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Skimlinks can now ‘pre-target’ users down to a product category

In late 2015, London-based affiliate marketing network Skimlinks announced a programmatic targeting service for advertisers called Audiences.It is a data coop that pools anonymized data about online visitors’ purchase intents, which is then used by advertising platforms for ads or other targeting. Participating site publishers share the data coop’s revenue. Skimlinks says that its network covers 1.5 million websites, about 20,000 retailers and 1.4 billion shoppers.When it was announced in November of 2015, Skimlinks said that the visitor data was divided into segments of 200 or so product categories, with indications about how soon the users in a given segment wanted to buy that product.As it turns out, CEO and co-founder Alicia Navarro told me, those “product categories” were really about product-specific retailers and brands, not actual products.Let’s say a user browses to a page on a participating publisher’s site. The publisher might have a review of new Sony cameras. Since Sony m…

Salesforce makes Einstein a bit smarter in its Commerce Cloud

This week, Salesforce is adding some smarts to the Einstein layer in its Commerce Cloud.Einstein provides a consistent artificial intelligence capability across the company’s clouds for marketing, service, sales, apps, analytics, sales and commerce. The Commerce Cloud — which supports 2,000 websites, 350 million unique shoppers and $16 billion in online sales last year — lets retailers build and maintain online stores.The Einstein-enhanced capabilities in the Commerce Cloud previously included customer-based product recommendations and shopping cart analytics dashboard Commerce Insights.The key Einsteinian enhancement, announced at the company’s Salesforce XChange conference in Las Vegas, is an update for Predictive Sort.[Read the full article on MarTech Today.]

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Google adds more ads to Play Store, and other app ads news from I/O

Google will now show app ads on the Google Play Store home page and app listings pages. The company made several app ad announcements at the I/O developer conference Wednesday, including bidding options and a redesigned AdMob.More ads in Google Play StoreThe new ad placements are included in an “Ads suggested for you” carousel when users scroll down the page.Google introduced ads to search results in the Play Store in 2015. Last fall, it added a second ad position to search results. Google said Wednesday that its app install ads have generated over 5 billion installs (up from 3 billion as of mid-September 2016), and monetized in-app events now drive over 3 billion events quarterly.Smart Bidding in Universal App CampaignsGoogle is expanding its automated Smart Bidding strategies to Universal App Campaigns. Universal App Campaigns allow developers to run a single app install campaign across Google Play, Search, YouTube, Gmail and the Display Network. With Smart Bidding, bids will automa…

7 advanced Google Shopping strategies [Infographic]

Google Shopping Ads now make up 56% of retailer ad spend in the USA, and a study by Merkle has shown that GS ads accounted for 46% of clicks to retailers in the second quarter of 2016.The current trends indicate that Google Shopping revenue is only going to grow in the next few years, making it more vital than ever to have a strong Google Shopping strategy as a retailer.The infographic below, produced by Clicteq, will give you a quick visual and entertaining summary of seven advanced Google Shopping strategies that can supercharge your Google Shopping performance and help you compete in 2017.

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The 5 Most Common Content Marketing Blunders That Are Scaring Away Readers

How have your content marketing efforts been?Are they paying off?Are you getting your expected return on investment (ROI) or are you unconsciously driving your readers away as a result of your poor content marketing tactics?Sprout Worth recently stated that:“More than 50% of the most effective content marketers on the internet put out new content types for their readers at least many times a week, if not every day.”What do you say to that?Content marketing is considered to be one of the best marketing techniques for generating targeted leads. It is a cheap and efficient means of getting to your audience without much hassle.However, for you to break even with content marketing, you’re required to write kick-ass, result oriented, and compelling articles that your readers will always find useful and relevant.Sadly, many content marketers are committing some blunders that are massively sabotaging their efforts, thereby scaring their readers away.If you’re not yet getting results from your…

What you should know about Twitter’s latest privacy policy update

When you visit a site that features a tweet button or an embedded tweet, Twitter is able to recognize that you’re on that site and use that information to target you with ads. And now it’s going to hang on to that information for a bit longer but give you more control over it.Twitter updated its privacy policy on Wednesday so that it can use the information it collects about people’s off-Twitter web browsing for up to 30 days, as opposed to the previous 10-day maximum, according to the updated document that takes effect on June 18. The extension could help Twitter when it comes to making sure its ads are aimed at enough of the right people, which could aid its struggle to attract direct-response advertisers and reverse its advertising revenue declines.Coinciding with the update, Twitter has also added a new section to the settings menu on its site and in its mobile apps that details the information Twitter uses to target a person with ads and lets that person deselect individual inter…

What to look for in a paid media campaign management tool

Paid search, mobile, display/banner ads, and social media advertising lead an expanding group of paid media that are now being managed by paid media campaign management platforms. This report examines the current market for enterprise paid campaign management platforms and the considerations involved in implementing paid media software.If you are considering licensing an enterprise paid media campaign management platform, this report will help you decide whether or not you need to. It addresses the following questions:Who are the leading players in enterprise paid media campaign management platforms?What capabilities do enterprise paid media campaign management platforms provide?Does my company need a paid media campaign management platform?How much does a paid media campaign management platform cost?Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download “Enterprise Paid Media Campaign Management Platforms: A Marketer’s Guide.”

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3 key takeaways from MarTech San Francisco 2017

The 2017 MarTech conference in San Francisco is over, and it’s safe to divulge the event’s WiFi password: martech5000. Despite the awesome sci-fi ring to it, it actually represents the 5,381 solutions on Scott Brinker’s ever-expanding Marketing Technology Landscape chart.Source: During this week’s conference, many discussions — both onstage and offstage — focused on how to parse the many martech options available today.Of course, determining the right solution depends largely on your strategy and goals. But, as we heard this week, there are many other considerations, including your current technology assets, your willingness to change from the inside out, and, most importantly, the needs of your customers.M-architecture is more important than everThe conference kicked off with the Stackies Awards, an incredible behind-the-scenes view of marketing technology being used in the real world by companies today. With 5,000+ solutions to choose from, it is invaluable to study h…

Marketing Day: Facebook fights clickbait, Google I/O roundup & more

Here’s our recap of what happened in online marketing today, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.From Marketing Land:Progressive profiling: Why it’s a win for you and your customers
May 17, 2017 by Ryan Phelan
Contributor Ryan Phelan explains the benefits of progressive profiling and walks you through the steps you should take when implementing your profiling program.Facebook now pinpoints individual posts to keep clickbait out of the News Feed
May 17, 2017 by Tim Peterson
By evaluating individual posts, Facebook can better isolate and eliminate the occasional clickbait from the average publisher.Google I/O Roundup: Search-by-picture Google Lens & other Google Assistant features announced
May 17, 2017 by Danny Sullivan
The ability to search-by-picture or translate-by-picture gives Google Assistant a powerful advantage against other digital assistants.FAQ: Everything Facebook has admitted about its measurement errors
May 17, 2017 by Tim Peterson
We’ve made…