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Link building: Preliminary research and analysis

Research is critical to securing the links your site needs. Research is necessary to work intelligently and strategically.A few months back, I published a post here on Search Engine Land that outlined the philosophies behind a sound link strategy. Today, I want to build on that post and show the execution of the advice I offered. I want to give you a clear example of how to execute introductory link-building research, which guides strategy development.In this post, I’ll walk through preliminary link-building research and analysis, including:finding search opportunities.identifying linkable assets.locating link prospects.competitor research and comparable pages.To provide tangible takeaways, I’ll use a real example site: Twproject (not a Page One Power client).I’m always looking to improve my efficiency, foster collaboration and better manage projects; so I decided to explore the project management niche for this post. Twproject jumped out as a potential candidate for link building, as…

Snapchat will tell brands how many people saw their ads, then visited their stores, restaurants

In the growing rivalry between Facebook Inc. and Snapchat’s parent company Snap Inc., Facebook’s strategy seems to be copying Snapchat’s product features, and Snap’s strategy seems to be copying Facebook’s business playbook.Less than a year after Facebook officially started measuring the brick-and-mortar traffic its ads generateborrowing from Google’s playbook — Snapchat is rolling out its own version of this online-to-offline measurement and adding more ways for marketers to send people from Snapchat to their stores.7-Eleven, Paramount Pictures and Wendy’s were among the first brands to test Snapchat’s Snap to Store measurement tool that tracks the number of people who use Snapchat in a brand’s physical location, like a retail store or restaurant, and then checks how many of those people had seen an ad from the brand on the mobile app.Snapchat can only tell if someone visited a brand’s location if that person uses Snapchat in that location, i.e., if the person opens Snapchat to ch…

Virool’s new Vertical Video Exchange opens vertical video ad inventory to over 150 DSPs

As Snapchat, and now Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms have popularized vertical video, demand for vertical video ad inventory has followed.  To make it easier for advertisers to buy vertical video ad inventory at scale, video ad tech platform Virool has launched the Vertical Video Exchange.A partnership with Bidswitch enables access to the exchange to more than 150 agency trading desks and DSPs, including Google, AOL and Yahoo. Until now, Rubicon Project has been the exclusive programmatic provider of Virool’s ad units.The inventory comes in the form of Virool’s Vertical Reveal ad format that the company debuted last May for mobile. The format is sold on a guaranteed 100 percent viewability basis. The video ads pause when less than 50 percent of the pixels are in view. The ads can also include social sharing buttons and customized end cards.“We’re providing a greenfield source of inventory in brand safe environments. I am excited that now some of the world largest DSPs…

Is Google really keeping fake listings off Google Maps?

Google announced last week that they had recently conducted a study to research the actors behind fake listings on Google Maps.The study points out that “geographic proximity is the coin of the emerging localized-search realm,” which matches what I observed with the Possum update in 2016. This major algorithm update was responsible for making proximity to the searcher the #1 ranking factor for local search. This drives up the incentive for companies to create fake listings, since they need more “locations” in order to monopolize the search results and maximize exposure.There were some things I saw in the study that were very helpful to know:Most of the listings that got suspended were in India and the United States (74 percent of all the listings observed in this study).40.3 percent of the listings were in industries that are on-call, like plumbers, locksmiths and electricians.54 percent of the suspensions in the United States were in the following six states: California, New York, Fl…

Just released: 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors survey results

At the risk of oversimplifying what it takes to rank in local search results in 2017, links and reviews are hot.That’s one of the many conclusions drawn by more than three dozen local SEOs who have come together in the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors survey, just published today. This is the latest in the long-running survey that David Mihm began almost a decade ago. The survey went on hiatus in 2016, then Mihm handed it over to Darren Shaw.While reviews and links are considered more important now, citations appear to be losing importance in the survey. Still important? Yes. But as Shaw explains in his post introducing the survey, “the emphasis on citations has seen some decline (certainly in favor of links), and rightly so. In particular, there is an increasing focus on quality over quantity.”The survey breaks down what those local SEOs believe are the most important ranking factors for both local packs and localized organic search results, and also lists factors that are of more o…

Cost-per-visit ad models, offline verification set to shake up online advertising

Retail makes up the largest category of internet ad spending, representing about 21 percent of total revenues, according to the most recent IAB report — or roughly $15 billion annually. That’s why the development of a “cost-per-(store)-visit” ad model (CPV) is potentially so significant.Some of that retailer ad spending is driven by pure-play e-tailers. However, most is from traditional retailers.While traditional retailers are suffering, more than 90 percent of consumer retail spending still happens in stores: trillions offline vs. billions online. In addition, though they’re more tech-savvy than millennials, members of so-called “Gen Z” strongly prefer to shop in stores.Internet ad revenues by industry categorySince the advent of mobile-location analytics and online-to-offline measurement, I’ve been writing about optimizing digital campaigns against offline visits and the possibility of a CPV model.A few weeks ago, xAd was the first to formally introduce a CPV model. That was follow…

Innovid teams with Tapad to target video ads at users across devices

Video marketing platform Innovid is now able to deliver video ads to the same user across their devices, thanks to a partnership announced this week with cross-device identity provider Tapad.This is the first time that Innovid has employed cross-device identification, SVP of Product Ronnie Lavi told me.He noted that advertisers will now be able to retarget a potential customer across devices, deliver the most effective sequence of ads across devices and provide a related experience as users move from device to device.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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The first Forrester Wave on Digital Intelligence tools tackles customer interaction

Customer interactions create a lot of data, and a lot of tools track that data.To help evaluate those tools and organize the kinds of data, Forrester Research recently released its first Wave report on Digital Intelligence (DI) platforms. In the report, “Digital Intelligence” is the name for data describing how customers interact with a brand. More specifically, it is defined as:The practice of developing a holistic understanding of customers across digital touchpoints for the purposes of optimizing and perfecting the experiences delivered and decisions made by brands during moments of engagement.Since this is all focused around customer interaction, I asked report author and Forrester analyst James McCormick why this isn’t called something like “Interaction Intelligence.” “Digital Intelligence” seems to cover all insights from all data.He said the category name extends back to the primitive days in the last century when marketers tried to understand online customer interactions prima…

5 pragmatic — and powerful — places to improve CX right now

Philosophy abounds with variations on the notion that pretty good is actually pretty great. Aristotle found virtue in the middle ground between aesthetic and ethical extremes. Ralph Waldo Emerson advised “moderation in all things.” And we know how Goldilocks felt about finding something that was just right.But, still, it’s human nature to hold ourselves to a higher standard. Lots of folks are loath to finish a job when it’s just good enough. One upscale automobile manufacturer staked its reputation on “a relentless pursuit of perfection.”I daresay many of us who are devoted to improving the customer experience (CX) of our products and services fall into that camp of perfectionists. It makes sense — we advocate because we’re highly attuned to the needs of our customers, and we notice all too clearly when we see something that’s not quite right in the design and flow of our apps.That empathy is a major strength of companies that create value from long-lasting customer relationships. But…

How can marketers optimize for Google’s new “similar items” feature?

Google has announced that “Similar items” is now available globally in image search on mobile and in its Android app.Similar items will suggest related products based on a user’s search query and their interactions with the resultant images.At first, the feature will only be available for shoes, sunglasses, and handbags. Google does, however, expect to roll this out across a much wider set of products this year, starting with furniture, homeware, and potentially some other apparel categories.What does this mean for marketers?Retailers of all stripes should keep a very close eye on this and start thinking about how to optimize for Similar items.One essential step is to add Products Schema to any items you want to be eligible for this feature. Google provides some clear guidelines on this; but as a summary, the following elements should be tagged:There is also the option to opt out of this altogether, should you wish to avoid having your images show up in Similar items.Aside from these …

24 Apps to Help Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs in 2017

Nowadays, it seems easier to do anything, anywhere and anytime. Whether you want to share documents and pictures, manage emails; update your social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter accounts, there are chances this can be done more efficiently. This is largely due to technology — specially, on your Smartphone or tablet.A recent survey listed over 350 small-business owners worldwide and the tools they use for email marketing campaigns, cloud storage, social media optimization and marketing, increased productivity, and more. The survey also mentioned that up to 80% of SME owners have adopted to multiple changes in order to become more online and technology-based marketplace. That tells you just how persistent technology has become in our personal and professional lives as everything is cloud based.Organization and Productivity appsGoogle DriveGoogle’s free productivity suite, Google Drive, is packed with tools to help people work together using little more than a browser. Make…

Attend MarTech for vendor-agnostic, graduate-level marketing, technology & management insights

MarTech is different in a couple of key ways that make it a must-attend experience for marketing leaders.MarTech is independent and not owned by a vendor. We don’t have axes to grind (or sales targets to meet) when it comes to any technology or platform. Speakers are selected based on their professional chops to address a topic and don’t pay for the privilege. Identifying sessions where vendors pay to present isn’t a mystery; we tell you they’ve done so. View the speaker lineup.The breadth of programming is epic. More than 70 presentations from 100+ speakers from brands, agencies and the industry. Session topics and speakers were selected to help you bridge the gap between the pace of technology innovation and your organization’s ability to digest it.If your tribe is marketing technology management, MarTech on May 9-11 is the place to meet, learn, network and share.Agenda Focused on Strategy, Customer Journey and AnalyticsMartech strategy, customer journey, and analytics are among the…

Marketing Day: Dailymotion’s upcoming relaunch, Periscope’s branded hearts & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:National Brands & Local Search: Use Insights to Drive Actions
Apr 11, 2017 by Digital Marketing Depot
National brands with hundreds – if not thousands – of locations face a daunting challenge. With nearly one third of all mobile searches now related to location, the competition for visibility at the local level has heated up. Once a brand has submitted its data to data aggregators, then what?Dailymotion to relaunch in June with focus on professionally produced video programming
Apr 11, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
According to a report from Variety, the French video platform is planning to move away from user-generated content.What’s really holding back your messaging program?
Apr 11, 2017 by Jose Cebrian
It’s not the technology that’s keeping you from building a successful messaging program. Columnist Jose Cebrian explains why you need the peopl…

National Brands & Local Search: Use Insights to Drive Actions

National brands with hundreds – if not thousands – of locations face a daunting challenge. With nearly one third of all mobile searches now related to location, the competition for visibility at the local level has heated up.Once a brand has submitted its data to data aggregators, then what? How can brands leverage performance metrics and data to measure their local search performance and take action on it?Join our SEO and local marketing experts for an in-depth look at the growth of location-oriented search, the key metrics every brand should track to measure local search performance, and the actions that can help improve your local performance.Register today for “National Brands & Local Search: Use Insights to Drive Actions,” produced by Digital Marketing Depot and sponsored by seoClarity.

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