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Why Google’s SEO advice is NOT (always) in your best interest

Last month, Google released a video detailing best practices for hiring an SEO company, and it is positioned to become the go-to guide for hiring an SEO. After all, who better to tell companies what they should look for in an SEO than the operators of the world’s most popular search engine? The advice in the video is useful, but it’s biased and incomplete — like so much of the information the company distributes. For example, Ohye states that valid recommendations from an SEO must be corroborated by official Google statements, but the search giant frequently declines to comment on algorithm updates, and they have also been known to advise what they want SEOs to do — not necessarily what works.Reputable SEO companies seriously consider all official statements that Google makes about its ranking factors. But if Google is an SEO company’s only source of data and best practice information, the results of the SEO’s work are likely to be suboptimal.Whether you’re trying to hire an SEO compan…

Twitter drops usernames from replies, giving full 140 characters to respond

Many times when joining a Twitter discussion, getting your point across can be tricky. By including the Twitter handles of others, you can significantly stunt the effectiveness of your messaging. When those handles are added to the response, you lose precious characters that you could respond with. Today, Twitter has announced that you’ll have a full 140 characters to respond with, as @usernames will no longer count toward your 140-character limit.Instead of the @usernames showing up in the tweet content, the names will appear above the tweet text itself. By removing the names from a tweet, the extra characters can be used in a longer response. Another nifty change is that when hitting the new reply button, users will be able to select who they want the reply to be directed to. If you have a group discussion going on, users can segment certain responses out to individual users.We’re changing replies so that you have all 140 characters to express yourself.Learn more:…

10 tips to make the most of live video

Video is hands-down the hottest topic for most brands these days, and from my experience, I’d say it’s taken over “mobile” as the buzzword of the year. In particular, live video, disseminated on social channels like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, has brands and advertisers clamoring to get into the action.I could rattle off a bunch of video stats to support the statements above, but I’m trusting that the savvy marketers reading this post are already convinced. This post will walk through my top 10 personal recommendations on how to use live video, and common pitfalls to avoid.1. Have a purposeOften, I hear a sense of urgency from brands and advertising professionals to launch full-force into live video testing. I can’t stress enough the importance of having a purpose behind your live video and ensuring it is the type of content that will augment your brand positioning and perception.The content you plan to go live with must make sense for your brand, and not just be for the sake of…

The art of social media minimalism

Minimalism. As far as I can tell, it’s the art of throwing away things until your apartment looks like an Apple Store. But it’s a useful exercise — especially when it comes to prioritization and organization. Or, for a company, let’s call it reprioritization.In 2010, as the social media craze went into overdrive, there was a very real fear of being left behind by The Future. You had to hire social media experts who understood The Future. You had to focus on building out a presence on every channel so you could connect with The Future.The penalties, everyone was convinced, would be dire. Just like the rewards for First Adopters would be immense, gratuitous, paradisical. For a lucky few, that turned out to be true. Everyone else?Almost half(42 percent) of marketers are still trying to figure out how to calculate ROI from social media.It’s time to start thinking minimalistically. Take a careful look at the time you spend on social channels and the time you spend creating content for thos…

Absolutdata launches an AI-based decision-making platform

Analytics firm Absolutdata is evolving from a provider of predictive and evaluative marketing tools to a platform for decision-making.In early 2015, the company released NAVIK Converter, a tool to pinpoint which users of trial subscriptions are most likely to buy — and what kind of offers might lead them there.In mid-2015, it launched the NAVIK Concept Test, a tool to speed up the process of evaluating product ideas. Last year, it unveiled its first tool with embedded AI, NAVIK SalesAI, for helping salespeople determine the most promising prospects and the best ways to reach them.This week, the San Francisco-based firm is adding an artificial intelligence layer to its first two tools. NAVIK Converter is now NAVIK MarketingAI, NAVIK Concept Test is now NAVIK ConceptAI, and those products are combined with SalesAI to create the NAVIK AI Platform.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Signal expands its identity solution beyond a brand’s own properties

Signal (formerly BrightTag) has offered an identity solution that helped brands track its logged-in customers across browsers and devices, when the customers interacted with the brand’s sites or apps.It was designed to analyze customer journeys, so brands knew how their registered customers interacted with them online, regardless of how they came in.This week, the Chicago-based company is expanding its offering, with the launch of a new Customer Identity Solution. It now allows brands to deliver ads to their customers beyond their own sites or apps, through the use of cookies and mobile device IDs that have been matched to the identified profiles. A brand might also use the newly expanded profiles for personalized content from its own website, or for email campaigns.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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The hype and reality of artificial intelligence [Podcast]

It’s one of the hottest terms in marketing today: artificial intelligence (AI). It seems like almost everyone in the martech space is claiming to offer AI as part of their products and platforms, but behind the scenes there’s not even much agreement on what constitutes artificial intelligence.In our latest Marketing Land Live podcast, we invite you to put on your thinking caps. Marketing Land’s Barry Levine visits with Scott Brinker, CTO of Ion Interactive and program chair for our upcoming MarTech conference, for a high-level discussion about the hype and reality of artificial intelligence and its role in digital marketing today and tomorrow. The conversation covers questions including:What is artificial intelligence capable of today?How are marketers currently using AI, and how might it expand in the future?Are we at a tipping point for artificial intelligence?Will AI simplify life for marketers or make it more complicated?This week’s show runs about 34 minutes. You can listen here …

Study: Why do marketers still struggle with innovative search tactics?

Many marketers who are seeing flagging returns from their search marketing campaigns might wonder what they’re doing wrong – especially if they’ve already got best practices like accurate site descriptions and keyword optimization covered.But a new study commissioned by Microsoft’s Bing and search agency Catalyst, and carried out by Forrester Consulting, may have some light to shed onto why marketers aren’t realizing the full potential of search.The study, whose findings are written up in a whitepaper, ‘Prioritize Search to Maximize ROI of Marketing‘, found that more advanced search marketing tactics like local inventory ads, voice search optimization, sitelinks and schema markup have low adoption by marketers, who may not even know about them.In addition, marketers struggle to properly integrate search with other channels in order to take advantage of the demand which they themselves have created.“We too often see advertisers spending significant dollars in, let’s say, TV, and then f…

Google adds rich results for podcasts to SERPs

On its Developers blog, Google stealthily launched some new guidelines for structured data to bring rich results for podcasts to search results.To date, this is only available via Google Home or the Google Search app v6.5 or higher on Android devices, but support for Chrome on Android is coming soon. This was first noted over onSearch Engine Roundtable,and Google provided an image to show how this will look in practice:Podcasts can be indexed and embedded in results, which could be a particularly useful functionality for Google Home and smartphones.The example above shows just how much SERP real estate can be occupied when this is implemented correctly. An embedded podcast player within the search results also means users won’t even need to click through to a landing page to listen to an episode.How can I get my podcasts indexed?The first stage to achieving this is to get podcasts indexed, and Google has provided very clear and thorough guidelines on how to do this:Expose a valid RSS …

How to Update to PHP 7 in BlueHost Web-hosting using cPanel

In my earlier guide, I shared a ton of useful information for WordPress bloggers that include;Why use PHP 7 over PHP 5.6?How to check which version of PHP your site is running onHow to check if your plugins & WordPress are compatible with PHP 7 If you are a WordPress blogger using Bluehost hosting & if you have missed reading my earlier post, click here & read it first. This tutorial will help you improve your WordPress blog performance on Bluehost Hosting by a great extent.Before you start following this tutorial, you just need to do one thing:Check if your existing plugins & themes are compatible. You can follow the guide mentioned in the earlier tutorial to do that. Once everything looks ok, let’s go ahead & speed up your WordPress blog by using PHP 7.How to update PHP version of Bluehost hosting:Note: For all new Bluehost WordPress customer, they are adding PHP 7 by default.If you are still on PHP 5.6 no need to worry as you can either ask Bluehost customer sup…

Report: Best practices for email marketing in e-commerce

When you are determining the right email marketing strategy for your business, it’s natural to wonder how the industry leaders are conducting their campaigns. After all, if they’re on top, then they must be doing everything right. Right?To glean email campaign best practices, Iterable analyzed the email marketing strategies adopted by the top 100 e-retailers in the United States to study how they engage with their customers.This report from Iterable presents insightful statistics about the e-commerce industry and includes real-world examples of marketing emails from the country’s leading businesses.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “The User Engagement Top 100 Report: Email Marketing in E-Commerce.”

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After ad boycotts, Google promises new reporting & review processes for upset advertisers

Following up on a commitment last week to address advertiser concerns about where their ads were showing, Google Chief Business Officer Philipp Schindler outlined and reiterated the steps the company is taking on brand safety measures in a blog post Wednesday.The moves come after hundreds of advertisers have pulled advertising from Google and YouTube over ads continuing to display alongside extremist content. The boycott started in the UK after the British government pulled its own ads and summoned Google to appear before the British Cabinet Office. It quickly spread to the US, with major brands pulling ad spend from YouTube and Google Display Network (GDN).Schindler reiterated that thousands of sites are added daily to the GDN and more than 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, and he provided some new details on the efforts already announced last Tuesday.New brand safety tools in developmentThese were outlined in Schindler’s previous post, but the new controls wil…

Marketing Day: Periscope analytics, Pinterest Propel & Cortana & Siri

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Marketing automation struggles to reach its full potential
Mar 29, 2017 by Mary Wallace Marketers are rushing to adopt marketing automation platforms, but many are unable to implement it effectively. Columnist Mary Wallace explores the reasons for this.Study: PPC cannot accurately identify winning organic titles
Mar 29, 2017 by Brian Wood Contributor Brian Wood from shares data which suggests that title tags that perform well in paid search don’t necessarily indicate winning SEO titles.4 major barriers to being linkable
Mar 29, 2017 by Julie Joyce Columnist Julie Joyce explores some of the most common issues that interfere with naturally attracting good links.The new marketing mindset
Mar 29, 2017 by Justin Dunham Columnist Justin Dunham believes that it’s crucial for marketers to understand and work with digital marketing technolo…