing Create a How- To GuideHow- To Guide is the effective way to increase conversions on your website, And make sure that your how-to page is visi…

Marketing Day: Content audits, Facebook’s shoppable Collection ads & Google Posts

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Are technical and content audits still relevant?
Mar 23, 2017 by David Freeman
SEO audits are very useful in identifying website issues and areas for improvement, but columnist David Freeman believes the way we approach these audits is outdated.Google site search is on the way out. Now what?
Mar 23, 2017 by Paul Shapiro
With Google sunsetting its site search product, many companies are wondering where to turn for this functionality; columnist Paul Shapiro provides some alternatives.Content Attribution: Identifying content that converts
Mar 23, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
Content may be a critical part of your marketing toolkit, but do you know how it performs against your business goals. Join our digital marketing and data science experts from Cardinal Path and Intel as they demonstrate how to use content attribution – both practically and…