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A new test extends Google Shopping ads to the Display Network

Google has been steadily increasing distribution of Shopping ads, including to YouTubeImage search results and third-party retail sites in the Search Partners network. The inevitable extension to the Google Display Network is now here: the company has launched a pilot called Retail Shopping on Display.In an email sent to AdWords API users and advertisers in April, Google said that, during the initial phase, Shopping ads of those accepted into the pilot may appear on fashion and home sites on the Google Display Network. From the email:Starting next week, some of your customers will be able to target the Google Display Network (GDN) with their Shopping campaigns as part of a pilot Google is running. This will allow them to expand the reach of their Shopping Campaigns beyond the Google Search Network. It will allow their shopping ads to be eligible to appear on a handful of select, premium fashion and home decor sites for this pilot.As of May 29, Google will automatically enable all Sh…

The robots who will warm your heart — and drive your branding

I’m not a classically trained marketer, so I don’t really understand how branding works. Why do people sign up for a credit card because Charles Barkley appears in a TV commercial? How does Alfa Romeo sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show increase car sales? And why does my public utility have to brand itself at all?None of this makes much sense to me, and yet branding — when done correctly — clearly drives immense value for companies. The right branding convinces us to do crazy things, like pay more money for a commodity (salt, sugar), or get a new iPhone every 18 months.The flip side of branding successes, however, is that a lot of branding fails. I’m not talking about huge brand blunders (like Pepsi’s attempt to channel the Black Lives Matter movement via a Kardashian), but rather brand dollars that are simply ineffective.Take the beer companies, for example. Budweiser spends billions every year on brand advertising, and yet its market share continues to plummet. Even iconic bran…

The great big list of landing page tests to try

About a month ago, I published an article that provided a few areas of consideration when diving into conversion rate optimization, with ideas to help kick off brainstorming discussions. I love conversion rate optimization (CRO) because it is one of the few things that you can do that will have an impact on the performance of all of your digital channels at once. In other words, it is time well spent.Still, some of us don’t have the time or resources to brainstorm landing page tests, so this post goes one step further to provide concrete testing ideas (46 ideas, to be exact) that you can try on your landing pages today![Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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How customer identity solutions slash churn — and boost revenue

Recently, I spoke with a CMO in the retail sector who told me that about 50 percent of his customers buy once and then never buy again. And he knows that slicing that attrition rate by just one or two percentage points would drive millions of dollars to the bottom line.This is a common challenge, not just for retailers, but for many brands. The long-term payoff of investing in existing customers is beyond dispute. What’s up for debate, however, is how to retain them.To understand more about how marketers are prioritizing goals such as acquisition and retention, the metrics they’re focusing on, and how they want to move the needle this year, Signal (my employer) surveyed (registration required) a select group of CMOs from leading brands.Here’s what we learned….[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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3 predictions about the future of SEO

SEO is a constantly changing and growing industry. No longer is search engine optimization seen as internet “black magic,” but it is now regarded as an essential part of any serious digital marketing strategy. Last year, it was estimated that businesses invested more that $65 billion on SEO services, and that number is projected to climb to over $70 billion by 2018.We’ve come a long way as an industry — and from the looks of it, our best days are still ahead of us. The hardest thing in the world of search is predicting what will come next. As the major engines continue to update and refine their algorithms and SERP displays, we in the field shouldn’t just wait around to react. I believe we should be proactive and look at past trends to help guide us.In that spirit, I’m going to take a step out and make three predictions about the future of the SEO industry.[Read the full article on Search Engine Land.]

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9 Best Cheap Alternatives for Photoshop

Photoshop is one of the most popular tools in the world. You couldn’t think of a bigger player in photo editing software and you’d be amazed to find out that Photoshop has started to lose its luster due to changes in pricing. This software package has always had a hefty price tag, but it also offered the opportunity to pay once and own it outright. For the last several years, a new payment system requires customers to essentially rent the package. It’s true that basic applications like Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC only cost $9.99US per month, but still, requires a one year commitment. The change has spurred other providers to jump in with affordable alternatives that offer many or most of what’s available in Photoshop. Here are some of the better choices that worth checking out.1. GIMPGimp is recognized as a valuable alternative to Photoshop in terms of its capabilities that include image filters, color adjustment tools, layers, and the indispensable alpha channel. It’s also popular …

Top mistakes new online retailers make

Are you new to the wonderful world of e-commerce? Are you hoping to hit the ground running, turning your store into a great success overnight?Although you may have the best intentions, there’s no denying the fact that you’ll make mistakes from time to time. However, you should set the goal of avoiding the many errors that have plagued thousands of people before you.Here are five of the top mistakes new online retailers may make:1. Wrong platformIn the early days of e-commerce, you didn’t have many options in regard to your platform and technology. However, this has all changed in today’s world. Now, you have more solutions than ever before.You know your online store, products, goals and business plan better than anyone else. Take all this into consideration when choosing a platform.2. Too many productsThe more products you sell, the better, right? Well, not exactly. While there is nothing wrong with expanding your product list over time, you don’t want to bog yourself down in the earl…

Zvelo complements its free bot detection with first page-level breakdown

In January, categorization and anti-malware firm Zvelo launched a free bot detection service for site publishers.This week, the Denver area-based firm announced a complementary service, which it says is the first to detect non-human traffic on a specific page, rather than at the site level.Called the Comprehensive Page-level Traffic (CPT) dataset and priced at a monthly fee based in part on usage, it looks at each ad impression and determines how much traffic is non-human (e.g., bots) or low-quality (e.g., human-powered click farms).[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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MailChimp’s email automations are now free to everyone

Email marketing service MailChimp is now putting a very low price tag on its triggered email features.Really low, as in zero.The email automations had previously been available only in the company’s enterprise edition for paying customers. But MailChimp is announcing this week that all 15 million users of the free version of the platform can also create targeted emails triggered, for instance, by such events as a subscriber’s birthday or the on-boarding of a new customer.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Use these 5 tips for more engaging client presentations

Whether you are pitching a prospect or showcasing account results and initiatives to an existing client, crafting engaging and relevant presentations is crucial. The presentation allows the vendor to prove the value of its work to the client in a digestible way. Especially for prospects, the presentation is the main takeaway and could very well determine if the two entities work together. Creating presentations shouldn’t be a task, but rather an opportunity to impress your audience.For this post, I’m defining the presentation as both the actual PowerPoint and the delivery. Not only do you need to provide good content, but you must present it in a way that won’t bore your audience. Here are five tips you can try to make your presentations more engaging.1. Ask the client for input before beginningBefore you create the presentation, ask the client what should be in it. It sounds like an obvious statement, but too often, presentations lack focus and the correct initiatives because the con…

The psychology of language for paid search

The success of your PPC campaigns may depend on the language that you’re using. Here’s how to improve it.Sophie Turton, Head of Content and PR at Bozboz, delivered an interesting presentation in Brighton SEO, offering useful tips on how to improve your language when creating PPC copy.According to Sophie Turton, people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it – that’s what makes a powerful message more effective. Here are her tips on how to use psychology to improve your PPC copy.The serial position effectPeople are more likely to recall the first and last pieces of information they see, otherwise known as the serial position effect. This makes it even more important to craft your PPC copy carefully.Keywords can help you highlight the focus of your copy, so it’s a good idea to experiment until you find the best ones to use. However, there’s no need to focus too much on their use, as they still can’t guarantee that the language’s effectiveness.The best way to speak your audience’s …

The Ultimate Guide To Writing The Perfect Privacy Policy For Your Blog

Do you have a blog/website without a privay page? Well, if your answer is yes; you might be leading yourself into a bigger problem.If you are a blogger, it is mandatory that you write a privacy policy for your blog. This is a way to show the uniqueness of your blog aside from some other significant benefits that are attached to it.Firstly, let me explain what a privacy policy is…What is a Privacy Policy?According to Wikipedia, “A privacy policy is a statement or a legal document (in privacy law) that discloses some or all of the ways a party gathers, uses, discloses, and manages a customer or client’s data. It fulfills a legal requirement to protect a customer or client’s privacy. Personal information can be anything that can be used to identify an individual, not limited to but including name, address, date of birth, marital status, contact information, ID issue and expiry date, financial records, credit information, medical history, where one travels, and intentions to acquire goods…

Turn customers into brand advocates with a review response strategy

There are many reasons why a customer may choose to share their local experience with other customers on social review channels. Brands should be paying close attention to these reasons, aligning their response strategies to review sentiment in order to improve the customer experience.This guide from Brandify contains flows that will help you maximize customer engagement and start building long-term relationships with local fans and haters.Visit Digital Marketing Depot to get your copy.

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Apple’s $52.9B in revenue slightly misses estimates, but earnings beat expectations

This afternoon Apple announced revenue of $52.9 billion, which was up vs. last year but short of analyst expectations of $53 billion. However, the company beat earnings per share expectations by $0.08.Apple sold just under 51 million iPhones in the quarter vs. expectations of roughly 53 million. Here are device numbers:iPhones: 50.8 million units, $33.2 billion in revenueiPad: 8.9 million units, $3.9 billion in revenueMacs: 4.1 million units, $5.8 billion in revenueServices (including Apple Pay, Apple Care): $7 billion in revenueOther (including Apple TV, Apple Watch, Beats products): $2.9 billion in revenueInternational sales were roughly 61 percent of total revenue. Gross margins were 38.9 percent, slightly above Wall Street expectations. The Americas, Europe and Greater China were the company’s top markets, in that order.Apple provided Q3 revenue guidance of between $43.5 billion and $45.5 billion.

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Marketing Day: Snap Ads Max Reach, YouTube redesign & Google AdSense

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Snap Ads Max Reach is Snapchat’s version of the home page takeover
May 2, 2017 by Tim Peterson
For one day, advertisers can get their vertical video ads seen by all US viewers of Snapchat’s various Stories formats.YouTube invites users to give feedback on its upcoming redesign
May 2, 2017 by Amy Gesenhues
The new look and feel will be based on Material Design principles of simplicity, consistency and beauty.Study: Q1 Google Display Network placements
May 2, 2017 by Ted Ives
Are you utilizing the Google Display Network in AdWords? Contributor Ted Ives shares some data on which site categories perform best.How to optimize for voice search
May 2, 2017 by Sherry Bonelli
Inspired by a recent presentation at SMX West, columnist Sherry Bonelli discusses why small businesses and local search marketers need to be thinking about voice search.How martech…

How To Create Your WordPress Blog with Bluehost Hosting

Part 1: vs. Everything you need to knowPart 2: How To Buy Hosting For Your WordPress BlogPart 3: <<You are here>>Part 4: Essential Settings After Installing WordPressPart 5: How To Install A WordPress PluginPart 6: How To Install A WordPress ThemeThere are many cheap and reliable hosting services for WordPress out there, and one of the best is Bluehost.This guide is for newbies to learn how to install WordPress on Bluehost hosting.I have used Bluehost for my sites and my client sites, and what I like about them is they don’t oversell themselves. They’re simple, they’re cheap, and they’re good.In case you don’t know, Bluehost is one of the officially recommended hosts by WordPress.One thing I like about Bluehost is that they’ve scaled their server for optimum performance when running WordPress. They offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, premium support, and everything else you could possibly need to run a successful WordPress blog.Sign u…

SiteGround Coupon: Special 60% off on All Shared Hosting Plans

SiteGround is the most popular non-EIG hosting company. They have recently been in the news since they are now listed as “recommended hosting” by the official hosting page.2017 Note: Other companies who are listed along with SiteGround in “recommended hosting” by the official website are DreamHost,  Bluehost & Flywheel.SiteGround – WordPress hosting winner 2017 If you are in a hurry to get the discounted promo link of SiteGround, use the below link.Click here to activate SiteGround discount (Promo will be applied automatically)If you want to learn more about this company, read on.SiteGround is well-known for their innovation & they are one of the cutting edge web-hosting companies who offer truly amazing features.Some of those cutting edge features are:Full SSD storage (Improve web-hosting performance by 3X)Free SSL Certificate SuperCacher for great speed. Works with WordPress & Drupal (Click here to learn more)WP-CLI enabled (Good for developers…

TubeBuddy Discount Coupon Code: Save 25%

Are you a Youtube publisher? If yes, today I have something exclusive for you which would help you increase your Y0utube channel in a shorter time span. None the less, you can check the ranking of your Youtube videos.TubeBuddy is a popular tool for Youtubers which is not only affordable but easy to use. This tool is powerhouse & a must have tool for Youtube publishers like you. Before you use this TubeBuddy discount coupon to get 25% off after your 14 days free trial, let me quickly highlight some of the many great features of this popular youtube tool.TubeBuddy features:As the name suggest, this is a complete virtual Youtube buddy that you need. This tool is a suite of various features that you need to grow your Youtube channel. Here are some of them:Keyword research tool for YoutubeA/B testing for video title, description & tags.Automatically suggest tags for videos to help them rank higher.Promote one of your videos in the descriptions of all your other videosFeature any on…

Snap Ads Max Reach is Snapchat’s version of the home page takeover

Snapchat has quietly been pitching advertisers on a way to reach everyone in the US who views a Story on a given day.Earlier this year, Snap Inc.’s Snapchat added a new ad-buying option that equates to the mobile app’s version of a traditional website’s home page takeover, a Snap spokesperson confirmed on Tuesday.Called Snap Ads Max Reach, the option is similar to Instagram’s Marquee and Twitter’s First View takeover options. Snapchat’s version guarantees that a brand’s ad will be served to everyone in the US who is shown a Snap Ad on a given day. In other words, anyone who watches a friend’s or celebrity’s Story, views one of Snapchat’s curated Our Stories or checks out a publisher’s Discover channel (also known as a “Publisher Story”) will see the brand’s ad the first time Snapchat attaches an ad to one of those Stories.For now, Snap Ads Max Reach campaigns are only available in the US and can only be bought directly through Snapchat’s sales team.The addition of Snap Ads Max Reach m…

YouTube invites users to give feedback on its upcoming redesign

YouTube announced it is working on a new look and feel for both its desktop and mobile apps and is inviting beta testers to preview the redesign and offer feedback.“While we hope that you’ll love what we’ve been working on, we’re also really excited to involve the YouTube community so we can make the site even better before sharing it more broadly,” writes product manager Brian Marquardt, on the YouTube Blog.According to the announcement, the new layout will apply Material Design principles based on simplicity, consistency and beauty. YouTube says its redesign will be, “… clean and fresh, thanks to the removal of visuals that can distract from your browsing or watching experience.”YouTube’s new design is being built on Polymer, a faster framework that will allow for quicker feature development.While not a lot of details were given on specific updates to come or when the official rollout will happen, one of the new features listed in the announcement was Dark Theme, which turns the bac…