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Did You Lose Traffic After Migrating To HTTPS? Here’s How To Fix That.

Should you move your website from HTTP to HTTPS?Is it worth moving an information site like a blog to HTTPS?These were some of the questions we all had last year when HTTPS became really common.If we look at the current trend, it’s a no brainer that our sites should be using HTTPS.And when you are starting a new site & implementing HTTPS, things are easy.However, when you are moving an existing/running site from HTTP to HTTPS, things are not that simple.Moving to HTTPS is indeed a big technical SEO change. At times, people make mistakes here & start losing their SEO traffic.However, one can quickly avoid this if they are following all the right steps before & after moving their site from HTTP to HTTPS.There are a few tools that let us check for proper SSL implementation, but they are not geared toward SEO. These tools usually check for canonical & SSL certificate implementation, which is not enough when you are doing an SEO audit after moving your site to HTTPS.So, wha…